#76 Barbecue: The Sensual World of Black Smoke | Adrian Miller

#76 Barbecue: The Sensual World of Black Smok...

#78 We Do: Tools for Sustainable Love Relationships | Dr. Stan Tatkin

What is the biggest predictor of our happiness? According to a study conducted for over 80 years at Harvard, it is love. Full stop. But our brains can go to fear and other places that interfere with sustainable, loving relationships. While our brains have evolved to ensure we con ...  Show more

#77 Keeping Your Heart Open During Stressful Times | Len Felder

On any given day, we’ve got tons of information coming at us—and much of it is negative—so we can easily feel overwhelmed. And when we are overwhelmed, we can become numb making it difficult to keep our hearts open to family, friends, and life in general. Some of us may even beli ...  Show more

#75 The Empathy Edge | Maria Ross

You know that feeling when someone really gets you? And I'm sure you also know the vastly different experience of not feeling understood or being with someone who appears tone deaf to who you are. Empathy is a big part of the difference, and it matters. Empathy is fundamental, le ...  Show more

#74 Understanding Japan Through Baseball | Robert Whiting

With the Tokyo Olympics on people’s minds, I thought it would be good to have at least one episode focused on Japan, a country I love.  I had the incredible pleasure of living there for nearly three years. It was a place of endless fascination for me. It was also a place where I ...  Show more

#73 The Good Apology | Dr. Molly Howes

I was recently on vacation and reading a psychology magazine. Yeah, I am such a psychology geek that I enjoy reading about it even when I’m relaxing by a pool! An article that captured my attention was one on how to apologize well. I kept thinking about it long after I finished t ...  Show more

#72 A Manual for Thinking | Dr. Matthew Prull

I just upgraded my MacBook to iOS 11.5.  I’m told it will deal with bugs that the last upgrade couldn’t. Meanwhile, my brain and the brains in all of us haven’t really had an upgrade for about 35,000 years. Despite all the incredible strengths of this version of our brains, there ...  Show more

#71 Midsummer Break

Hello, Dear Listeners! It is summer 2021 and I am taking a bit of a break from releasing new episodes but here is a brief update on the podcast including some exciting news: SuperPsyched has been nominated as a finalist for a 2021 Sharecare Award! Listen in for more info and expe ...  Show more

#70 My Adversity is My Advantage | Blake Leeper

I love it when I meet someone who positively changes my view of the world. One of those people is the guest on this episode, Blake Leeper. Blake was born without legs. And he would go on to play sports of all kinds—baseball, basketball, and he would ultimately become one of the w ...  Show more

#69 Finding Meaning with Age | Jerry Shapiro, Ph.D.

For many of us, a peculiar aspect of being human is the erroneous belief that we are exempt from certain rules of life. One of those rules is aging.  So here’s my confession about how I thought I was exempt: it took me forever to accept the fact that I needed reading glasses.  So ...  Show more

#68 How Netflix Helps Us Decide | Netflix VP Product, Todd Yellin

I’m guessing that, like me, you have a Netflix account. And, like me, you may have wondered, how does it know what I will like? With more than 200 million households and over half a billion viewers in 190 countries, Netflix has become an international phenomenon. Part of the comp ...  Show more

#67 Adam's Solo

The month of May was the one-year mark for SuperPsyched! I thought I would honor this anniversary with a short, behind-the-scenes look at SuperPsyched so far. In this 9-minute episode, I talk about how the podcast started, what goes into creating an episode, and other questions I ...  Show more

#66 James Doty, MD | Into the Magic Shop, Compassion, and Near Death Experiences

What is real magic? My guest’s story starts with Jim, a boy who loved magic tricks. Jim was from a small town and poor. His family life was challenging. One day, he went to a local magic shop in search of new tricks. Upon entering, Jim was greeted by the mother of the owner who o ...  Show more

#65 Let’s Geek Out to Coffee | Dr. Shawn Steiman

I'm going to take a guess: you are probably like me and love coffee. This wasn't a huge stretch on my part because you are listening to this episode! Coffee has been a major industry for hundreds of years. And it has contributed to cultural, philosophical, and technological chang ...  Show more

#64 Fulfillment at Work | Mary Beth Shewan, MS, MCC

According to a 2018 Gallup poll, at least two out of three Americans either are not engaged or are actively disengaged from their work.  This is a big deal—especially because, for many of us, work comprises approximately a third of our waking hours. Imagine feeling disconnected a ...  Show more

#63 Befriending Failure & Frustration | Dr. Luke Reynolds

Failure. I think it's safe to say that virtually all of us hate it. And yet, it appears to be the price of admission to doing just about anything great. The road from having an idea all the way to having a fantastic result is rarely a smooth one. Ask any super successful person a ...  Show more

#62 - Compassion @ LinkedIn and The Full Body Yes | Scott Shute

What does it take for a company to thrive? I know this is a broad question but, up until recently, if you had said increasing safety, compassion, and mindfulness in the workplace, you might have been laughed out of the room. Fortunately, there has been growing evidence that these ...  Show more

#61 Raising an Organized Child | Damon Korb, MD, FAAP

As parents we are tasked with many responsibilities: from the basics of making sure our child is fed all the way up to thinking about their distant future. But the linchpin that connects much of our child's future success is the topic of today's interview: being well-organized. A ...  Show more

#60 Life After Auschwitz: Choosing to Keep an Open Heart | Dr. Edith Eger

Dr. Edith Eger is one of the most impressive people I have ever met.  Edie was born in 1927 in Hungary. In her teens, she was an Olympic-level gymnast but, because she was Jewish, was not allowed to participate on the Olympic team. Shortly after, she and her family were sent by c ...  Show more

#59 The Examined Life with Guided Autobiography | Dr. Bonnie Bernell

Each of us is unique; there has never been anyone exactly like us and there never will be again. One of the greatest risks we face in life is living day-to-day without any reflection on who we are, what we've done, where we've been, and what really matters to us. Enter Guided Aut ...  Show more