Marriage Seasons

This week I’m sharing some tips to help you think about the seasons of your marriage and work through each one. Discover the importance of expecting there to be seasons in your marriage, and why understanding them will help you work through problems and create more connection in ...  Show more

Living In The AND

Learn what Living In The AND looks like and how to use this tool to create more internal peace and calm in your life. I’m sharing one of the most transformational ways I’ve implemented this tool in my own life and how Living in the AND will enable you to be more compassionate and ...  Show more

Welcome to Design Your Dream Life with Natalie Bacon: Start Here!

This podcast is for moms who care about personal growth. When life seems busy and overwhelming, this is a place to come for a little help to get you through your day-to-day challenges. You'll learn how to live purposefully and feel more joy in your everyday life. I cover mindset, ...  Show more


This week I share five ways to use curiosity and give you some examples to see how magical and wonderful this emotion is. Getting curious can serve you in so many ways so I’m sharing why this is one of my favorite emotions and how you can use it to enhance your life.   Get full s ...  Show more

Low Grade Body Bashing

Discover where you might be engaging in low grade body bashing. I’m sharing why this comes up for so many people, why it’s become normalized in our culture, and how to meet yourself with love so you can change from that place, instead of changing your body simply because you don’ ...  Show more

Rest On Purpose

I’m sharing the importance of resting on purpose and showing you how to carve out moments of peace in your day. This work is so simple and yet we don’t all do it, but this episode will show you what happens when you rest with intention and learn how to pause, check in with yourse ...  Show more


It is incredibly hard to manage your mind when you are constantly operating off of a to-do list. Your brain looks at it and freaks out, and it ends up being counterproductive rather than productive. There is a more effective tool that can help you get exactly what you want in lif ...  Show more

What Successful People Think With Jody Moore

Jody and I are exploring what it takes to create success and showing you how to change your thinking to become more successful. We discuss how your beliefs enable the results you create for yourself and some mindset shifts to help you achieve success in your life. Whether you are ...  Show more

Push Vs. Pull Energy

I’m explaining the concept of push vs. pull energy and showing you how to use this to achieve what you want in your life. What pushes and pulls you may change over time, but being open to this and giving yourself space to change your priorities will serve you so much, so don't mi ...  Show more

Mom-To-Be Mindset Tips

The news is out—I'm pregnant! And with that has come an entirely different experience than I imagined (spoiler alert: it's been a lot harder for me than I could've ever known). This led to so many mindset shifts for me during my first trimester that I'm delighted to bring you her ...  Show more

Your Value And Worth

I'm exploring the differences between economic, non-economic, and human value and showing you how they are separate from your worth. If you feel that you are not being paid what you are truly worth, this episode will show you the different ways that we have been conditioned to th ...  Show more

Being Gentle With Yourself

I'm exploring the idea of being gentle with yourself and holding space to allow for your relationships and emotions. When you feel gentle with yourself, not just when going through a challenge but also in your day-to-day life, the actions you will take will be very different. In ...  Show more

When To Say Yes And When To Say No

Discover why you might be saying no for the wrong reasons. I’m sharing where I see so many people making decisions that are out of integrity and alignment with what they genuinely want to do, why doing this keeps us playing small, and most importantly, what you can start doing ab ...  Show more

Too Busy To Feel

Find out why we tend to spend so much time focusing on our thoughts and not so much on our bodies. I’m showing you how to create space to be in your body as much as you are with your thoughts and sharing a tool you can use to increase your awareness of what’s going on with your b ...  Show more

How To Have More Fun

I'm exploring the concept of having more fun and show you why you have the power to create more fun in your life. Having more fun will bring so much more value and enjoyment to your life, so I’m showing you how to change your view and train your brain to start finding new ways to ...  Show more

Masculine Energy Vs. Feminine Energy

I'm defining what I mean by masculine and feminine energy and how both of these energies can affect the way you live your life. I’m sharing some activities to try for both the masculine and feminine energy and teaching you how to use them to bring more fun, creativity, and joy in ...  Show more

Creating More Space And Simplicity In Your Life

I’m sharing the benefits of creating more space and simplicity in your life, and how doing so will enable you to focus on the bigger picture. Discover four ways to create more space and simplicity in your life, and learn how this will help you to live your life with more joy and ...  Show more

Your Inner Coach And Inner Critic

Discover how to use your Inner Coach more than you listen to your Inner Critic. I’m showing you some ways both your Inner Coach and Inner Critic might show up for you, and giving you some examples of when to use this tool to help you feel empowered to take action and live the lif ...  Show more

Stop Overworking

Discover how to recognize why you might be overworking and learn how to intentionally shift your belief around it. If you identify as a high achiever, this will seem like an impossible feat, but I’m sharing some tools to help you stop overworking without compromising your success ...  Show more