Episode 38: The Final Descent for Trump Shuttle

Episode 38: The Final Descent for Trump Shutt...

Episode 39: Final Buzzer for Modell’s Sporting Goods

On February 21, 2020, Mitchell Modell, CEO of the largest family-owned sporting goods retailer in the United States went on national TV and made a shocking announcement-he asked viewers to help save his company from financial collapse. The 130-year-old brand at one point was a fi ...  Show more

Episode 37: How Pier 1 Imports Sank

In its heyday, Pier 1 Imports had 18,000 employees and over 1,000 stores worldwide, bringing us the most eclectic and quirky array of home furnishing design and décor products-- from love beads, exotic rattan chairs to other treasured goods. For over 5 decades, Pier 1 took the re ...  Show more

Episode 36: MoviePass Roll the Credits

Cinephile and film enthusiast, Stacy Spikes sought to reinvent the way people watched movies. His answer was MoviePass, a subscription-based service that allowed people to watch any movie, at any theater, at any time for one monthly fee. It was ground-breaking, well-suiting the C ...  Show more

Encore Episode: Adapt or Die, The Fall of Tower Records

For over 4 decades, Tower Records was a pioneer in the music industry and the bedrock of record store culture. It was run by rebels and outsiders, where founder Russ Solomon was revered and idolized. Tower would become the mecca for music fans creating a generation that lived by ...  Show more

Episode 35: United Airlines, Fly the Not-So-Friendly Skies

On April 9, 2017, passengers of United Airlines Flight 3411 watched as aviation officers dragged out a fellow passenger, Dr. David Dao. He was one of the individuals involuntarily bumped off the plane after United Airlines overbooked its flight. Ripped from his seat by law enforc ...  Show more

Encore Episode: Bre-X: Fool's Gold

By 1995, Calgary's Bre-X became a $6 billion company when it declared it had discovered the world's largest gold mine within the jungles of Indonesia. What followed years later would entail all the elements of a Hollywood story: lies, betrayal, the collapse of an empire and a bad ...  Show more

Episode 34: How HQ Trivia Crashed

When HQ Trivia went live in 2018, it was an instant hit, generating a tremendous amount of mass appeal and gaining an immediate cult following that went beyond anyone’s expectations. They also had the blessings of the most influential people-from the celebrity world to the invest ...  Show more

Episode 33: XFL’s Fatal Fumble

When Vince McMahon announced that he would be creating a new football league-- a grittier, more violent, and more entertaining version called the XFL, many seemed to think this idea would be an ultimate touchdown. When the highly anticipated, highly publicized event premiered on ...  Show more

Episode 32: Archegos Capital, A Greek Tragedy

On March 26, 2021, the financial world awoke to the news that rattled some of Wall Street’s biggest players. To the outside world, and at the center of it all were some unfamiliar and obscure names-- Archegos Capital and its Founder Bill Hwang. The word on the street was that Arc ...  Show more

Episode 31: Kodak: Missing the Moment

Kodak dominated the consumer photography market for over a century and their downfall seems to be obvious in their inability to adapt to the digital age. But when you look closer at the company’s history, you’ll come to see that ironically what made them so successful was what ul ...  Show more

Episode 30: Theranos: A Bloody Mess

Theranos’ groundbreaking proprietary technology promised to revolutionize healthcare with just a drop of blood from a finger prick. The company, led by its founder Elizabeth Holmes, would raise over $900 million and become a darling in the tech community. That is until a Wall Str ...  Show more

Episode 29: Borders' Final Chapter

When Borders was founded in 1971, it was one of the most pioneering companies in the book business quickly becoming one of the most dominant players in the space. For 40 years, it was known as one of the retail behemoths, but then came the digital age…Border’s last CEO Mike Edwar ...  Show more

Episode 28: McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook gets McFired

McDonald’s, the world’s largest restaurant company, made a shocking announcement in late 2019 when it abruptly removed its CEO Steve Easterbrook.What would be uncovered would include individual and class-action lawsuits alleging attempted rape, sexual harassment, and blurred line ...  Show more

Episode 27: GameStop: The Big Short....Squeeze

In January 2021, the world watched as Reddit traders faced off with Wall Street elites in a trading mania over GameStop shares. Matei Psatta, one of the traders of subreddit WallStreetBets, joins us this week to comment on what this means and why the financial markets may never b ...  Show more

Episode 26: Hertz So Bad

Did the 2020 global pandemic kill off Hertz? The Company’s stock price which at one time went as high as $150/share, had fallen to as low as $0.40 cents/share after it declared bankruptcy in May of 2020. At first glance it seemed like the lockdown and impact on travel demand ulti ...  Show more

Episode 25: Wirecard's Fall From Grace

Despite a global pandemic unraveling in 2020, the executives of Europe’s largest fintech company Wirecard found themselves in precarious positions. The Company’s CEO, Markus Braun, was arrested for masterminding an intricate embezzlement scandal, a key executive was reported dead ...  Show more

Episode 24: Milli Vanilli: A Sensational Flop

When Milli Vanilli’s Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus were first introduced to the world, they rose to fame instantly with their god-like bodies, model good looks and ability to rock the stage. Their first song Girl You Know It’s True came out in March of 1989, and altogether the band ...  Show more

Episode 23: SkyMall’s Crash Landing

At its peak, SkyMall was a staple of airline travel with an annual circulation of approximately 20 million copies of its catalog found in the seat pockets of every major airline in the United States. Known for its whimsical and unique merchandise, it quickly won the hearts of man ...  Show more

Episode 22: Quibi's Sunken Ship

Quibi, a new streaming service focused on premium short form content, was launched in April 2020 during a worldwide pandemic. Between Co-founders Jeffrey Katzenberg, former Chairman of Walt Disney Studios and Meg Whitman, former CEO of HP, they had almost $2 billion in funding, t ...  Show more