5 | Ted Swedenburg | تيد سويدنبرغ

5 | Ted Swedenburg | تيد سويدنبرغ

4 | Khaled Furani | خالد فوراني

Khaled Furani is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Tel-Aviv University who studies social theory, modernity, language and literature, theology, secularism, Palestine, and the history of the anthropological field. In this episode, Aamer Ibraheem hosts Professor Furani to s ...  Show more

3 | Fadi Bardawil | فادي بردويل

Fadi Bardawil is Assistant Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Duke University. His research investigates the international circulation of critical theory, the genealogies of post-colonial critique, and the traditions of intellectual inquiry and modalities of politic ...  Show more

2 | Ala Al-Azzeh | علاء العزة

Ala Alaazeh is an Assistant Professor of cultural anthropology at Birzeit University’s  Department Of Social And Behavioral Science, whose research in memory studies focuses on Palestinian memory and the examination of questions such as history, nostalgia, and hegemony. In this e ...  Show more