Emil Sayegh, CEO of Ntirety

Emil Sayegh, CEO of Ntirety

Rick Jordan, Founder & CEO of ReachOut Technology

Trained by the CIA and NSA, noted cybersecurity expert Rick Jordan talks about cybersecurity, managed security services, growing his business, taking ReachOut Technology public, his new movie Liberty Lockdown, and more! https://reachoutit.com/ https://www.rickjordan.tv/ https://w ...  Show more

Brian Vallelunga, CEO of Doppler talks about Universal Secrets Management

Brian Vallelunga is the CEO of Doppler, the universal secrets management software that keeps app configuration in sync across devices, environments, and developers. Doppler has attracted investments from Google Ventures, Sequoia, Greylock, Kleiner Perkins, and Peter Thiel. For mo ...  Show more

Jonathan Moore, CTO of SpiderOak

Jonathan Moore, CTO of SpiderOak talks about security problems in the software supply chain, the need for a more effective national cyber defense, and some best practices for individual and organizational security. https://spideroak.com/home/ 

Dr. Chris Spencer on the Secure Use of Passpoint, NGH, and Eavesdropping Teddy Bears!

Dr Spencer is the Chief Information Security Officer at Nomadix & GlobalReach. Chris has been a technology leader in the Wi-Fi industry for well over two decades. Previously the Chief Technology Officer for GlobalReach for over 20 years, his team helped to design and build some o ...  Show more

Data Protection via File Level Encryption, Dimitri Nemirovsky, COO of Atakama

Dimitri Nemirovsky, COO of Atakama talks about file level encryption for data protection, distributed key solutions, and give advice related to startups in the cybersecurity space. www.atakama.com 

Kathleen Booth, VP of Marketing at clean.io

Kathleen Booth, VP of Marketing at clean.io talks about the importance of digital engagement security, why businesses should pay careful attention to any third party code on their websites, how to prevent coupon codes from being abused, and much much more! clean.io https://www.cl ...  Show more

Scott Schober, CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems

Scott Schober, CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems talks about the need for everyone to be aware and responsible for cybersecurity, how seniors are being exploited by hackers, best practices related to ATM and credit card usage, digital wallets, and more. For more information abo ...  Show more

Mahmoud Abdelkader, CEO and co-founder of Very Good Security

Mahmoud Abdelkader is the CEO and co-founder of Very Good Security; the leading data security platform that changes the way sensitive data is held by eliminating the need for customers to hold their own data. 

Santosh Devaraj, CEO of TrustGrid

Santosh Devaraj, CEO of TrustGrid™, talks about developments in trusted identity networks and explains how his company's platform provides a confidential computing platform for identity-based transactions. He also walks us through some specific applications of TrustGrid by differ ...  Show more

Bruce Dahlgren, CEO of MetricStream

Bruce Dahlgren, Chief Executive Officer of MetricStream explains how organizations can get a better understanding of what types of risk they are facing and make better more informed decisions about how to manage their risk exposure. MetricStream https://www.metricstream.com/ Metr ...  Show more

Dexter Caffey, CEO of Smart Eye Technology

Dexter Caffey, CEO of Smart Eye Technology explains how his company's technology uses biometric security tools to protect documents and files from unauthorized viewers. https://smarteyetechnology.com/ 

Mark Testoni, CEO at SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2)

Mark Testoni, CEO at SAP National Security Services (SAP NS2) shares insights about the state of cyber security in the U.S. and provides ideas on how organizations and individuals can improve their security posture. 

Michel Tricot, Co-Founder & CEO of Airbyte

Michel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Airbyte. He has been working in data engineering for the past 15 years. As head of integrations and engineering director at Liveramp (NYSE: RAMP), he grew the team responsible for building and scaling the data ingestion and data distribution co ...  Show more

Dr. Eric Cole

Dr. Cole has a master's degree in computer science from NYIT and a doctorate from Pace University with a concentration in information security. He served as CTO of McAfee and Chief Scientist for Lockheed Martin. Dr. Cole is the author of several books, including Advanced Persiste ...  Show more

Hiram Machado on Identity Governance

Hiram Machado, CEO of adaQuest, talks about various aspects of Identity Governance including Zero Trust and Privileged Identity Management (PIM). 

Zaid Sabih Al Quraishi, CEO at zSecurity

Zaid Sabih Al Quraishi, CEO at zSecurity and online educator provides an update on his popular courses such as "Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch," some new courses and content, as well as the recently launched bug bounty platform, www.bug-bounty.com. Zaid's courses can be found ...  Show more

Jim Bowers, Security Architect for TBI

Jim Bowers is Security Architect for TBI, a Chicago-based master agent. An authority in cybersecurity, Bowers has more than 20 years of in-depth security engineering knowledge gained in finance, healthcare, manufacturing and technology. His expertise ranges from architecting comp ...  Show more

Self-Sovereign Identity Authors Alex Preukschat & Shannon Appelcline

Alex Preukschat & Shannon Appelcline co-authors of Self-Sovereign Identity; Decentralized digital identity and verifiable credentials explain what Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is, why it's important, and provide examples of practical applications for individuals and organization ...  Show more

Bina Ramamurthy, Author of Blockchain in Action

Bina Ramamurthy Ph.D. is a Director at Blockchain Thinklab, a Professor at The University of Buffalo, and the author of Block Chain in Action. Bina's book can be found here: https://www.manning.com/books/blockchain-in-action?query=block Bina's online blockchain courses can be fou ...  Show more