65 - You Don't Have to Watch

65 - You Don't Have to Watch

64 - Trade Deadline Special

MLB's Trade Deadline is a scant six days away, and AJ Preller has shot his first arrow across the bow, taking booty from the Pirates. As you might expect, this was recorded before the Adam Frazier deal, but suffice to say the group chat was unanimously in support of the move desp ...  Show more

63 - Game Day

The Dads are back to play a little Start, Sit Bench. Topics include: The Stars  The Scrubs  The Prospects  The Grittiest  The Tittiest  Metal Bands  Joel shares an Xavier Nady story Johnny makes the case for Goodell as MLB Commissioner We plot Tony's demise I break Joel's heart F ...  Show more

62 - The Good, The Bad, and The Unsure

Johnny and Tony take a look at the positives, negatives, and question marks of the team after one month of play.  Fatherly Advice Johnny: Get vaxxed Tony: Manchester Orchestra Twitter Email 

61 - No No from Joe Joe

Joe Musgrove threw the first no-hitter in Padres franchise history, have you heard?  How did he do it? We dig into his pitch arsenal and some of the stats from the night.  Victor Caratini - Co-MVP?  Is Luis Campusano the odd man out in the catcher rotation?  Dinenson Lamet threw ...  Show more

60 - Season Award Predictions Episode

This is now a Brian O'Grady fanfic review podcast It's the Season Award Predictions Episode Opening Day is THIS WEEK! Will the guys attend a game this season? Preseason Award Predictions It's the Season of Machado, but it's Bebo's team Johnny believes in Yu We pull a 180 on Big B ...  Show more

59 - Nope, Don't Like That

An ominous number of the day leads us into a fascinating conspiracy theory regarding Major League Baseball.  Trent Grisham is injured and Tony is not excited about the Profar CF experiment. Johnny dismisses Brian O'Grady, at his own peril. Austin Nola is injured as well - is it C ...  Show more

58 - Bertolli

Welcome to our first mailbag episode! Joel, Johnny, and Tony are back to talk: The Tatis extension and how it compared to the excitement of the Machado signing Why it's crazy to complain about the money or length of the contract  Kela and Melancon - why we wouldn't have gotten ei ...  Show more

57 - Life's Diff'runt

Joel and Johnny are back to bid farewell to Joey Fuego, welcome Joe Musgrove, welcome back Jurickson Profar, and revel in Dodgers misfortune. Twitter Email Website 

56 - Do Yu Snell What AJ Preller is Cookin'?

Joel, Johnny and Tony are back to breakdown the whirlwind of transactions that AJ Preller pulled off during the end of December. We discuss why Millenials don't set themselves up for failure, debate whether the Padres have the best rotation in the MLB, and list some hypothetical ...  Show more

54 - 2020 Season Predictions Review

Editing issues delayed the release of this episode, but better late than never.   Joel, Johnny, and Tony look back at their predictions (bold and otherwise) on the 2020 season. Come along as we reminisce on quite possibly the most exciting Padres season in team history.   Twitter ...  Show more

53 - Licking Our Wounds

Joel and Johnny recap what went right, what went wrong, and give out some grades for the Padres' NLDS performance.   Twitter Email Website 

52 - F*ck You Inline Skates

The Padres finished the season 37-23 and are playoff bound! Join Joel, Johnny and Tony as they share their thoughts on the season, as well as their excitement about the first postseason games in San Diego since 2006. Twitter Email Website 

51 - Trade Deadline Emergency Reaction Podcast

Joel, Johnny and Tony break down all 512 trades AJ Preller pulled off at the trade deadline, discuss their favorite trade, and share some Fatherly Advice.   Twitter Email 

50 - Slam Diego

Joel, Johnny, and Tony review the record-breaking, grand slam week the Padres just had, and share some ideas on how to address potential problems ahead.   Twitter Email Website 

49 - Imaginary Awards and Bold Predictions

It's our second annual Imaginary Awards and Bold Predictions episode. Join us as we predict some of the highs and lows of the  2020 season...assuming it doesn't get canceled before this is posted.   Twitter Email 

48 - Mr. 2000

Baseball is back...for the time being, so Joel, Johnny, and Tony are back to talk Padres baseball. We share our concerns and excitement about the season potentially taking place, and some potential outcomes for the team. Email Twitter Website 

47 - Yeastie Boys

We are BACK for a special quarantine edition of Dads Talking Dads We play a couple rounds of Start/Sit/Cut Guest appearance by Johnny’s daughter Introducing: Padres Pantry We discuss how we’d bring back baseball for 2020 And of course...Fatherly Advice Twitter Email Show Website 

46 - Mar-gone

Joel and Johnny discuss the Astros and their imminent beaning, fawn over the bullpen (especially Emilio Pagan), talk about the Tatis Jr. in CF experiment that didn't pan out, offer their first bold predictions of the spring, and provide some quality Fatherly Advice.   Twitter Ema ...  Show more

45 - Mookietalk

Johnny and Tony share their ideal outfield setup Johnny takes a deep dive on Trent Grisham (including a great player comp) Mookietalk We look at the Spring Training prospect invitees and predict who will make the biggest impact Some real Fatherly Advice (feat. Tea Time)   Twitter ...  Show more