Talking Cancellation | Clementine and Jay from Fucking Cancelled

Talking Cancellation | Clementine and Jay fro...

Talking Health Crises as Initiations | Ivy Bromius

Author, magician, returning guest and friend, Ivy Bromius, joins us again this week on the occasion of the publication of her completely free book, The Cancer Grimoire. We talk about her experiences treating and overcoming cancer, blending allopathic and holistic methods, and fin ...  Show more

Talking Whitehead and the World Soul | Dr Matthew Segall

This week, we welcome back to the show Dr Matthew Segall. Matt joins us to talk about his recently released book, Physics of the World Soul: Whitehead's Adventure in Cosmology. So we chat about the shortcomings of materialism, what science could be like and how it could be done. ...  Show more

Talking Grief and Healing | Karen Johnson

This week we welcome to the show Karen Johnson. Karen is a shaman, healer, and former judge. She was catapulted into the life of a healer when her son died suddenly of a heroin overdose at the age of twenty seven. Leaving her old life behind, Karen embarked on a multi-year spirit ...  Show more

H2 2021 Astrological Forecast | Austin Coppock

Christmas only comes but once a year, which makes the half-yearly astrological forecasts twice as good as it! Big thanks to the one and only Austin Coppock -as well as the premium members and patrons who join the call. As is now tradition, we look at the previous six months, the ...  Show more

Politics As Religion, Ressentiment and Identitarianism: Finding the Ekumen with Rhyd Wildermuth

Something a bit different and exciting this week in lieu of a normal show. One of the things the premium members will be doing over the coming month is participating in calls and Q&As with thinkers who have something to share or contribute to this notion of operating at the level ...  Show more

Talking Entheogens, Dreams, Prophecy and Releasing the Past | Nick Sun

Comedian, author, ceremonialist and healer, Nick Sun, joins us this week. Back in January, Nick wrote a piece on Medium called Watch Your Dreams Die And Be Happy Now. It's about how childhood dreams in general and the insistence we all follow them is not always a good thing. In f ...  Show more

Talking Indigenous Thinking | Tyson Yunkaporta

This week, we welcome to the show the author of Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save The World -genuinely one of my favourite books ever- Tyson Yunkaporta. In addition to being an author, Tyson is a poet, an artist, a wood carver, a linguist and and is senior lecturer in I ...  Show more

Talking The Two Antichrists | Peter Grey

Author, speaker and Scarlet Imprint co-founder, Peter Grey, returns to the show this week to talk about his latest book, The Two Antichrists. This means we explore the Babalon Working(s), the influence of Jack Parsons on science fiction and science fiction's influence on Jack Par ...  Show more

Talking Nordic Animism | Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen

This week, we are speaking with Danish historian and animist, Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen. Animism is the main topic of our discussion, inevitably. We talk about what it looks like in the doing, and what academic work does and still might come from operating within an animist framework ...  Show more

Talking Microanimism | Dr Siv Watkins

Microbiologist, teacher and ritualist, Dr Siobhan Watkins joins the show this week. We have a really great chat about the how and why of coming into right relation with the microbial world, what all forms of biology look like from an animist perspective and the ancestral implicat ...  Show more

Talking Yagé, Ayahuasca, Spirits and Ecology | Jonathon Miller Weisberger

Ethnobotanist, ecologist, author and teacher Jonathon Miller Weisberger joins us this week. We talk about growing up in Ecuador, living among various Amazonian nations, ecology, eco-spirituality, environmental activism and the difference between ayahuasca and yagé -among many, ma ...  Show more

Talking Playing Card Divination | Camelia Elias

One of our most popular returning guests joins us again this week. Denmark's very own Queen of Swords is back to talk about the latest book in her Read Like The Devil series, which is about something near and dear to my own heart (and diamonds), fortune telling with playing cards ...  Show more

Talking Fortune Telling, Creativity and Lenormand | Colin Alexander

This week, my Fortune's Fools cohost and Lenormand deck artist, Colin Alexander joins the show. Inevitably, we discuss fortune telling, and Madame Lenormand herself, as well as creativity, growing up weird in the 90s, comics and that other magical comic creator from the Glasgow a ...  Show more

Talking Automatic Writing | Michael Sandler

Life coach, author, teacher, athlete and host of the Inspire Nation show, Michael Sandler is our guest this week. Michael joins us to discuss his latest book, AWE: The Automatic Writing Experience. Along the way, we also explore different forms of spirit contact, what it's like t ...  Show more

Talking Vedic Astrology and Magic | Freedom Cole

Author, teacher, and Vedic Astrologer Freedom Cole joins us this week for a deep dive into the astrology of India and the Indian experience of what we call magic. Along the way we discuss yoga, Ayurveda, the chakras and how to save a farm from bushfires by summoning a dragon. Sup ...  Show more

Talking The Spirit and Intelligence of Water | Veda Austin

Artist, researcher and author Veda Austin joins us this week. She talks us through her healing journey with water, as well as some of the amazing artwork she creates from and with water. Along the way, we discuss what water actually is, that it is far stranger than we typically r ...  Show more

Talking Islamic Folk Magic | Bint Al-Shalabiya

Artist, performer, musician, magician and teacher Bint Al-Shalabiya joins us this week. We talk about growing up Muslim in America in the 9/11 years, the importance of travel as a teacher, art, astrological and image magic, shared ayahuasca jungle encounters and the world of Isla ...  Show more

Talking Catacomb Saints, Cats and Desert Dwelling | Dr Paul Koudounaris

This week, we welcome to the show Dr Paul Koudounaris, art historian, photographer, explorer and member of the order of good death. Paul is the author of multiple books including Empire of Death, Heavenly Bodies and, most recently, A Cat's Tale: A Journey Through Feline History, ...  Show more

Talking Shamanism, Animism & Community Building | Langston Kahn

This week, we welcome back to the show good friend and one of our most popular returning guests, Langston Kahn. Langston is a shaman, educator and community leader. And now he can also add author to that list, because he joins us today on the occasion of the launch of his excelle ...  Show more