Sad Songs in a Major Key w/ Matt Jewett

Sad Songs in a Major Key w/ Matt Jewett

Dana Bollen (Two Week Notice Podcast)

I got to talk to Dana Bollen from Two Week Notice Podcast this week! We chat about his podcast, touring with Piebald, our favorite albums from Victory Records, and much more!Be sure to check out the Spotify playlist of songs from our favorite Victory Records albums: https://spoti ...  Show more

Screaming Pinfidelities w/ Nate Pearson

I talked to Nate Pearson this week about how he got started in the enamel pin game. We also chat about our favorite Drive-Thru Records albums!Nate started Screaming Pinfidelities to make punk, pop-punk, and emo enamel pins! Check out his work: https://www.screamingpinfidelities.c ...  Show more

In Defense of Butt Rock w/ Luke & Ryan

Luke, Ryan, and I talk this week about what we think qualifies a band as being "butt rock."We also highlight a few songs we think aren't awful, so be sure to check out the Spotify playlist we put together based on the bands/songs we talked about in this episode! ...  Show more

Masters of the Universe: Revelation - Review & Reactions

*SPOILERS AHEAD* I'm joined by toy collectors and fans of all things 80's, Luke Southern and Roman Wilkinson this week! We got together to talk about the first 5 episodes of Netflix's Masters of the Universe: Revelation - check it out! 

Tom Petborisooth (Nerd On!)

Tom from Nerd On! took some time to chat with me about getting into anime and how that has informed his creativity today. Also, tune in to hear us shouting out our favorite AMV's from back in the day!Check out Nerd On! Tom on ...  Show more

Hotel Nights w/Chase Kerby

Chase Kerby and I sat down for a candid conversation last week up at Tower Theatre. It was honestly the most open and transparent anyone I've had on the show has been during an interview. This episode is important and I'm glad it happened. Thanks again, Chase.Listen to Hotel Nigh ...  Show more

Bracket Mayhem w/ Two Dudes and a Movie

In a very special episode of Tunes/Toons, we've got the Two Dudes and a Movie hosts fighting it out! I created a 16 movie bracket based on each of their top 25 movies of all time. See which movie the dudes decide is the champion at the end!You can find the bracket on our social m ...  Show more

Matt Weers

Matt Weers spent some time chatting with me about Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, subbed & dubbed anime, and much more! 

Diana & Josh (Mixtapes & Heartbreaks)

Diana and Josh Montgomery stopped by the studio this week to chat about their new show Mixtapes & Heartbreaks. Tune in as we chat about their inspiration for the show, some of our favorite music, and more! 

Dylan Erwin

Dylan "The Podcast Kid" Erwin, stopped by the studio this week to chat with me! We talk through his podcast projects, sad boy music, Christian bands vs Christians in bands, Marcus Aurelius, and much more! 

Ryan Drake, Vol. II

Ryan Drake, co-host of Keeping Up with the Cohens, stopped by the studio this week - exactly one year later. Let's see what 2020 predictions he made panned out and hear what we have in store for 2021. Follow @cohenspod for a top-quality The O.C. rewatch podcast - new episodes eve ...  Show more

Two Dudes and a Movie

I got to talk to Paul and Luke from the Two Dudes and a Movie crew this week. We hear about Luke's love for Studio Ghibli, Paul's DBZ marathon in high school, some of our favorite concerts and much more!Movie fans should check out Two Dudes and a Movie for an in depth look at wha ...  Show more

Julius The Robot

I was stoked to talk to Julius The Robot on this week's episode! We talk about their upbringing in rural Oklahoma, how art has impacted their life, and some anime favorites. We also get to hear their track "Internet Kids" about halfway through the interview, so check it out! 

On My Block w/ Josh Cain

Josh Cain of What's Up Fandom chatted with me this week and programmed his own Saturday night block of Toonami! Check out what made his list! 

Commit This To Memory w/ Blake Fischer

Finding Emo's Blake Fischer dropped by the studio to chat about Motion City Soundtrack's "Commit This to Memory" this week! We also spend time gushing about Jimmy Eat World, as well as the Epitaph lineup during the early 2000's.Keep up with Finding Emo at https://www.findingemopo ...  Show more

On My Block w/ Emily Strickler

Installment #2 in our build your own Toonami block is here! Show favorite, Emily Strickler, chatted with me about some of her favorite shows on the iconic Cartoon Network block. What do you think of her picks?Emily is on the board for the OKC Walk to End Alzheimer's! Learn more a ...  Show more

Michael Cross (Red Dirt DnD)

KOSU's Michael Cross spoke with me this week about all things DnD. Check out his new podcast "Red Dirt DnD" wherever fine podcasts are sold! 

Zach Valladon (pretty well.)

Zach Valladon was kind enough to social distance and have a conversation with me this week! We talk about his move from California to Oklahoma, being emo kids, Avatar and much more. He even brought a song of his for us to check out!Keep up with Zach: 

On My Block w/ Caleb Masters

It's no secret that we're big Toonami fans here at Tunes/Toons Podcast, so I invited our favorite film critic from The Cinematopolis, Caleb Masters, to program his dream block of Toonami from any of the shows that have ever aired in a new series called, "On My Block!"What did he ...  Show more