TW: eating disorders, OCD, scrupulosity, religious trauma - Mimi Cole (the lovely becoming)

TW: eating disorders, OCD, scrupulosity, reli...

Queer Mama Love Letters - Stephanie Greene

Stephanie Green is a queer single mama of 2 amazing cisgender kids and 1 epic trans boy. She was raised in an evangelical home and spent half a lifetime working for christian ministries, but she slowly deconstructed for over a decade before finally leaving religion, church, and - ...  Show more

Coming Home To Your Body - Tara Teng

Tara Teng is an Embodiment Coach who works in the intersections of spirituality and sexuality. She helps people find their way back to their bodies, overcome shame, and dismantle purity culture in a way that is in alignment with their values and beliefs so that they can build a h ...  Show more

God Is In Your Coming Out Story - Yeamah Logan

Yeamah Logan is a Queer woman of African descent who identifies as Christian. She helps LGBTQ+ Christians make peace with their sexuality and faith. She is passionate about reuniting the queer community with a God who loves, accepts and affirms them. She was baptized in the seven ...  Show more

Are Imaginary Friends Our Spirit Guides? - Jesus Witch (Hannah Moon)

Hannah Moon is an intuitive coach focused on helping those with a religious upbringing to deconstruct their own ideas, beliefs, and fears to live an authentic and joy-filled life. She is an inter-faith, inter-spirituality coach who believes there is truth weaving through all cult ...  Show more

Modest Is NOT Hottest - here’s why: Dr. Laura Anderson

Dr. Laura Anderson is a Psychotherapist specializing in complex trauma focusing on sexualized violence, domestic violence and religious trauma. She is Co-founder of the Religious Trauma Institute and founder of the Center for Trauma Resolution and Recovery which is an online coac ...  Show more

On Science the Solid Rock I Stand: Deconstructing an Unstable God - Alice Greczyn

Alice Greczyn is an actress, author, and the founder of Dare to Doubt. Midwest-raised and LA-based, Alice’s nomadic childhood moved her around the United States until her modeling career as a teenager led to an acting career in Hollywood. Alice is fascinated by the subjective exp ...  Show more

Your Pastor Is Not Your Therapist - Andrew Kerbs

Andrew Kerbs aka deconstruct everything on Instagram grew up as a Seventh-day Adventist in the Bible Belt. He is currently a licensed therapist and writer. He is most passionate about helping people deconstruct harmful religion and learn to live a life that is meaningful to them. ...  Show more

Have Grace For Your Former Self - Anjelah Johnson & Manwell Reyes

Anjelah and Manny host a podcast along with their friend Brandon called nights at the roundtable where they talk about faith, love, life, and the deconstruction and reconstruction of all of those ideals. Anjelah is an actress and a comedian Manny is a music artist (used to be in ...  Show more

The Practice Co - Holistic & Inclusive DEVOTIONALS?? Liz Milani

Liz Milani is Co-Owner and author at The Practice Co. Creating space for holistic and embodied spirituality. Liz writes daily devotions through a faith lens to lead people to their truest self. @thepracticeco @liz.milani @deconstruct.pod @laurendelea ...  Show more

Jonathan Merritt - Can We Speak God From Scratch?

Jonathan Merritt is one of America’s most popular writers on issues of faith and culture. He is author of several critically-acclaimed books, including Learning to Speak God from Scratch: Why Sacred Words are Vanishing - and How We Can Revive Them, named “Book of the Year” by the ...  Show more

Hot Takes & Meme Culture in Deconstruction

Lauren and Adam here. Today, we decided to put our sassy pants on and talk all things meme culture, tik tok and dishing out our best hot takes. Enjoy. @deconstruct.pod @laurendeleary @officialadamfrost 

Rewrite Your Purity Culture History - Erica Smith, M.Ed.

Erica Smith is a sexuality educator with over 20 years of experience in the field. She's known for her signature Purity Culture Dropout Program, developed in 2019 to teach folks recovering from purity culture all of the accurate, comprehensive, queer inclusive, trauma informed se ...  Show more

She Chose Her LGBTQ Daughter Over Church - Freedhearts, Susan Cottrell

SUSAN COTTRELL is an international speaker whose TEDx talk has 1.5 million views. OutSmart magazine called her “The Mother of All MamaBears.” The Advocate dubbed her “our favorite affirming matriarch.” She is a prominent voice for the LGBTQ community and their faith parents who h ...  Show more

Dirty Rotten Church Kids - Monday. Balls deep. Go for the throat.

Josh and Adrian are former evangelical worship leaders, pastors, church planters who started Dirty Rotten Church Kids Podcast as a means to process life on the other side of the evangelical bubble. Equal parts heavy and light, the duo unpack their stories, interview incredible gu ...  Show more

Are we atheists now??

Spilling the tea. Catching up. What’s been going through our minds lately. HE GOD SHE GOD THEY GOD NO GOD. listen to the episode to hear where that comes from. 

Nikki Mayeux - You Are Queer Enough

Nikki Mayeux is a queer ex-Evangelical writer and educator from the strangest city in the Deep South, New Orleans. She completed her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of New Orleans and works in special education advocacy. She also performs public storytelling and produce ...  Show more

God Is Grey - b*tch better have my money

Brenda Davies is the Author of On Her Knees & creator of God is Grey, where she advocates for sex positive, lgbtq+ affirming, science-believing faith. In this episode - we talk about women and MONEY. 

Theology w/out History = FANTASY | Heretical Theology (Will Thorpe)

Will Thorpe, aka, Heretical Theology describes himself as a humanist, heretic, apostate, and atheist. Although he spent 20 years identifying as a Christian previously and even fundamentalist 15 of those years. Through his online community, he helps those who are deconstructing in ...  Show more

Religious Trauma vs Religious Abuse - Room To Thrive (Brian Peck)

Brian Peck aka @roomtothrive is a licensed clinical social worker in Boise, Idaho, and he is passionate about reducing the ongoing impacts of adverse religious experiences and helping survivors resolve religious trauma and restore vitality and meaning through body-centered therap ...  Show more