Episode 187: Episode 187: Mad Dog's Flowers

Episode 187: Episode 187: Mad Dog's Flowers

Episode 188: Episode 188: Better Business

We discuss HipHop lyrics that would not fly in today's world! 

Episode 186: Episode 186: Not Too Old For This

How do you know you're getting old? We discuss it! 

Episode 185: Episode 185: We Don't Know Names, Son

One down, but two still gotta lot of sense to pour! Your cup you should get. 

Episode 184: Episode 184: You Fancy, Huh

We're drinking IPAs while discussing IOCs, Spelling Bees, and GDIs!  

Episode 183: Episode 183: Climb Over My Pants

We are finally back to recording in-person for the first time since the pandemic! We been happy.Get Ya Cup! 

Episode 182: Episode 182: At The Playground

We discuss different stories across this country's states and cities! #ThatsVague 

Episode 181: Episode 181: Control World

We discuss the recent CDC Announcement and the NBA season! 

Episode 180: Episode 180: Going On Outside

We discuss the surge in shootings, and we give Black Rob his flowers. 

Episode 179: Episode 179: Gave It To Ya

We salute DMX! 

Episode 178: Episode 178: Empathy Season

We discuss differences between a massage therapist and masseuse, and the excitement of a vaccinated Summer! 

Episode 177: Episode 177: Mighty Clean

We discuss massages, hate crimes, and music videos! 

Episode 176: Episode 176: The Beef Episode

We discuss Coming 2 America, WandaVision, and other topics that make us argue! 

Episode 175: Episode 175: Family Business

We discuss public travesties and the changing times! 

Episode 174: Episode 174: Just Words

We're talking music (and of course a buncha' other stuff) as we complete our annual Thinking Cap wrap-up! 

Episode 173: Episode 173: Feces Fan Collision

We came back from break early because... well, yeah. 

Episode 172: Episode 172: Apologies In Order

Triple T joins us as we close out the year talking 'bout everything yet nothing! 

Episode 171: Episode 171: Network Stars

We discuss the possible, pretty much made up, returns of old athletes! 

Episode 157: We Lack Leadership

We discuss the moves to reopen the country and the lynching of Ahmaud Arbery. 

Episode 169: Everybody Is A Star

Take your mind off the madness a lil bit and listen to us talk about Hip Hop's best rapper! 

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