Episode #71: Ryan Trost- Former SMB Capital Trader on What it Takes to Become a Prop Trader

Episode #71: Ryan Trost- Former SMB Capital T...

Episode #73: Market Wizard Jason Shapiro is BACK!- 2021 a market like we've never seen

Fan favorite & Market Wizard Jason Shapiro is back! His first appearance being one of the most popular podcasts to date. Profiled in “Unknown Market Wizards” series, he’s the man Jack Schwager has dubbed the contrarian. Former weed farmer owner, he’s meditated with monks in Burma ...  Show more

Episode #72:Eric Mangini-NFL Coach on the Parallels Between Trading & Coaching Professional Football

Former NFL football coach and current television sports analyst at Fox Sports. He’s won 3 super bowls and at the point of his 1st head coach hire, he was the youngest to ever assume that role. Made a classic appearance on arguably the greatest TV Series of all time: The Sopranos. ...  Show more

Episode #70: Tom Basso- Market Wizard on the importance of rule based trading & keeping equanimity

A trader who is best known for his Market Wizard status being profiled in Jack Schwagers “New Market Wizards”. A man who was president & founder of trendstat capital. Author of two books; he Runs enjoytheride.world- an educational website for traders. Confessions of A Market Make ...  Show more

Episode #69: Walter Deemer- 50 years market Analyst & Founding Member of the CMT Association talks insights & wisdoms gathered throughout his career

A man whose worked with institutional money managers for over 50 years as a market analyst. A Founding member of the CMT association who in 2015 received the Market Technicians Associations' Annual Award for lifetime achievement. The author of 4 trading books. Confessions of a Ma ...  Show more

Episode #68: Oliver Kell-2020 US investing Champion on his 941% year

The 2020 US investing champion who smoked the field with 941% annualized return, shattering pervious records. Son of a former market maker. Founder of Kell Capital, LLC and author of “victory in stock trading”. Confessions of a Market Maker presents Oliver Kell------------------- ...  Show more

Episode #67: Beyond The Trades Steve Live From Miami BTC Conference 2021

In person interview conducted in Miami, FL at the BTC Conference. The man who put this podcast together. A man known as "Beyond The Trades", who runs a highly viewed written interview website & runs a couple business's behind the scenes. A profitable trader of 8 years. Confession ...  Show more

Episode #66: Chris Moneymaker- World Series of Poker Champion on his Favorite NFT/Crypto investments & being the catalyst for the poker boom

A man who turned $86 into 2.5 million. Credited with jump starting the poker boom; 2019 inductee into the poker hall of fame and Americas Cardroom Sponsored pro; Digital Horse & stable owner. Confessions of a Market Maker presents Chris Moneymaker--------------------------------- ...  Show more

Episode #65: John Netto- Maximizing Return Per Unit-of-Risk

Profiled in Jack Schwagers latest book in the market wizard series, "Unknown Market Wizards". Achieved an average annual compounded return of 42% in 10 plus years. The author of the “Global Macro Edge”. Confessions of a Market Maker presents John Netto 

Episode #64: Nick Leeson- Rouge Trader on the Infamous Barings Banks Blow Up & Blow Ups of Recent

A former Barings Bank derivates trader who developed a superstar reputation trading the futures markets on the Singapore Monetary Exchange. A mistake that resulted in a 20k lost eventually compounded to a 1.3 billion dollars, resulting in the collapse of one of Britain’s oldest b ...  Show more

Episode #63: Former Market Maker Talks Biggest Headlines in Trading 2021

JJ & Ray recap the biggest news events in and around finance for 2021. Topics include NFTs, SPY being at all time highs, Hedge Fund blows & the psychology of the markets participants big & small-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...  Show more

Episode #62: Mayor Francis Suarez on Making Miami The Crypto Capital of The World

The 33rd Mayor of the City of Miami who was elected with 86 percent support from Miami residents. A man making national headlines for his hustle, for his pro crypto, pro finance, pro tech stance, welcoming the industries into the city of Miami. Confessions of a Market Maker prese ...  Show more

Episode #61: Mark Cuban on NFTs, the SEC's ineptitude & being the worlds largest Dogecoin merchant

Billionaire entrepreneur, television personality, and investor. Owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a main stay on the popular tv show shark tank, and the largest Dogecoin merchant in the world. Confessions of a Market Maker presents Mark Cuban----------------------------------------- ...  Show more

Episode #60: Patrick Bet-David on Potential Financial Bubble, Interviewing Mobsters & NBA Top Shots

Started from humble beginnings as a young immigrant escaping war-torn Iran with his parents; to founding his own company. He launched PHP agency- an insurance sales, marketing and distribution company-before he turned 30 and he’s went on to create one of the most recognizable med ...  Show more

Episode #59: Dr. Phil Pearlman- Chief Behavioral officer talks everything human behavior in and out of the markets

Chief Behavioral Officer at osprey funds; Ran a long/short equity hedge fund which focused on behavioral strategies; Was previously director of marketing at Bank OZK, Interactive Editor at Yahoo Finance and Executive Editor at StockTwits. Confessions of a Market Maker presents Dr ...  Show more

Episode #58: Chris Camillo- "Unknown Market Wizard" on social arbitrage & the inadequacies of Wall Street

A pioneer in contextual data analysis. A man whose been featured in Jack Schwager’s “Unknown Market Wizards”. In 2006 he applied a social data arbitrage trading strategy to invest $20k in the stock market, and produced $30 million in trading profits over the following 14-year per ...  Show more

Episode #57: Marsten Parker- "Unknown Market Wizard" on Systematic Trading

A systematic trader who was featured in “Unknown Market Wizards”- latest book of a legendary series of trading books. A man whose annual compounded return during the past 20 years was 20%, more than triple the 5.7% return of the S&P during that period. A man whose is an accomplis ...  Show more

Episode #56: Anthony Pompliano- Crypto Entrepreneur & Investor on the historical week in the financial markets & what it could mean for crypto & decentralization

American entrepreneur, investor, and host of The Pomp Podcast, one of the most popular podcasts in business & investing. He’s invested $100m + in early stage companies, including multiple unicorns. Co-founder and partner at Digital Creek assets and one of the most popular and rec ...  Show more

Episode #55: Jaime Rogozinski- Founder of Wall Street Bets on the shutting down of Melvin Capital, How WSB was started & proper risk mangement

Founded WallStreetBets in 2012--a large online community which yields a commanding presence in the world of finance. It has been featured in Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch as well as Bloomberg, CNBC, Money Magazine, Forbes, Vice, Business Insider and Fortune. A forum who has b ...  Show more

Episode #54: Sean Mclaughlin- Former prop trader & hedge fund manager on unlearning bad habits, diligently sticking to the process & good trading being boring trading

Started his career in 1998 at a Proprietary trading firm in Tampa, Florida. In 2002 he launched a small hedge fund with a handful of investors trading in commodities and futures; This led him to become a Member of the Chicago Board of Trade. He’s worked for stocktwits as communit ...  Show more