Streamline + Simplify These Common Wedding Scenarios

Streamline + Simplify These Common Wedding Sc...

Help! How Can We REIGN IN Our Wedding Planner?

"How can we reign in our wedding planner?  Our venue includes a coordinator for the rehearsal and wedding day, and initially I was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating and informative she is.  Since the initial relief and excitement of finding and booking the perfect venue, ...  Show more

"Suggesting" What Color Moms Should Wear, Rental Property Venues, Do We Need an MC | WEDDING Q&A

This week I have a mailbox full of your wedding planning questions to answer, on everything from what the moms should wear, budgeting with $5000, using a rental property as a venue, and lots more popular topics that have come up in the past few weeks! Most of these questions come ...  Show more

Eight Ways to SAVE $3,650 on Your Wedding

My goal this week on the Wedding Planning Podcast?  To save YOU $3,650 on your final wedding bill! We could literally talk for hours about all the pretty things you see on Pinterest & Instagram that do not HAVE to be a part of your wedding celebration. In the interest of time, I’ ...  Show more

Easy Tips for Creating Your WEDDING WEBSITE

Creating a simple, yet info-packed wedding website is the easiest, most hassle free way to easily share information with your wedding guests.  Today we’re having a deep dive convo on exactly how to create a killer wedding website.  We're covering what to include, what not to incl ...  Show more

Designing a Meaningful & Unique WEDDING CEREMONY

This week's episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast is designed to focus on the most critical part of your wedding day - your wedding ceremony.   In the midst of wedding planning chaos, the ceremony can get pushed to the end and miss getting the full attention and creativity it d ...  Show more

Your Guide to a CHEAP + EASY "Staycation" Wedding Planning Retreat

How are you supposed to manage all the stress of daily life ON TOP OF trying to plan a wedding on our own, with a million different opinions, options, and outside factors pulling me in a million different directions? While I cannot send your future mother in law to therapy, or pr ...  Show more

Wedding Insurance, Permits & Licensing

This week on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re demystifying the world of wedding insurance, permits and licensing. It all seems like a big, scary topic so we're bringing it all down to very simple terms and easy tasks that you can check off your list, typically with a few simpl ...  Show more

LIVE Wedding Planning Strategy Session | The Perfect VENUE?

If you’ve been engaged for a few months and are still having trouble deciding on a date, format, and/or wedding venue, then you will definitely relate to today’s show! QUICK RECAP - This year I’ve been sharing live wedding planning sessions with my sister Kate, who got engaged on ...  Show more

WEDDING Q&A | Venue Deposits, Hotel Room Blocks, Receiving Line Options, Wedding Day Anxiety & More

This week on the Wedding Planning Podcast, enjoy an all-new Wedding Q&A featuring your questions from email & Instagram! Topics we're discussing include: Venue deposits & shopping help, Advice for a second wedding, Booking hotel room blocks,  Receiving line alternatives, Alternat ...  Show more

Ten Essential Items in Your Wedding VENUE CONTRACT

Today’s convo is a wedding planning strategy GEM!  We’re going to cover every single last little thing that should be included within your wedding venue contract.  If you’ve already booked a venue and signed a contract, I’d suggest pulling out your actual document & sticking arou ...  Show more

The Aligned Wedding Effect | PART FOUR

In the last 3 episodes of the Aligned Wedding Effect Bonus Series, I gave you the keys to the NEW WAY of planning your dream wedding.  You know the importance of: A laser-focused wedding planning MINDSET, Dialed-in wedding & personal VALUES, And the critical ingredients for putti ...  Show more


If you’re the type of couple who values connection and meaningful time spent with the people you love the most, then a 3-5 day  DESTINATION WEDDING might be the perfect solution for you! Close your eyes and imagine a packed ballroom with blaring music, flashing lights, and going ...  Show more

Dress Alterations, Styling & Accessories, Post-Wedding Preservation & More

You’ve found the perfect wedding dress - congratulations!!! Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re doing a thorough review of all the "post-dress shopping" to-do items. Our conversation covers the dress alterations process in detail, including pricing, money-saving tips, a ...  Show more

Forget This Advice on TIPPING Your Wedding Vendors!

There’s A LOT of conflicting information out there about tipping your wedding vendors, and I want you to forget all of it!  In today’s episode, we’re going to walk through exactly how to decide who should get a tip, how much, and even some extra special additional ways of saying ...  Show more

LIVE Wedding Planning Strategy Session | ENGAGEMENT CHECKLIST

Welcome to a very special series of the Wedding Planning Podcast, where you can listen to this couples’ dream wedding celebration come to life - in real time!   Today in Part IV, bride-to-be Kate has LOADS of priceless info to share, including: The incredibly meaningful details o ...  Show more

Crafting Your Wedding GUEST LIST

Coming up with a final guest list of exactly who gets a wedding invitation can be a daunting task, but not to worry - we're going to simplify the process in this week's brand new show! Join me at square one and walk through my stress-free, easy process for identifying exactly who ...  Show more

100% Stress-Free WEDDING DRESS Shopping Experience

Today we're hitting the road for a real-time wedding dress shopping adventure! Before we head into the store, we're going to hang out in the studio for a few minutes to review some of my top wedding dress shopping tips.  You can find a full recap of today’s show in a blog post th ...  Show more

The HUGE Freedoms of a Tiny Wedding | Micro Wedding Thoughts & Guest Bride Q&A

Micro weddings are here to stay, and for good reason!  Today we’re going to highlight some of the HUGE freedoms that come along with hosting a small & intimate wedding.  I also have a guest bride Q&A segment to share where we cover some wonderful questions on working with wooden ...  Show more

How To: Create Your PERSONALIZED Wedding Planning Checklist

Lots of engaged couples are working with a small wedding budget and feeling completely overwhelmed, so they turn to free wedding checklists and timelines to stay organized … thinking all these freebie resources are the key to pulling off an incredible wedding for not a lot of mon ...  Show more

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