Episode 49: Ep. 49 Sexify and Sex Education - Mom don't listen to this episode

Episode 49: Ep. 49 Sexify and Sex Education -...

Episode 48: Ep 48 - Young Justice & Invincible

Sometimes it's hard to live up to the expectations of your mentors. Let's talk about it on this weeks episode of POP. Mo' Superheroes Mo' ProblemsHosted by Bobbert Sweeney and Benjamin BateEdited by Benjamin BateFollow us on Twitter: @orpilotInstagram: @pilotorpassand facebook:ww ...  Show more

Episode 47: Ep 47 - Love, Death, Robots - (content warning) an anthology show which makes our show concept very weird

CONTENT WARNING: This Episode brings up some sensitive topics such as sexual assault, rape and others. We only talk about it in the context of the show and the conversation on it is very brief.Hosted by Bobert Sweeney, and Benjamin BateEdited by Benjamin Bate 

Episode 46: Ep 46 - Afro Samurai and Yasuke

This week we are taking a look at some more adult anime. Yasuke is about the only black samurai in Japan and Afro Samurai is about a man looking to avenge the death of his father and take down a series of assassins.Afro Samurai is available on Hulu and Yasuke is available on Netf ...  Show more

Episode 45: Ep 45 - Starwars, Starwars, and Starwars

This week we picked three Starwars shows off of Disney Plus to watch. Ewoks, Freemaker Adventures, and Rebels. Purposely we were hoping they would all be bad. It's surprising which one wasn't.Hosted by Robbie Sweeney and Benjamin Bate Edited by Benjamin Bate Follow us on Twitter: ...  Show more

Episode 44: Ep 44 - Shtisel and Unorthodox

This week we are doing something a little more culturally aware. We are watching two programs about Jewish people. Unorthodox is a series based off of Deborah Feldman's autobiography and Shtisel is a story about an internet free Jewish community in Jerusalem.Hosted by Robbie Swee ...  Show more

Episode 43: Ep 43 - Infinity Train season one

Rob and Ben watched the first season of Infinity Train this week. We've got this train rolling now, and ain't nobody stopping it. Infinity Train is available on HBO Max.Hosted by Robbie Sweeney and Benjamin BateEdited by Benjamin BateFollow us on Twitter: @orpilotInstagram: @pilo ...  Show more

Episode 42: Ep. 42 The Crossing and 11.22.63

You read that right, we skipped ahead a few episodes. We had a hard drive here fail and we lost two weeks worth of episodes, but we're right back at it this week! 

Episode 40: Ep 40 - The Superman episode - this one got hit by a meteor

Hey guys, we took a little time off but we'll be back next week with Helstrom! 

Episode 39: Ep 39 Walker - Gritty Reboots with no Chuck Norris

This week we are taking the CW to TV court because of their crimes against television. We watched Walker, a new take on the classic show Walker Texas Ranger. Does this need to exist? Thats for the Jury to decide. 

Episode 38: EP 38 - The Equalizer - If you watched the Superbowl this ad was everywhere

Hello Guys, we are back after a short break, this week we watched the equalizer, available on Amazon Prime. When you have no one else to turn to you can turn to the Equalizer, a robin hood-esq figure to help 

Episode 37: Ep 37 - The Keepers & The Staircase - It's true crime for real

This week we watched The Keepers and The Staircase. This is an episode for true crime fans. Do you know who did it? Have you watched these shows?Hosted by Robbie Sweeney and Benjamin BateEdited by Benjamin BateFollow us on Twitter: @orpilotInstagram: @pilotorpassand facebook: www ...  Show more

Episode 36: Ep 36 Bridgerton & The Queen's Gambit - "I called it a candy jar"

Two wildly different tones this week as we watch Bridgerton the show that is getting attention through many different outlets, and the Queens Gambit. Both are based off of a book counterpart, and the shows are available to stream on Netflix.Hosted by Robbie Sweeney and Benjamin B ...  Show more

Episode 35: Ep 35 - Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, The Mighty Ducks, & Quack Pack

We're ducking crazy this week with the huge quantity of shows that we watched. We tried to clear all of the duck themed shows from the 90's that we could find on Disney Plus. Take a listen and relive Saturday mornings with us!Hosted by Robbie Sweeney and Benjamin BateEdited by Be ...  Show more

Episode 34: Ep 34 - Big Mouth & Disenchanted - Adult Cartoons are Pretty Childish

Content Warning - Sex, Sexuality, Addiction, and some less than appropriate words for Genitals.Hosted by Robert Sweeney & Benjamin Bate Edited by Benjamin Bate Social Media! Follow us on Twitter: @orpilot Instagram: @pilotorpass and Facebook: www.facebook.com/pilotorpass/ 

Episode 33: Ep 33 - Shameless both US and UK Versions

Television is not a paradise, but it's our paradise. This week we talked about the shows Shameless US and Shameless UK. Two iterations of the same program. Available on Netflix and Hulu.Content Warnings - Discussions on sexuality, Sex, & Drug Use.Hosted by Robert Sweeney & Benjam ...  Show more

Episode 32: Ep 32 - MXC Most Extreme Elimination Challenge & Taskmaster

In this week of Pilot or Pass we take a look at the dark history of game shows and discuss some of the legal issues that obstacle course reality TV shows have, all while trying to accomplish weird tasks to please the Taskmaster. MXC is available on Amazon Prime and Taskmaster is ...  Show more

Episode 31: Ep 31 The Knight Before Christmas and The Night Before

Try having a conversation about these two shows. They are purposefully confusing. But enjoyable when you want to mix people up. Enjoy these two shows, one wholesome and one not so much this holiday season.Hosted by Robert Sweeney & Benjamin BateEdited by Benjamin BateFollow us on ...  Show more

Episode 30: Ep 30 Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel - Is this teen heart throb?

Teenage vampire slayers are nothing new in the world of Popular culture, but they seemed pretty novel to people in the early 2000s! These popular Joss Whedon shows were big and are still referred to today as incredibly popular. So we have to ask the question, are they worth bingi ...  Show more

Episode 29: Ep 29 Bones and CSI - When did we start watching mom shows?

When crimes happen, or cannibals are on the loose, this podcast isn't going to help you or give you any sort of insight into the criminal mind. Or the investigators mind. Instead it will provide color commentary on these two procedurals, that have become cult hits.Hosted by Robbi ...  Show more

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