The Best of the Best

The Best of the Best

On The Move

The NBA free agent market is open for business! Listen as we break down all the moves that have been made so far. Also, the MLB trade deadline passed and a few players find themselves playing for a new team. Which trade will have the biggest impact. Plus, a conversation about men ...  Show more

It's Getting Real.... Real Quick!

As players start to report to training camp, NFL players are now faced with either choosing to get vaccinated or paying consequences. Also, the Aaron Rodgers/Packers situation continues to decay, so what does his future hold? Plus, the US Men's Basketball team lose again and this ...  Show more

Sun Set?

On the brink of elimination, will the Phoenix Suns be able to force a game 7? Also, the Olympics are set to take place this week, but given the COVID outbreak and lack of spectators, should they? Plus, will the SEC really force teams to forfeit games if they can't get their playe ...  Show more

It Ain't Over Yet

The NBA Finals are under way! Listen to the guys breakdown the series so far. Also, the fallout of the Maria Taylor/ Rachel Nichols situation. Plus, as MLB reaches its All-Star break, we breakdown the first half and this weeks 'These Few Things'.  

Tell Them to Bring Me My Money

It all comes down to this! Listen to the guys breakdown the NBA Finals matchup and who they think will win it all. Also, do the Hawks or the Clippers have a shot of repeating their deep playoff run? Plus, the new NIL rule in college sports along with this weeks 'These Few Things' ...  Show more

These Two Shall Pass

As the NBA Conference Finals continue, which two teams will be left standing on their way to the NBA Finals?  Also, how serious is the MLB's sticky situation currently happening with pitchers. Plus, this weeks "These Few Things". 

Second Round Knockout

Three Game 7s, A sweep and a partridge in a pear tree! Listen to the guys breakdown the craziness of the second round of the Eastern and Western Conference Playoff matchups in the NBA. Plus, this weeks' Few Things.  

Still Hoopin'

As the first round of the NBA Playoffs end, listen to the guys talk about which first round exit surprised them the most. Plus, which of the teams in round 2 will move on to the conference championship? Also, breaking down the questionable futures of the Lakers and Trail Blazers, ...  Show more

Hoops... and Nothing But the Hoops

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing. Listen to the guys breakdown the first round of both conferences. Also, what should the NBA do to protect their players against all the attacks from fans? Plus this week's Few Things.  

I Make The Rules

The NBA Playoffs are underway. So which team has made the biggest opening statement so far? Plus, did the league show preferential treatment towards Lebron James after he broke protocol?... Some old man baseball talk and 'These Few Things'.  

Who You Got?

As the NBA regular season comes to an end, the matchups for the Play-In tournament are set. Listen to the guys give their takes on who will move on. Plus, who should win the NBA MVP award this season? And... the return of Tim Tebow! 

The Time is Now

Will the creation of this new collegiate basketball league (PCL) finally create a better pathway than the NCAA for aspiring players? Plus, why did the Los Angeles Angels release Albert Pujols and the latest chapter in the Jimmy Butler vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves saga.  

Aight, Imma Head Out

The 2021 NFL Draft is now behind us and the picks are in. Which of the highly regarded rookies will have the biggest impact in their first year in the NFL? Plus, will Aaron Rodgers really retire rather than continuing to play in Green Bay? And we discuss if the NBA Play-in Tourna ...  Show more


Almost a year after it happened, the trial of Derek Chauvin has ended. Can we say justice was served? Plus, listen to the guys give their takes on the approach Marvel Studios and Disney took with 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' series and its societal impact. And how did the ...  Show more

Will you STFU!

Brett Favre yet again lends his voice to the stick to sports crowd. Dwayne Wade becomes a part owner of the Utah Jazz!! Plus a review of the great series between the SD Padres and LA Dodgers. 

Blind as a Bat

With controversial calls failing to be overturned, does Major League Baseball need to revisit their replay system? How will the Minnesota Timberwolves do in the era of new ownership? Plus, we play a game of NBA Contenders or Pretenders.  

It Went Down in the DMs

What started as private messages between NBA Superstar Kevin Durant and Actor Michael Rapaport, are now out in the open. Listen to the guys give their take on the whole situation. Plus, the new voting law in Georgia costing them an All-Star Game, and first impressions of Opening ...  Show more

Anything you can do, I can do better

After all the moves made at the trade deadline, which NBA team is in the best position heading into the final stretch of the season. Is the NFL's plan to go to a 17-game season a good idea? Plus, a preview of the upcoming baseball season.  

A Bad Trifecta

With more women coming forward to accuse him of inappropriate behavior, what's next for Houston Texans' Quarterback Deshaun Watson? The NCAA does the wrong thing yet again. Plus the wild story involving a minor league pitcher.  

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