Ep. 73 - Reshaping negative self-talk | Dr. Srikumar Rao

Ep. 73 - Reshaping negative self-talk | Dr. S...

Good news!

Now you have a new way to contact me directly, but most importantly, to participate in the podcast! By phone! I get a lot of individual questions from the listeners, so I decided to host episodes that will address these questions directly. Please send them in either written or vo ...  Show more

Ep. 75 - Chris Parker: a mental health advocate with suicidal ideation | Suicide Awareness Month Series

Today’s interview is the second in the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month series, an initiative that aims to offer additional resources to my listeners. My guest, Christopher Parker, is a suicide attempt survivor who hosts the podcast Coffee over suicide, which he describes as “a ...  Show more

Ep. 74 - Craig Foust: Teen Suicide | Suicide Awareness Month Series

In light of the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, I’ve started a short series where I interview fellow podcasters whose podcasts cover the field of mental health. Some of them are specifically about suicide, others are broad but are equally helpful in dealing with personal cris ...  Show more

How to help suicidal people

If you have a friend or loved one who struggles with suicidal thoughts, ideation or previous attempts, click on the link below to find out about my course “How to help suicidal people.” In this course, you will learn about the mental state of a suicidal person, how it impacts the ...  Show more

Ep. 72 - A Rabbi who lost his brother to suicide | David-Seth Kirshner

When Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner was told, twenty five years ago, that he needed to call home, he knew it was bad news, but what he didn’t expect was that later that day, his parents would answer the phone together so that they could tell him that his older brother, Gabriel, who wa ...  Show more

Ep. 71 - Her three kids struggle with suicidal thoughts | Dawn Day

“Mom, I want to die.” Within a period of 4 years, my guest Dawn Day heard this from all her three teenage daughters. One of them almost died from 2 suicide attempts; the other suffered from debilitating panic attacks; all struggle with depression. Dawn had the traumatic experienc ...  Show more

Ep. 70 - Getting unstuck and redesigning your life | Dave Evans

Most of us have felt stuck at some point in our lives. This interview with Dave Evans will help you move forward. Together with Bill Burnett, he wrote the book “Designing your life: how to build a well-lived, joyful life.” They also founded the Stanford Life Design Lab, where the ...  Show more

Ep. 69 - What does the Bible say about suicide? | Dr. Marty Michelson

I’ve been researching suicide within the context of religions for many years, but I never seem to find clear answers to fundamental questions, such as, how is suicide portrayed and view by the major religions? Is it mentioned in their Holy Books? In general, the answer is: suicid ...  Show more

Help me create the content you need

As you know, I created this podcast to prevent suicide and provide comfort for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide.  I am planning the next six months of interviews and knowing your needs would help me immensely, so please click on the link below and fill ou ...  Show more

Ep. 68 - Anxiety is not what you think | Dr. Judson Brewer

When Dr. Judson Brewer started his career, his approach to treat anxiety reflected what he had learned in medical school: diagnose and medicate, but what he found very early on was that medication was not enough. Actually, for most of his patients, it didn’t help at all, so he tr ...  Show more

Ep. 67 - Understanding grief dreams | Dr. Joshua Black

As for most of us in Western cultures, dreams used to mean nothing to Dr. Joshua Black, but that completely changed after the death of his father. At the time, he remembers feeling numb, his life’s colors had disappeared. One day, after a peaceful dream with his dad, “the color w ...  Show more

Ep. 66 - Talking openly about having bipolar disorder | Bill Clemo

The first time Bill Clemo realized that he needed to look into his mental health was right after he started college. At the time, he thought that his sleep deprivation was temporary, so were the mood swings, but after a suicide attempt, it became clear that he needed help. It has ...  Show more

Ep. 65 - She lost both parents to suicide | Joanna Grace

Joanna has a history of painful losses, including her brother and two successive suicides of both her mother and father. In this interview, she talks about how each member of her family grieved these losses, her struggle with mental illness and suicidal thoughts, and what has hel ...  Show more

Ep. 64 - She questioned her multiple mental health diagnoses | Jess Fritz

Jess Fritz had her first mental health diagnosis at the age of twelve, after being sexually abused. Since then, the labels that have been attached to her identity include bipolar affective disorder, borderline personality disorder, complex PTSD, and substance use disorder.   As a ...  Show more

Ep. 63 - The secrets we keep | Ted Weiss

When seen from the outside, Ted Weiss' life reflected only a fragment of a complex, intricate picture. When he was in his 20’s, what everyone saw was a bright young man starting a career in law with everything going for him but on the inside, he struggled with depression. The fir ...  Show more

Ep. 62 - His mental health deteriorated after his father's suicide | Jim Miller

Jim Miller was 22 years old when his father took his life, in 1992, and this is the first time he shares his story publicly. At the time, he was the one responsible to fly to Spain in order to have his father’s body be sent back to the United Kingdom. On the same day, after exper ...  Show more

Ep. 61 - She lost her mother to suicide | Katrina Cable

Katrina Cable was 14 years old when her mother died by suicide, but her story goes beyond the pain caused by this kind of loss. At a young age, she had to deal with the death of her father, grandmother, and the rocky road that lied ahead. In this interview, she shares with us how ...  Show more

Ep. 60 - Helping suicidal people and grieving families | My interview to the podcast "Which way?"

I gave this interview to the podcast "Which way?" which I highly recommend. It is hosted by daughter and mother Shari and Jann Simmons. We talked about suicide grief and how to help suicidal people. Find the podcast Which Way? https://apple.co/30b8SZa Watch this interview on my Y ...  Show more

Ep. 59 - It's ok that you're not ok | Megan Devine

Every time someone asks me to suggest a grief book, I add Megan Devine’s bestselling book “It's ok that you’re not ok: meeting grief and loss in a culture that doesn’t understand” to the top of the list. It is a beautifully written testimonial of the messy, unpredictable, often j ...  Show more