Taco Bell Will Help You Murder The Concept of Morning

The crew discusses UConn-Vanderbilt, one of the most attendable* games of this season before moving on to the important stuff: a meticulous and painstaking guide to regional fast food ordering, which winds up angering our beloved producer more than anything else we've ever said o ...  Show more

University of Same Coaches

The gang invents an insurance companyStep right up to the USC coaching search carousel! Does that horse have Pat Haden's face? Mind your own business!Jordan Battle, hail and farewellA lot of background screaming, but for a good reason this timeThere's also a ton of football talk ...  Show more

Welcome to Rapplebee's

We made Ryan watch the Applebee's commercialSpencer does charades, on a podcastTitanic is a movie about a thriving lady who rids herself of a worthless manWe have re-declared war on England, this is largely unrelated to TitanicAll of this happens before the 20-minute markSee Priv ...  Show more

A Happy Scott Frost Day To All Who Celebrate

Bret Bielema has a little Drax in him. Don’t make us like you, Bert. A sharp detour through Atlanta’s Dudes Rock! HouseSome grudging anticipation of Week 1! Did you know there’s football tonight??An announcement about the future of the Fullcast!Visit sunny preownedairboats.comSee ...  Show more


Notes: The gang picks their preseason top four college football teams. What do you mean, “This sounds like a trap”? Look, just get through Spencer’s alarming affection for Tim Tebow and we promise there’s jokes on the other side. Visit sunny! See Privacy Poli ...  Show more

Ritual Coaches’ Poll Slaughter

The Coaches Poll is out! Marshall and Florida State are made rivals by it!Is there an NFL washout hiding in the staff ranks at your school? You sure about that?The gang weathers a rare attack of NFL Dean TerrorHolly invents Clemson DenialJason plays film critic! This week: OLD BE ...  Show more


HOTTY PODDY, Y'ALL. We revisit a beloved classic Fullcast format, and game out what might happen if (when) the newly expanded SEC goes to war … with itself. Jason is our Dan Carlin Dungeonmaster, as always.Naturally, this all leads to a number of gumbo arguments.Featuring a surpr ...  Show more


 - We made a bunch of new conferences, and got rid of all the other schools, you are welcome.  - This is a lot of work, so we brought in two (2) NEW guest conference commissioners. - Because we had company, the episode suffers a massive audio failure halfway through. - A new musi ...  Show more


We answer YOUR questions at* SEC Media Days!  *Surber’s in Hoover, it counts!  Invented in this episode: ARBY’S CHURCH!  Also invented in this episode: JEANS OLYMPICS!  A Ginuwine-themed detour that is NOT about Pony!  We celebrate the Fullcat’s birthday!  A harrowing tale from o ...  Show more

Fullfast & Furious

It's our Fast Saga episode, and you know what that means: Ryan and Surber have finally seen all the movies. And you know what THAT means: This is war. Brother against brother. Family against family. John Cena on a ten-minute zipline is observed. Canon is established. Jason Statha ...  Show more

The NCAA Name/Image/Likeness Episode: Now Entering Hell’s Cheesecake Factory

However too long you think the discussion of the plot of the 2012 movie “Battleship” based on the game by Hasbro might be, please know that we spared you from at least 20 additional minutes of arguing over itNEW INVENTIONS OCCURRING IN THIS EPISODE: a system of criminal justice b ...  Show more


We asked for bold predictions for the upcoming college football season, and you answered with hammers. So stunned were we by the certainty of these prophecies that we ended up doing several things we’re not used to in this episode, like “talking about college football“ and “caref ...  Show more

$75 Million for Zero Wins

--We discuss the NCAA getting shut out in the national title game of legal cases --No really, it's hilarious, they got destroyed--Worse, they asked to be destroyed, thinking they would win! --And it only cost them $75 million to lose every case! --THEY MADE BRETT KAVANAUGH SUGGES ...  Show more

2022 College Football Playoff Expansion: The Shutdown Fullcast Guide

 - It’s a time of great upheaval and change in our fair sport, and we responded the best way we know how: By talking for half an hour about the nerve center, the beating heart of the game. That’s right: It’s the New York City mayoral race. Please rate and review our college footb ...  Show more


 - It’s Ryan’s birthday and we got him a new nickname! - The rest of the episode is devoted to YOUR spiciest space takes! - Introducing the Mojo Grill Fugue, the hot new psychological state that’s sweeping the greater Tampa area! - Tell Arizona Iced Tea to sponsor our podcast! Or ...  Show more

100 Gears Of Kongitude

State mottos, ranked, PLUS:Spencer is convinced there is a “weird way“ to take off a shirtRyan wears a tank top!Which beloved Louis Sachar character is revealed to be Jason?Holly makes herself sick during the show in an entirely new way How to sneak into Australia with an America ...  Show more


If you are attending somebody’s fourth wedding or higher, that person’s family fucked up!When is the optimal time on a wedding day to fight the clergy?If your wedding is written up in the New York Post, you fucked up!Why cargo shorts are the ideal wedding attireWhich former Fullc ...  Show more

Two Nights at the Hell-agio

Topics of note this week include:1. The Pac-12 turns itself into an enormous casino2. What the exact age you became a person was 3. How many hours precisely one can spend in Las Vegas before the sadness sets in 4. Which team should actually get to play home games in The Rose Bowl ...  Show more

Bad Day To Be A Balloon Boy

 - This week, we rank college football powers and would-be powers by potential endorsement deals via each school’s most famous booster! - Spencer is almost positive he knows the difference between NLI and NIL, but that knowledge is definitely not apparent in this episode! - Did y ...  Show more