80's He-Man, and Netflix's Masters of the Universe Revelation

80's He-Man, and Netflix's Masters of the Uni...

Loki Season Wrap-Up and the Future of the MCU

In this episode the Nerd In Me crew do a series wrap-up and discuss the ramifications that will affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe! This show is chock-full of info and our own predictions of what may come.  So don't touch that TempPad or be at risk for being pruned! Facebook.co ...  Show more

Marvel's Black Widow

Its been awhile but Marvel movies are back! Scarlett Johansson returns as the Black Widow for the last time? Tune in as the Nerd In Me crew discuss the action-spy-thriller in our spoiler heavy way. How does it compare to previous Marvel movies? What did we love? What did we hate? ...  Show more

Disney+ Loki

Tom Hiddelson is back as Loki, the god of mischief is back but this time on the small screen. Listen in as the Nerd In Me crew break down the third Marvel live action streaming show!  Facebook.com/NerdInMePodcast Instagram.com/NerdInMe Twitter.com/nerdinmepodcast YouTube: NerdInM ...  Show more

90s Music: Favorite Albums

The 90s...when Allan and Jonathan went from being boys to men.  This week they discuss some of their favorite albums from the 90s. Did there music taste change as they matured and grew into adulthood?  Which famous guitarist did Allan have down pat? What was Jonathan's first ever ...  Show more

Nerd In Me: The Choice (Listener Discretion is Advised)

No this isn't about choices of top love songs, rock songs or or hair bands.  No, this is about real deep thought provoking questions. Something even Joe Rogan wouldn't touch. Yes this is the official Nerd In Me episode on "The Choice". In this episode the the Nerd In Me crew batt ...  Show more

The Monkey King with Special Guest Jerry Ma

Today we have a special show where we introduce to you the creator of The Monkey King, Jerry Ma.  You can find Jerry on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/epicprops/ and on FB: https://www.facebook.com/Epic-Proportions-190427348522/ Taiwanese American creator Jerry Ma (EPIC PRO ...  Show more

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Wrap-up

This week, Allan and Jonathan discuss the finale, as well as the show as a whole, of the Disney Plus hit, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Afterwards, stay tuned as the guys discuss the Shang Chi trailer and future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Facebook.com/NerdInMePodcast ...  Show more

Favorite Toy Playsets from the 80s

Toy Playsets, the thing that gave our action figures a world to live in. Playsets were a huge part of a toy line from Castle Grayskull to the Ghost Busters headquarters. It was the ultimate action figure accessory. So join the Nerd In Me crew once again as we go back in time to r ...  Show more

80s Sitcom March Madness Sitcom Tournament

Its the 80s Sitcom March Madness Sitcom Tournament! The 80s had some of the greatest tv shows ever to grace the small screen. Listen in as 32 shows go head to head. What show will be crowned the greatest sitcom ever? All this and more on the Nerd In Me Podcast! Facebook.com/NerdI ...  Show more

The Falcon and Winter Soldier/Justice League Snyder Cut

This week the boys treat you to a two-fer! First, can The Falcon and Winter Soldier continue the success of WandaVision on Disney+? Then, Allan and Jonathan discuss the Snyder Cut of the Justice League which premiered on HBOMax this past weekend. Did it live up to the hype, or wa ...  Show more

WandaVision Episode 9: "The Series Finale"

Here we go kiddos. The final episode of WandaVision is here. Listen in to this spoiler filled episode and break down of the show and series as a whole. Where do we go from here? How does WandaVision resonate with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? And just who is Ralph? F ...  Show more

WandaVision Episode 8: "Previously On"

We are at WandaVision's penultimate 8th episode! As the series is quickly coming to and end we are once again faced with so many questions but this time we got some concrete answers. Listen in to this spoiler heavy show as we break things down the Nerd In Me way! Listen to us on ...  Show more

WandaVision Episode 7 Breaking the Fourth Wall

We are in the home stretch! What did you think of this episode? Is this just a tease for something big brewing for the upcoming last two episodes? As usual, this is a spoiler heavy show with our usual concoctions of theories and speculations.  Facebook.com/NerdInMePodcast Instagr ...  Show more

Pop Culture Love Triangles

Happy Valentine's Day! This week the boys talk about some famous comic book and tv love triangles. Who is Peter Parker's soulmate, MJ or Gwen? Who does Jean Grey heart the most, Cyclops or Wolverine? And what was REALLY going on in that apartment on Three's Company?  Found out al ...  Show more

WandaVision Episode 6 "All-New Halloween Spooktacular"

Listen in as the Nerd In Me crew continue their weekly show break down of the Disney+ series, WandaVision.  This week the boys investigate Episode 6 -"All-New Halloween Spooktacular". We get (some) answers and more questions. If you have any theories please reach out to use on Fa ...  Show more

WandaVision Episode 5: "On A Very Special Episode"

The Nerd In Me crew is back at it again! Episode 5 of WandaVision. More questions! More answers! Big surprises! Listen in as we brain storm the latest show and our theories of the MCU.   If you enjoy our shows please give a rate and review on iTunes! Facebook.com/NerdInMePodcast ...  Show more

80's Movies: Favorite Heroes

This week the boys are joined by Jay and Pete from the Enter the Nerd Zone Podcast to talk about some of their favorite heroes from 80's movies. Did your favorite make the list? Which obvious ones didn't make the list? Listen and find out! Warning strong language in use Facebook. ...  Show more

WandaVision Episode 4: We Interrupt This Program

Ready, A.I.M. fire! This is the episode that opens things up a bit. Tune into the spoiler heavy break down as well as more speculation for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you're enjoying this show, please check out our YouTube channel where we have comic book recommends that ma ...  Show more

WandaVision Episode 3: "Now in Color"

Its Friday on Disney + and you know what that means? It means WandaVision Episode 3 "Now in Color" came out and holy smokes, was this a good one! Tune in as the Nerd In Me Crew break it down in this spoiler filled show. What do the guys think is going on in this show?  What clues ...  Show more