What Happened To Blackberry

What Happened To Blackberry

How Procter & Gamble Brought Diaper Culture To China

People didn’t need diapers when P&G first introduced Pampers in China. No matter how affordable or convenient, they simply didn’t care for it. So how did Pampers crack a market that was virtually non-existent? Listen to find out.  

The Reason Why McDonald’s Flopped In These Countries

Believe it or not, some people in the world actually dislike McDonald’s so much that they’ve been ousted from the country. Countries like Kenya, Iceland, Bolivia and Nepal don’t have a single McDonald’s outlet. But why has a brand so loved everywhere else in the world failed to s ...  Show more

The Road Ahead For Tesla In India

In this episode, we unpack the buzz around Tesla finally entering the Indian market, the steps that the carmaker might take to cement its success in India, and how India could take a leaf out of China’s EV playbook to potentially revolutionise EV adoption in the world’s largest d ...  Show more

How China Churns Out Its Olympic Champions

In this episode, we explore how China has solidified its position as a sports superpower. We take a look at the different strategies the country has employed to harvest the maximum number of gold medals at the games, and take a peek into the country’s infamous sports boarding sch ...  Show more

What Is China Doing In Africa

Over the past few years, China has poured in billions of dollars building infrastructure throughout the African continent. While this investment is great for economic development in Africa, what does China have to gain from it? In this episode, we unpack this complicated dynamic ...  Show more

The Subtle Art Of Scent Marketing

In this episode, we explore how brands target your nose in different ways, and no, it’s not just the food industry who’s doing it.  

How The Chupa Chups Brand Remains Forever Young

It’s been over 60 years since the world’s most popular lollipop brand was founded. In this episode, we explore the origins of the Chupa Chups brand, its intriguing connection with the famous Surrealist artist Salvador Dali, and how it went from being a family owned business in Sp ...  Show more

The Billionaire Space Race

What do Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson have in common? Apart from being multi-billionaires, all three have ambitions of commercialising space with tourism and building colonies with their respective space companies. How close are they to their goals? Are people actuall ...  Show more

The Incredible Evolution Of Dating Apps

There’s a lot of conversation about how dating apps have influenced modern romance and even society at large, but in this episode, we explore how dating apps themselves have transformed over the years. From becoming safer and more inclusive, to adapting to unforeseen circumstance ...  Show more

How Humans Made Computers Smarter By Solving CAPTCHAs

Prove you are human to listen to this podcast. Just kidding. In this episode, we take a look at how the ubiquitous CAPTCHA tests have served more than just the purpose of differentiating between humans and bots, and how it has evolved over the two decades of its existence. 

Inside Indonesia's Biggest Tech Merger

Indonesia’s tech scene is heating up. You might’ve heard of Gojek and Tokopedia in passing, but have no idea what they are. In this episode, we decode the two tech startups born out of Indonesia and talk about the merger that made global headlines and went down as the biggest dea ...  Show more

How Starbucks Functions As A Bank

A coffee shop disguised as a bank? Doesn’t really make sense at first glance. Surprisingly, Starbucks does function a lot like a bank. In this episode, we’re unpacking one of the most successful marketing strategies ever - The My Starbucks Rewards program and how it’s allowing th ...  Show more

How Brands Have Commercialized Pride Month

Each year, more and more brands are jumping on the Pride bandwagon to promote themselves as allies to the LGBTQ community. But how many of these efforts are genuine, and not just brands cashing in on what’s trending? In this episode, we explore how Pride has evolved over the deca ...  Show more

How Shein Won Over The Gen-Z Shopper

In May 2021, Shein overtook Amazon as the most downloaded shopping app in the US. If you haven’t heard of the company, it's probably because you aren’t its target audience. The brand has been making waves in the Gen Z fashion scene selling the hottest trends at unbelievably ...  Show more

The One Where We Talk About Friends

The final episode of Friends may have aired in 2004, but the show remains popular as ever even in the digital world. In this episode, we unpack just how much of an influence the show has had on our lives, and how it changed the sitcom landscape inspiring many of our favourite sho ...  Show more

Inside Tesla’s Love Affair With China

Tesla has tasted sweet success in China. In this episode, we explore the unique symbiotic relationship between Tesla and China, and how the EV manufacturer entered the Chinese market and became the market leader. 

The Trillion Dollar Privacy War Between Facebook And Apple

While it may be a hot topic right now, Apple and Facebook have been at loggerheads regarding privacy for over a decade now. The two tech giants might not be direct competitors, but their moves have a huge impact on each other’s businesses. With Apple’s rollout of iOS 14.5, things ...  Show more

How George Clooney Accidentally Made A Billion Dollars

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor! In short, that’s the answer. Tune into the episode as we explore how George Clooney made a fortune out of his tequila brand ‘Casamigos’ without intending to make a single penny out of it. 

How Volvo Saved Over A Million Lives

It’s been over sixty years since Swedish engineer Nils Bohlin invented the three-point seatbelt. The innovation has saved over a million lives, and continues to do so every day. In this episode, we explore how this invention came about and what has Volvo gained from the breakthro ...  Show more