EP 210: RECODE Your Frequency & upgrade your life

EP 210: RECODE Your Frequency & upgrade your ...

EP 212: Become a Potent Leader & Speak Your Truth - with Ruby Fremon

Ruby Fremon is a certified life coach, NLP practitioner, leadership mentor, speaker, and author who has helped thousands gain the confidence to quit performing, crystalize their messaging, and lead their movements with integrity. An expert on personal growth and inner-work, Ruby ...  Show more

EP 211: Calibrate to your next level NOW

Embody Your Uplevel is my new 3 month Mastermind + 2 day in person event in ATX!  This is a small, intimate coaching experience for the high achieving woman who is ready to FLY. >> APPLY HERE TODAY 

209: Embodiment & Multidimensional Abundance Vibrations

Embody Your UPLEVEL is my new 3 month mini Mastermind (with an in person event in Austin TX)-- now open to 12 high achieving, soul led women! Message me on instagram for the deets & to apply! Join me for this 12 week Vortex, where you’ll master what it takes to collapse time, bec ...  Show more

EP 208: Mastering The Art Of Heart Centered Sales with Cait Scudder

Cait Scudder is a high school teacher turned Forbes-featured 7 figure Business Coach for women entrepreneurs. A TEDx speaker, host of the Born to Rise podcast, and internationally recognized online business expert, as well as a loving mama and wife, Cait’s mission is to empower t ...  Show more

EP 207: Slay Your Business and Life with Jamie King

Jamie Joslin King, aka The Slay Coach, is a marketing coach and business mentor for female entrepreneurs. She's helped hundreds of women build six-figure companies. She is the founder of The Chardonnay & Slay Your Business networking series, now undergoing an inclusive re-brandin ...  Show more

EP 206: Use Your Intuition to Attract Authentic Love with Damona Hoffman

Damona is a dating coach & TV personality who starred in the A+E Networks' (FYI TV) series #BlackLove and A Question of Love. Damona is the Dating Expert of The Drew Barrymore Show (check her out here!), just hosted an episode of NPR's Life Kit Podcast, and is the new spokesperso ...  Show more

EP 205: Quantum Upgrades are here for you to RECEIVE.

I’m inviting YOU to something incredibly potent that I’ll be sharing in just a week—   Quantum UPGRADES.   I’d love for you to join me live on 7/11 through 7/17!   Master your vibrational frequency to magnetize greater levels of abundance and freedom.   Over the course of 7 days ...  Show more

EP 204: Use Mayan Kin To Live Your Purpose with Adella

Adella was born and raised in El Salvador. Although she was brought up in the catholic religion, her parents were always open and intrigued by spirituality. When she was 16 years old her mother took her to a pineal gland event where for the first time she was introduced to medita ...  Show more

EP 203: Become The Greatest Story You Ever Told with Celinne Da Costa

Celinne Da Costa is a Story Architect for high-profile entrepreneurs. She helps her clients become confident and fully-expressed leaders with irresistible stories, influential brands, international media coverage, and thousands of raving fans. Since leaving corporate America in 2 ...  Show more

EP 202: Heal & Manifest Using Sound Therapy with Niajae

Niajae is a Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner and energy healer helping people activate and balance their Chakras, and operate from a place of Alignment. She is also the host of Abundance Hack podcast, sharing stories and tips to help people release their blocks to live an Abu ...  Show more

EP 201: Channeling, Light Language & Opening Multidimensional Gifts

In this episode, I open up more about my journey and experience of opening my channel, light language, and more.  Many people are experiencing their gifts opening, and enhancing and now is a REALLY exciting time to shine our light more than ever as wee shift into a new era on ear ...  Show more

EP 200: Embody the Energy of Love & Manifest Your Energetic Match with Emyrald Sinclaire

Emyrald Sinclaire is a Love & Manifestation Coach who teaches women how to attract, create and maintain a lifelong relationship with their perfect high quality match! She's helped countless women to break through their blocks, tear down their ‘Love Wall’ increase their self-love ...  Show more

EP 199: Use Your Human Design As A Blueprint For Your Biz with Idia Sapphire

Idia Sapphire is a marketing consultant, brand storyteller, & world-class copywriter who over the past half-decade has helped countless entrepreneurs 15x their online revenue, quadruple conversions, & sell out launches -- by helping them own their stories & fall in love with thei ...  Show more

EP 198: Embrace Your True Identity to Level Up Your Life & Biz with David Trotter

David Trotter is a business growth consultant dedicated to helping new business owners rise above their biggest barriers to reach their greatest goals. After consistently hearing from his clients about the challenges of creating content for social media, lead magnets, and webinar ...  Show more

EP 197: Raise Your Vibration & Activate Your Purpose with Sherry Gideons

International Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Licensed Spiritual Practitioner & Life Mastery Consultant Sherry Gideons has a unique and powerful ability to address life issues from an integrated and comprehensive level. Sherry always says, that for each and every one of us, ...  Show more

EP196: Using The ENERGY Formula to Live a More Purpose-filled Life with Shawn Wells

Shawn Wells MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN is the world’s leading nutritional biochemist and expert on Health Optimization. He has formulated over 500 supplements, food, beverages, and cosmeceuticals and patented 10 novel ingredients and is now known as the Ingredientologist - the sc ...  Show more

EP 195: How To Embody and Attract Abundance with Kristen Anderson

Kristen is a manifestation expert who helps people release blocks around self worth & money, and apply manifestation to create their lives by design. She hit rock bottom 3 years ago, and dedicated her life to following her intuition & doing whatever it took to manifest the life s ...  Show more

Quantum Transformation - Get Certified

QUANTUM TRANSFORMATION CERTIFICATION is OPEN!  Doors close soon, and we begin this 4 month journey together in just a couple weeks!!   What if you had the tools, the modalities, the support, the next level skills to not only completely transform your own story, your level of impa ...  Show more

EP 193: HOW to embody the version of you who has it ALL [Q&A]

In this episode, I answer a couple commonly asked questions around manifestation:  How to embody the version of you who has it all, AND how to surrender and trust more, so you allow your desires to flow to you with more ease. Next week, I'm going to be diving deeper into Quantum ...  Show more