#245: The Continued Fight for Voting Rights (Wendy Weiser)

#245: The Continued Fight for Voting Rights (...

#246: When the Left Attacks Big Government (Paul Sabin)

Big government is often attacked. In the 1960s and 1970s, social advocates like Ralph Nader and Rachel Carson led the charge in the form of public interest groups. While they disrupted a number of government plans, some unintended consequences emerged: the undermining of big gove ...  Show more

#244: Public Health Saved Your Life (Dr. Leana Wen)

New daily Covid-19 infections in the U.S. are reaching 100,000+, yet, not too long ago, that number was 11,000. With everyone asking ‘where do we go from here?’, Dr. Leana Wen joins Julian and Sam to consider the path through the pandemic and the future of public health. The trio ...  Show more

#243: In Plain Sight: Lady Bird Johnson (Julia Sweig)

Behind almost every U.S. President there has been a First Lady... but we don't always hear much about them. This week, author Julia Sweig joins Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang to discuss her book and podcast, “In Plain Sight,” which delves into the audio diaries of Lady Bird Johnson. ...  Show more

#242: Partisan Identity & Political Instability (Brendan Nyhan)

How are partisan identity and misinformation connected? Sam Wang is joined by Brendan Nyhan to discuss misinformation, partisan identity, and the stability of America's democratic norms. Nyhan is a professor in the Department of Government at Dartmouth College. He is a researcher ...  Show more

#241: Vaccines, Critical Race Theory & More

What in the world is going on? Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang catch you up on some of the biggest discussions happening in politics today: messaging about vaccines and the ongoing controversy about critical race theory and school curriculums.   

#240: ‘Alligator Candy’ & the Strength of Community (David Kushner)

Julian Zelizer sits down with David Kushner to discuss his new podcast Alligator Candy, which is based on his memoir of the same name. The podcast tells the story of Kushner’s family and how the community came together after the disappearance of his brother.    Kushner is an accl ...  Show more

#239: Did Bill Barr Corrupt the DOJ? (Elie Honig)

How did Bill Barr alter the effectiveness of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) during his time as President Donald Trump's attorney general? Elie Honig joins Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang for a deep dive into the DOJ and a discussion of his new book, "Hatchet Man: How Bill Barr ...  Show more

#238: The Truth is Out There...Somewhere (Adam Frank)

Is there life on other planets? Are UFOs evidence of such life? Astrophysicist Adam Frank joins Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang to discuss his research of technosignatures — signs of past or present use of technology on other planets — and the search for evidence of life outside Eart ...  Show more

#237: Nixon at War (Kurt Andersen)

President Richard M. Nixon is perhaps best known for the Watergate scandal and becoming the first U.S. president to resign. But how much more is there to that familiar narrative? Kurt Andersen joins Julian Zelizer to discuss his new podcast, Nixon at War, and the behind-the-scene ...  Show more

#236: JFK, MLK, and Nine Long Days (Paul Kendrick)

The arrest of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sent the 1960 Kennedy Campaign into overdrive in the last nine days of a historic campaign for the presidency. But what happened during that lead-up to one of the closest elections of the 20th century?  Author Paul Kendrick joins Juli ...  Show more

#235: Big Tech, Big Data, and Big Lies (Jonathan Mayer)

Online misinformation runs rampant on social media and is having tangible impacts on American society. What can be done to combat the spread of these untruths?   Jonathan Mayer joins Sam Wang in this episode to discuss misinformation, big tech, and online data-driven research, an ...  Show more

#234: Why People Believe Falsehoods (From Vaccines to Votes)

We're living in a political disinformation era. Public opinion is sharply divided not just on the facts, but what actually constitutes fact or fiction. Two issues have made this dilemma crystal clear: the acceptability of COVID-19 vaccines and the outcome of the 2020 presidential ...  Show more

#233: Why Democrats Should be Bold But Careful (Paul Starr)

How much time does the Biden administration have until Republicans revitalize their strength or even expand in the midterms? This is a question brewing among Democrats who wonder whether they should go bold with legislation, or tread lightly to protect the slim majority of Democr ...  Show more

#232: Liz Cheney Ousting, Census Accuracy & Vaccine Persuasion

Catching up on the politics of the week, Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang discuss how Rep. Liz Cheney was ousted from her role as House Republican Conference chair by the GOP, a position she's held since 2017, and what it means for democracy. Sam uncovers some suspicious Census underc ...  Show more

#231: Biden’s Infrastructure Plan (Matt Yglesias)

The Biden Administration is steadfastly pushing through a $4.1 trillion infrastructure plan, which some are comparing to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930s. Moving beyond roads, bridges, and tunnels, Biden’s bipartisan bill includes improvements to broadband ...  Show more

#230: How Nebraska Became a Republican Stronghold (Ross Benes)

After the election of Donald Trump, rural America — which made up a good portion of Trump's base — quickly became a focal point. Authors like J.D. Vance and others wrote about their struggling hometowns in the hopes of understanding the Trump appeal. And despite his 2020 election ...  Show more

#229: Can Immigrants Still Chase the American Dream? (Sarah Coleman)

Given today's anti-immigrant, nativist sentiments, is the American Dream even still possible for immigrants to the U.S.? For decades, the politics behind immigration control have undermined the idea of citizenship for all, making this a hard question to answer. In a new book, his ...  Show more

#228: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency (Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes)

President Joe Biden is approaching his 100th day in office, yet his ultimate win against incumbent Donald Trump was never a foregone conclusion. In their new book, “Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency,” political reporters Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes recount Biden’s ...  Show more

#227: 40 Acres, a Mule, and an Early Civil Rights Champion (Bruce Levine)

An often-forgotten champion for racial justice in America is Thaddeaus Stevens, a 19th century statesman. He was a leader of the young Republican Party's radical wing, fighting for anti-slavery and anti-racist policies long before others endorsed them. Unlike many of his contempo ...  Show more