57: Britney Spears, Summer Olympic Games and our Three Lions

57: Britney Spears, Summer Olympic Games and ...

56: Caroline Flack, the beauty tax and 'Friends: The Reunion'

For episode 56, we remember the life and work of TV presenter Caroline Flack, discuss the concept of the beauty tax and share our thoughts on the Friend’s Reunion.As always, feel free to suggest a figure for a future episode or say hello by sending us a message on Instagram @Figu ...  Show more

55: Guest episode: Rhiannon Bailey on entrepreneurship, influencer culture and Billie Eilish’s Vogue cover

This May, we interview professional dancer, fitness model, content creator and personal trainer Rhiannon Bailey. She is the founder of Daily Bailey, an online fitness platform, and co-founder of BeltR, a business that sells protein oats.Together, we talk about the boom of home wo ...  Show more

54: Meghan Markle, sexual harrassment and 'Home' by Charlie Mackesy

This March, we unpick Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey and address the impact the British press has on society's perception of her. We also look at sexual harrassment in the UK and the importance of accountability, as well as talking about our definitions of h ...  Show more

53: Alexei Navalny, Sutton Hoo and the co-ordination of sex scenes

This February, we share our thoughts on anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny, unravel the history of Sutton Hoo and discuss the importance of intimacy co-ordinators when shooting sex scenes. As always, feel free to suggest a figure for a future episode or say hello by sending ...  Show more

52: Joe Biden, Bridgerton and the art of John Henry Lorimer

This January, we unpick American politics following the inauguration of Joe Biden, dive into the costume department of the Netflix series Bridgerton, and tell a few of the stories surrounding Grandmother’s Birthday, a painting by John Henry Lorimer. As always, follow us or send u ...  Show more

51: Round up of 2020 reflections and recommendations

This December, on the last day of 2020, we round up our recommendations of the year to help you through the months ahead. Thank you so much for listening. We wish you all the best for 2021.www.instagram.com/figurepodcast/www.twitter.com/FigurePodcast/thefigurepodcast@gmail.comMem ...  Show more

50: David Attenborough, cold water therapy and the American election

This November, we talk about the presenter and producer David Attenborough, scientific research on cold water therapy, and the 2020 American election. The views expressed in this podcast are our own.www.instagram.com/figurepodcast/www.twitter.com/FigurePodcast/thefigurepodcast@gm ...  Show more

49: Daphne du Maurier, prostitution and the north-south divide

This October, we talk about the author Daphne du Maurier, why prostitution should be decriminialised, and the history of the north-south divide in England. The views expressed in this podcast are our own.www.instagram.com/figurepodcast/www.twitter.com/FigurePodcast/thefigurepodca ...  Show more

48: Yotam Ottolenghi, fungi and internalised misogyny

This September, we talk about the chef and writer Yotam Ottolenghi, that there are an estimated six times more species of fungi than species of plant, and an illustration from Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given. The views expressed in this podcast are our own.www.instag ...  Show more

47: Kamela Harris, the wellness industry and the environment post-lockdown

This August, we talk about the Democratic candidate for Vice President Kamala Harris, the wellness industry and the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on the environment. The views expressed in this podcast are our own.www.instagram.com/figurepodcast/www.twitter.com/FigurePodcast/th ...  Show more

46: Reflections and recommendations

We’re back! In episode 46, we catch up on recommendations and reflect on the months since Britain went into lockdown. From now on, we'll be releasing episodes monthly, resuming our format of exploring a person, a number and an image. As always, send in your suggestions throug ...  Show more

45: Greta Thunberg, #MeToo and Venus de Milo

Please support us for the half marathon in support of The Young Women's Trust: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=the-figure-and-friends&pageUrl=1 We will be running in the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday, 13th October and we ...  Show more

44: Isaac Newton, Desert Island Discs and Jessie Cave's doodling

In episode 44, we talk about romantic love, discovery, the emotional power of music and the astonishing honesty of doodler Jessie Cave. Our three figures are Isaac Newton, that Kirsty Young broadcast 496 episodes of Desert Island Discs, and the ‘Nice to Meet You’ doodle by Jessie ...  Show more

43: Kelly Holmes, the importance of honeybees and Dale Chihuly at Kew Gardens

In episode 43, we talk about resilience, sustainability and the craft of glassblowing. Our three figures are Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes, that one in three bites of food we eat depends on honeybees, and water lilies at Kew Gardens by Dale Chihuly (2019). www.instagram.com/figurepod ...  Show more

42: Toni Morrison, ending FGM and the history of the Tower of London

In episode 42, we talk about American literature, global activism and British history. Our three figures are Toni Morrison, that 140 million women have undergone Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and a Birdseye view of the Tower of London. *Correction: Recent research suggests tha ...  Show more

41: Stella McCartney, 5G and Meghan Markle's Forces for Change Vogue Cover

In episode 41, we talk about sustainable fashion, the future of technology and the media storm that surrounds HRH Duchess of Sussex. Our three figures are Stella McCartney, that 5G internet will cover 40% of the world by 2024, and Meghan Markle’s Vogue Cover for September 2019. w ...  Show more

40: Richard Curtis, fast fashion and 50 years since Stonewall

In episode 40, we talk about the legacy of The Beatles, the documentary The True Cost and the history of Pride marches. Our three figures are Richard Curtis, that each year we buy 800 billion items of clothing, and an image of Tommy Lanigan outside the Stonewall Inn.  www.instagr ...  Show more

39: Guest episode: Delilah Montagu on songwriting and solo travel

We are so excited to share this guest episode with singer-songwriter Delilah Montagu. We talk about her career so far, her songwriting process and her identity as a musician. Born in 1997, she wrote her first song aged 7 and released her first EP in June 2019. Dain Cairns of The ...  Show more

38: Elton John, the leadership race and the art of Lee Krasner

We’re back! In episode 38, we talk about rock and roll, Conservative party politics and the movement Abstract Expressionism. Our three figures are Elton John, that 63% of Tory members would prefer Brexit to go ahead even if it caused Scottish independence and 59% would want Brexi ...  Show more