Concert Companion : ZZ Top - Legs

Concert Companion : ZZ Top - Legs

Episode 53 : Chelino Sanchez

Tonight we dive even deeper into the world of Narco Corridos! Lets talk about Chelino Sanchez 

Concert Companion : Charlie Watts

RIP to a true legend… Mr Charlie Watts. 

Episode 52 : Narco Corridos - 2.0

Lets take a second look at the topic of Narco Corridos! 

Concert Companion : Absurd - GNR

Tonight we listen to the live debut of Guns N Roses’ new song Absurd! 

Episode 51 : The Music Of Muay Thai

Join us on a late night and booz filled adventure featuring the amazing music of Muay Thai Kickboxing! 

ADN News! #Free Britney (Part 2)
Episode 50 : "Flat Earth Dave" Interview

Join us for the follow up episode to “Metallica Flat Earth”. Today we host the nation’s leading expert and believer in the Flat Earth Theory…Flat Earth Dave. Buckle up kids. 

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