Episode 158: BGP 158 - Undertale

Episode 158: BGP 158 - Undertale

Episode 157: BGP 157 - Luca

When a new Pixar movie come out, we have to see it.  Luke & Mark review this sea-based adventure. Wait til you hear how they watched it! 

Episode 156: BGP 156 - Forces of Destiny

Ever wonder what happened to our Star Wars heroes in between scenes in the movies? Now you can find out! Mark & Kailey review the animated micro-series from Disney. Remember the Forces of Destiny will be with you, always.#StarWars#Disney 

Episode 155: BGP 155 - TABS

It's not a browser tab, or the 1980s diet soda. Nope, it's Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! Is it totally accurate? You'll have to listen to Luke & Mark to find out!#TABS 

Episode 154: BGP 154 - 2020

Its time for our annual recap episode, and what a year it was! I'm sure nobody will forget 2020 anytime soon. Listen in to the BGP family's highlights and challenges from the last year.#2020 

Episode 153: BGP 153 - Mulan

2020 was a pretty lean year as far as movies go, but this one had good timing. Plus it was released to Disney+ this year also. Listen in to BGP's review of Disney's latest live action film!#Mulan#Disney 

Episode 117: BGP 152 - Among Us

We're back! Apologies for the extended hiatus. Pandemic and all that had us busy for a while. Listen up to what we've been doing during our new pandemic lifestyle. #AmongUs#Imposter 

BGP 151 - Scoob

Was having so much fun in the beautiful weather that I almost forgot to post this one. Seems like for most of us growing up that Scooby Doo in some form was always there. Mark & family review the latest installment in the franchise. See if you can solve the mystery of this episod ...  Show more

BGP 150 - COVID Quarantine

We're still alive and healthy. Hope all of you are too! In this episode, the BGP family recounts the time in the home and what our experience has been like. Definitely an interesting time.This one is full of funny misspeaks all around--enjoy!#COVID 

BGP 149 - Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It's been a while, but we're back. Our family recently watched the Mr. Rogers movie. Kailey and Mark review the movie complete with all the classic favorite Mr. Roger's elements. Also, apologies for the background noise around minute 1--it turns out the microphone was extra sensi ...  Show more

BGP 148 - Rise of Skywalker (*SPOILERS*)

This episode contains spoilers for Star Wars Episode 9.Okay, so for the first time we break our strict no spoiler policy. But there was really no other way to review this film without spoilers, and we really wanted to review it. We have an extra co-host this time and it's a lot o ...  Show more

BGP 146 - Yesterday

What's a plot synopsis? Listen to this episode and you'll be the first to know! BGP is big fans of historical movies about bands. This one isn't quite so historical, but it does not disappoint! Check out our review, and of course, if you're a Beatles fan you'll enjoy it. Just for ...  Show more

BGP 145 - Dragons: The Hidden World

We're back! It's been a crazy summer, but we were finally able to record the episode we've been wanting to do for weeks. Listen in to hear Mark & Luke review the finale to the Dragons trilogy. Oh, and when we discuss Clone Wars, I meant seasons, not episodes.#Howtotrainyourdragon ...  Show more

BGP 143 - Cotillion

I heard other families talk about this, but never knew what it was until Jacob was asked to participate. Check out this episode to find out what it is! Oh, and when putting on a tux, you have to play James Bond music.#Cotillion 

BGP 138 - 2018

Finally, episode 138. Maybe next time they'll stay in the correct order. It's our traditional year in review episode. Our co-host Kim is back. Listen in to her and Mark recap the year and set a few goals for 2019. 

BGP 140 - Swimming with the Manatees

Ok, still missing episode 138, but maybe we'll fix that next time. On this episode, Mark and Jacob describe a wildlife encounter that was super cool--in every sense of the word. If you're considering a manatee adventure, check out this episode.#Manatee 

BGP 139 - The Last Unicorn

What happened to BGP 138? Due to a small error in planning, we ended up slightly out of sequence, but I didn't want to delay publishing this one. Listen in to find out about this 80's animated film. The answer is her name is Amalthea. What is the question?#LastUnicorn 

BGP 137 - Star Wars vs Marvel vs Jurassic Park

The third blue person in X-Men is Nightcrawler. It made a great joke in the X-Men Apocalypse. What was the question? Tune in to find out. This was a very special episode to celebrate BGP's fourth year of podcasting, and it was a lot of fun.#StarWars#Marvel#JurassicPark 

BGP 134 - Hurricane Michael

BGP headquarters was in the area affected, but far enough from the eye to have weathered the storm in good shape. This episode covers some of our co-hosts perspective as they remember getting ready for the storm and then the storm itself. 

BGP 132 - Avengers: Infinity War

After three attempts at recording and a week in production, Mark and Jacob finally succeed in publishing their spoiler-free review of the latest Avengers flick. This is the beginning of the culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Too bad Thanos started down the dark path. H ...  Show more

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