DaBaby's Timeout

DaBaby's Timeout

Drag Queen Super Shero

Hello and Welcome to Episode 81! Are you ready for some exclusive content?? Some commentary,  some inside scoop, and some hilarity?! Well get ready for an all new, exciting episode!In this week's Pick-Up, Mark & Casey attend their first live performance together since March ...  Show more

Salvation At The Deli

Welcome to Episode 80!  You've come for some tea and this week, it's colorful and hot tea so get ready for a goodie!In this week's Trash Pick-Up, Mark & Casey are catching up on the major happenings from their week including a visit from Mark's parents which i ...  Show more

Texas Tea

Welcome to Episode 79!  The Boys are back from some time at the lake house and they are back and rarin' to go in this week's all new episode! So get your paint brush and canvas' ready.In this week's Pick- Up, Casey and Mark are dishing on all things lake house ...  Show more

Travels With Miss Delta

Welcome to Episode 78 of Painted Trash!  This week The Boys are back on it and they are bringing you more information, laughs, and commentary on the happenings around their lives, Chicago, and pop culture.  Pour yourself your favorite port vintage and let's get ready to pain ...  Show more

Capital Tourism

Welcome to Episode 76! With all that's going on the world around us, you've got your GBFF's to bring you some tea, some pop culture tidbits, some punditry, and plenty of attitude. This one's chocked full of all of the above, so pour some of your favorite summe ...  Show more

Stresssssssed, Gays!

Hey there and welcome to Episode 75 (Season 2 Episode 25)!  Have you been noticing how overwhelmed, short-tempered, and emotional folks seem to be these days???  The Boys have too and they have been feeling a certain kind of way and wanted to shine a light on what they think has ...  Show more

The Myth Of The Gay Friend

Welcome to Episode 74 (Season 2 Episode 24)! This one's chocked full of laughs so put on that diaper, Gurl, and let's get painting!First up in this week's Trash Pick Up, The Boys are discussing the result of the Instagram poll on cancel culture and recent cancelled ...  Show more

Cancel Culture

Welcome to Episode 73 (Season 2 - Episode 23)!  Y'all have come on a good night so let's not delay -- grab your favorite port vintage and let's dive right in!!The Boys are back after an unexpected week off and boy, oh boy, do they have a lot to catch up on in this ...  Show more


Welcome to Episode 72 (Season 2- Episode 22)!  The Boys have a goodie for you this week to close out Pride Month!  It's been a month of celebration, fun, reflection, and action and it's all summing up here.In this week's Pick-Up, Mark & Casey are reflecting on thei ...  Show more

The Hanky Code

Welcome to Episode 71 (Season 2 Episode 21)!!  You've come for a goodie this week!  The Boys have cooked up a thoughtful, educational, hilarious, and extra colorful episode for you this week!  So jump right in! These waters are gonna get wild and fun!In this week's Tras ...  Show more

Why We Pride

Welcome to Episode 70! This week's episode is a personal one for Mark & Casey as they continue their Pride Month focus! So grab some of your favorite port vintage and let's get painting with Pride!In this week's Trash Pick-Up, Mark and Casey are gagging over a nigh ...  Show more

Corporate Pride

Welcome to Episode 69! Yep! That's right, 69!  Happy Pride Month! On this week's episode, Mark & Casey are focused on Pride Month. The Boys have had a busy week and they are ready to paint. So get 'cha some port vintage and let's go in deep. In this week' ...  Show more

The Best (& Worst) Movie Musicals

Welcome to Episode 68!  Happy Pride month!  The Boys are kicking off Pride with a goodie for you this week so let's jump right in!  In this week's Trash Pick-Up, Mark is talking with Casey about the first experience of going out to eat indoors and to a bar in well over ...  Show more

30 Going On 17

Hello! Welcome to Episode 67! You're here for a good one this week!  Getcha some port vintage and get ready to dive deep.In this week's Pick Up, Mark is sharing about a family loss, but it's complicated while Casey is sharing about the trials of settling into a new ...  Show more

A Saucey Controversy

Welcome to Episode 66!  Mark & Casey are back with a brand new weekly episode and this one is full of tea!  So pour some port vintage and let's dive right in!In this week's Trash Pick-up, Mark is recounting a short overnight trip and a horrendous tale of truly terrible ...  Show more

Fake vs. Truth vs. "Cailyn"

Welcome to Episode 65 (Season 2, Episode 15)!  Mark & Casey have missed you and they are back on their bs!  Painted Trash is back with an all new episode!  Life happens and after a couple weeks of life interrupting routine, Mark & Casey are back with a new weekly episode! So grab ...  Show more

Silence Isn't An Option

Welcome to the 14th episode of Season 2 (episode 64 overall)!  With all that's going on in the world and the social justice needed in this time, Painted Trash is here for you.  You may not be watching much news coverage, but this was a challenging week in United States socie ...  Show more

Vaccine Chronicles

Welcome to Episode 63 of Painted Trash!  Have you gotten at least one dose of the Corona-19-COVID-CORVID 19-19-20-20-20-21??? How was your experience throughout? Get ready to dish and sip your port vintage of choice for this week!Kicking off this week's episode Mark & Casey ...  Show more

Weight Expectations

Welcome to Episode 62 (Season 2, Episode 12)!  What a week!  The Boys are going deep this week and this one has us thinking, feeling, and laughing!  So let's dive in!In this week's Pick-Up, Mark has been recovering from the short time at Studio C and Casey is spilling t ...  Show more