19 - Professional Ballet & Mental Health | Goldie Walberg

19 - Professional Ballet & Mental Health | Go...

18 - Embracing Your Own Journey as a Dancer | Rachel Redding

Rachel Redding is a dancer, teacher, and student. In this episode, we discussed what it's like to dance in college and Rachel's journey as a dancer. Follow Rachel on Instagram @rachredding. Visit her website: https://rachel-redding.com/ Follow The Curious Dancer Podcast on Instag ...  Show more

17 - How to Stay Motivated Through Challenging Times

A short chat on motivation. Follow @the.curiousdancer on IG.  Follow me on IG @kayleenbabel 

16 - Ditching the Hustle Mentality | Rachel Josefina

This week I'm chatting with Rachel Josefina about ditching the hustle mentality, learning to rest, and doing what's best for you. Follow Rachel on Instagram @rachel.josefina Listen to Rachel's podcast, Mindset in the Making 

15 - Navigating College & Careers as a Dancer | Gaylyn Lareese

Gaylyn Lareese is a dancer, content creator, and CEO/Founder of Motion Prep™. In this episode we discussed: What it's like to be a dance major How to navigate different career options as a dancer How to thrive as a dancer when you feel out of place You can find Gaylyn on Instagra ...  Show more

14 - Body Acceptance & Self-Love | Taylor Behringer

In an industry that perpetuates the idea that there is an "ideal body," dancers often struggle to find body acceptance and self-love. Taylor Behringer and I chatted about finding peace with our bodies as dancers and why it's so important to love yourself.  About Taylor: Taylor Be ...  Show more

13 - Now is the Time to Be Happy ☺️

 Hey hey! This is a quick episode on the importance of being content in the current moment.  Follow me on Instagram @the.curiousdancer and @kayleenbabel 

12 - How to Continue, Start, or Restart Dancing as an Adult | Ballerinas By Night

I spoke with Jana and Abby, creators of the YouTube channel and online community, Ballerinas By Night. They shared their tips for dancing as an adult, how to deal with comparison, the lessons they've learned as adult ballet dancers, and more! Follow them on Instagram: https://www ...  Show more

11 - Comparing Yourself to Other Dancers

My advice for you if you struggle with comparing yourself to other dancers.  Follow @thecuriousdancer on Instagram - www.thecuriousdancer.com 

10 - 4 Mindset Shifts to Become a Better Dancer

Today I'm talking about 4 mindset shifts you can make to become a better dancer.  Follow me on Instagram @thecuriousdancer and @kayleenbabel :-)  

09 - The Reality of College Dance Teams | Khristal Harbert

Khristal Harbert is Spirit Coordinator for the University of Houston Spirit Teams. She is also head coach of the UH Cougar Dolls Dance Team (and was my coach when I was on the team!). We talked about what it's like to dance for a college team, why team culture matters, and how to ...  Show more

08 - Why You Should Stop Looking for Quick Results

Hi! Today I'm talking about why it's important to slow down as a dancer and stop searching for quick fixes and fast results. Follow me on Instagram @the.curiousdancer and @kayleenbabel. Thanks for listening. <3  

07 - Should You Take a Break from Dance?

A short chat about the benefits (and not-so-great parts) of taking a break from dance. Follow me on Instagram at @thecuriousdancer and @kayleenbabel for additional content!  

06 - Flexibility, Turnout, Injury Prevention & More | Allie Christensen

Today I'm talking all things flexibility, turnout, injury prevention, and strength with Allie Christensen!  You can learn more about Allie at www.alignfitnessbyallie.com Check out her Dancer Strong Program at https://alignfitnessbyallie.activehosted.com/f/16 Follow Allie on Insta ...  Show more

05 - How Can You Take Care of Your Mental Health as a Dancer?

In this episode, I share some strategies I use to take care of my mental health as a dancer—because being a healthy dancer is about taking care of both your physical AND mental health. If you like it, please leave a review! It means a lot and really helps out. Follow @the.curious ...  Show more

04 - Is it Ever Too Late to Start Dancing? | Jojo Newman

One thing I get asked a lot is, "Am I too old to start dancing?" Of course, in my eyes, the answer is always no. This episode with Jojo Newman will hopefully help to prove that point and inspire you to start (or continue) dancing no matter how old you are. Jojo is the founder of ...  Show more

03 - What Should You Do if You Want to Lose Weight?

Today we're talking about the questions you should ask yourself before deciding you need to lose weight. TW: weight loss, body image Follow me on Instagram: @the.curiousdancer and @kayleenbabel Visit my website: www.thecuriousdancer.com 

02 - Should Dancers Strength Train? | Jason Harrison

Jason Harrison is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He also is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a member of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS). In this episode, I spo ...  Show more

01 - The Biggest Mistakes I've Made as a Dancer

Welcome to the first episode of the show! Today I'm chatting about some of the major mistakes I made growing up as a dancer. This will hopefully be helpful for those of you younger dancers who can learn from my mistakes. If you like it, please leave a review :-) It means a lot an ...  Show more

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