Black Woman, Find your true and authentic self again | Black Girl Creative, How to rediscover yourself, Why being a child is best for finding yourself, Black Woman Healing, Black Woman Retreat

Black Woman, Find your true and authentic sel...

Build an Emergency Depression Self Care Kit | Self Care for Black Women, Black Woman Depression, How to Care for a Black Woman for Depression, Mental Health Awareness Month, Black Woman Mental Health

Dear Black Girl Creative, I recorded this episode For October: Depression Awareness Month and we're going to talk about building your Depression Self Care Emergency Kit. I know that Depression is a tough topic to talk about and it isn't fun at all. But so many people struggle wit ...  Show more

Be on Your Own Side: You Are A Garden Series | Black Girl Creative, Be kind to yourself, Self Care for Black Women, Treat Yourself with Kindness and Tenderness, You Deserve Kindness

You are a garden. Be on your own side. Work with yourself, not against yourself. You were given a plot of land, which is your life. You can grow anything you'd like if you first find out what you have the ability and capacity to grow. Follow me on YouTube for more: https://www.yo ...  Show more

Quiet Your Mind So You Can Create | The Creative Retreat, Black Girl Creative, Meditation for Black Women, Deep Work for Black Women,

Dear Black Girl Creative, You're life is too noisy. You've lost sight of yourself, your dreams and your creativity. You need to add more quiet and room in your life to be able to create better art. I'll show you how. Follow me on YouTube for more: ...  Show more

How to Stop Overthinking so You Can Make Stuff | Black Girl Creative, How to get over Imposter Syndrome, How to overcome analysis paralysis, Black Woman Artist, Black Woman Creator, Black Woman Entrep

Dear Black Girl Creative, Overthinking gets in the way of you creating good stuff. Her are a few ways to stop overthinking and get stuff done. Follow me on YouTube for more: Love and Joy, Alecia ***Black Girl Creative Toolkit: https://mai ...  Show more

Stop Sharing Your Dreams with People Who Don't Get it | Black Girl Creative, Protect Your Dreams, How to chase your dreams, Why you shouldn't tell your dreams to everyone, Black Girl Dreams,

Dear Black Girl Creative, Sometimes we kill our dreams before they even have a chance to thrive because we put other people's thoughts and opinions before our passions, interests and curiosities. Stop seeking validation. You have all the validation that you need. Keep Creating. F ...  Show more

Creating As A Meditative Practice. Communing w/ The Creator | Black Girl Creative, Black Woman Self Care, Black Woman Meditation, Black Woman Retreat,

Dear Black Girl Creative, What if you looked at your creating as a meditative practice? Relieve your stress, calm your mind, be at peace and commune with your Creator. Follow me on YouTube for more: Love and Joy, Alecia ***Black Girl Crea ...  Show more

The Spirit in Which You Create | Black Woman Self Care, Black Girl Creative, Creativity as a Spiritual Practice, Black Woman Artist, Black Woman Holistic Creativity, Creative Retreat

Dear Black Girl Creative, The spirit in which you create is so important. How you create, how you give and how you receive love and art is so important. Your giving and making is sacred. The spirit in which you create something is really important. Create with: Vulnerability Grat ...  Show more

You're not lazy. You're Tired. Prune so you can FLOURISH. | Black Girl Burnout, Black Girl Creative, How to rest as a Black Woman, Black Girl Heals, Black Creative Women, Black Woman Entrepreneur,

Dear Black Girl Creative, You're not lazy, you're probably just tired. You may need to prune some things in your life in order to truly flourish. I know you're scared, but you KNOW you need this. Let's talk! Follow me on YouTube for more: ...  Show more

The Art of Finding Your Voice w/ Crystal Ellis | How to Fight Fear and Chase Your Dreams, What is the message of your art? Black Girl Creative, Find Your Creative Voice, Rediscover your creativity

Dear Black Girl Creative, We are all trying to find our TRUE voice.  Your voice deserves to be heard everyday, through your art, your work and your love. What do you have to say? What is the message you want to share with others? Join the journey of Dancer, choreographer, poet, w ...  Show more

Doing this one thing is killing your dreams. Your Ideas ARE Good Enough. Black Girl Creative, Black Woman Artist, Black Woman Entrepreneur, Black Girl Follow Your Dreams

Dear Black Girl Creative, Your dreams deserve to be followed. Your ideas can change the world and the lives of others around you. Your ideas can bring you much more joy! Doing this one thing is killing your creativity.  Your ideas are good enough. Take action on your ideas today. ...  Show more

Is Mediocrity a Super Power? w/ Jamiel CP; actor, voice actor, podcaster, audio engineer; dealing with self-doubt and low self esteem, The story of a multi-passionate Black Man,

Dear Black Girl Creative, Storytelling is a KEY component of Black Girl Creative and today I am interviewing actor, writer, voice actor, sound engineer, podcaster and my husband about his creative journey. We talk about imposter syndrome, the fear of judgement and ridicule, being ...  Show more

Black Women Can't Rest | Welcome Black! Black Girl Creative, Black Woman Sabbatical, Why it's important to take a break, How to rest as a Black Woman

Dear Black Girl Creative, We are BAAAAAAACK!  After a nice month off, I'm back with an episode about Why It's so important to rest by any means necessary. If you need to take a break, DO IT! It's so helpful to your health, well being and creativity. Love and Joy, Alecia ***Black ...  Show more

Black Woman Creative Burnout: I do not dream of labor. Dealing with burnout as a Black girl creative, artist sabbatical, Black Woman Sabbatical, How to Rest as a Black Creative, Creative Wellness

Dear Black Girl Creative, Black Girl Creative Sabbatical: i don't dream of labor. I dream of making impact. I can't make the impact I want to make being a burned out black woman or creative. Is there such a thing as a dream job? I've seen so many other YouTubers doing videos abou ...  Show more

We can ALL be Wealthy: Wealth isn't just about Money it's about JOY. How EVERYONE can become wealthy Creative Entrepreneurs and Artists, The Lie of the Struggling Artist,

Dear Black Girl Creative, "Make that money, but don't let that money make you." - The Player's Club I believe that we can all be wealthy and that we can all build our own wealth using our talents, gifts and creativity. One thing we should keep in mind is that there is MORE to Wea ...  Show more

The Benefits of Being a Creative Entrepreneur: Build a Creative Business for The LIFE of Your Dreams, Artist Entrepreneur, Black Girl Creative, Black Woman Entrepreneur, How to build a business

Dear Black Girl Creative and Creative Entrepreneur, There are many benefits to building a creative business using your gifts and talents. I don't believe in hustling or living to work, but I DO believe in working to support the dream life you have for yourself. Along with money, ...  Show more

Want To Start a Small Creative Business? These are 3 Things You Need to Make Money From Your Gifts | Black Girl Creative Entrepreneur, Become an Artist Entrepreneur, Self-Employed Black Women

Dear Black Girl Creative, Have you ever thought about starting a Creative Business but maybe you thought it was unrealistic for you? Listen, you have EVERYTHING you need to start a creative business inside of you. All you need are these three things to get started to become a Cre ...  Show more

Why Being Bad at Something is Freeing. Start BEFORE You're Ready. Don't Chase Perfection, Recovering Perfectionist, Black Girl Creative, Black Woman Entrepreneur, Recover Your Creativity, Just Create

Dear Black Girl Creative, There is no such thing as perfect. So be easy on yourself. Don't wait until you feel ready to start something new. You'll never do it. The only way to get better at something is to be bad at it first. Don't worry, even the people  Love and Joy, Alecia BU ...  Show more

Honor Your Ancestors: Why you should stop hustling and grinding and Why You're Always Tired, How to Really Trust God and Rest in Abundance, Holistic Creativity and Black Woman Artist Creative Wellness

Dear Black Girl Creative, Your ancestors did not want you to hustle and grind.  Beyond that, your God doesn't want that either.  Don't opt into the hustle and grind culture because it will leave you broke, tired, sick, discontent and resentful. Create from a place of rest, ease, ...  Show more

How much money do you REALLY need to be Successful Creative Entrepreneur? Black Girl Creative Entrepreneur: How to build a joyous life and Artistic business you LOVE without burnout or Overwhelm,

Dear Black Girl Creative, Starting a creative business can be a task that seems overwhelming. Many people tell you that you have to make 6 figures to be successful, but what if that's not true? What if you want to build a creative business online without stress, overwhelm, burnou ...  Show more

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