St. John Chrysostom's Back-to-School Advice

St. John Chrysostom's Back-to-School Advice

Green Anglicans: An Introduction

As we're looking toward Lambeth 2022 (Lord willing), we all know one of the biggest issues on Archbishop Justin's mind, one of the biggest topics we'll be addressing: climate change. With this in mind, we're working here at the podcast on producing a series of interviews with org ...  Show more

Small Groups: Why and How

Small groups are a growth edge for a lot of us. Even those committed to the church and leadership. And maybe especially for those in liturgical contexts. We may be tempted to think that Sunday morning, and maybe some volunteer work thrown in there, is all we need for spiritual fl ...  Show more

Movies and Ministry: Finding God in the Art of Filmmaking

We're still maybe not flocking back into movie theaters, but that's OK. We thought we'd bring a little of the arts and entertainment world to you today. A couple months ago the Living Church made a friend in producer Mary Beth Minnis, a documentary filmmaker from Austin, Texas. I ...  Show more

Spirit-Filled Economics: Society, Pentecost, and Money

What hath Pentecost to do with Wall Street?  Or, for that matter, what do the drudgery and stress of balancing checkbooks, checking spreadsheets, and making financial decisions, in your parish, diocese, or at home, have to do with the Holy Spirit's creative, enlivening presence? ...  Show more

Multicultural Church: What Can Toronto Teach Us?

We are heading to Toronto! Toronto, Ontario is a center of multinational life, education, commerce, the arts, and food. It's also full of thriving churches. How do urban and rural Canadian Christians thrive? Where is the church growing, and why? And what can the rest of us learn ...  Show more

How Should We Approach "Hybrid Church"? Pt. 2 with Father John Mason Lock

Live streaming and worship. Zoom and Bible study. Outreach and TikTok. For the average congregation, we used to think, never any of these twains shall meet. Now, if you work at a church, you'd better be on your iPhone and Facebook game. And, if you're ordained, you had better kno ...  Show more

Bonus Episode: Rowan Williams and John Cavadini on "Preaching the Gospel of John with Saint Augustine"

Preachers, teachers, and Christians across the globe have found the passionate, pastoral, and psychologically astute writings of St. Augustine of Hippo fresh and relevant century after century. New City Press asked themselves, um, why hasn't anyone produced a really rock star tra ...  Show more

Failure and the Holy Ghost with Ephraim Radner and Wesley Hill

In the words of the old Pentecost hymn, where does "the Holy Spirit make a dwelling"? This is the question of our episode today. The Spirit is the person of the Trinity who conceives and animates the flesh of Christ and his body, the Church. How are these realities related, and h ...  Show more

How Should We Approach "Hybrid Church"? Pt. 1 with Father Tim Schenck

Church leaders, how do you welcome technology into congregational life after the pandemic? Are you excited by all the new possibilities? Or does the word "virtual" within a mile of the word "worship" make you cringe? Wherever you're at on this, very, very few of us are not asking ...  Show more

Spiritual Disciplines for a Digital Age with Sara Schumacher

How many Zoom meetings, Facetime calls, Netflix hours, and general hours on a screen have you had this week? This experience is so common these questions have become a trope. But they're not really new. Don't forget: Before the pandemic, we were getting an avalanche of research a ...  Show more

Celtic Christianity: the View from Wales

Sparkling waterfalls. Sacred wells. Talking animals. Is this a fairy tale? Or Celtic Christianity? We love to explore all things Celtic. Celtic prayer services, Celtic Christian art, like the Book of Kells. Celtic pilgrimages. We can get a little romantic about Celtic Christianit ...  Show more

Easter Basket: Poetry and Prose from Across the Communion

He is risen! Today we've got an Easter gift for you. Every so often we have an episode of the podcast we call "Classic Texts," kind of like a mini audiobook, in which a special guest comes on and reads an excerpt from a good book, usually a spiritual classic, for us to enjoy. Tod ...  Show more

Behind the Scenes of TLC

Do you remember that episode of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, where he goes into the crayon factory, and we see all the crayons getting made? SO GOOD. And, call us biased, but we think today's episode of The Living Church Podcast is kind of like that episode of Mister Rogers. Beca ...  Show more

Lauren Winner on Reading, Favorite Books, and Spiritual Formation

Chances are if you're listening to this podcast, you're a reader. And you may have had at some point or another a profound experience with a book, probably with more than one. Books shape our lives, and they shape our spiritual lives. In fact, books have become particularly apt t ...  Show more

Living in Love and Faith, Unpacked

If you're an Episcopalian or Anglican, chances are you've probably heard by now of the release of the landmark project on human sexuality and marriage, Living in Love and Faith. Today, we're going to dive into this project with one of its architects. LLF is a suite of resources j ...  Show more

Tish Harrison Warren on Prayer in the Night

"There are no five easy steps to trusting God in darkness." Let's go back in time a little. Let's not talk about 2020 for a second. Let's talk about 2017. I don't know how things were for you in 2017, but in 2017, the Rev. Tish Harrison Warren had a terrible year. And it inspired ...  Show more

Creative Politics: Democracy, Socialism, and Christianity

There are basically four options. When you meet someone you disagree with, you can either kill them, create a system to coerce them, run away, or do politics." That is one of several quotable quotes in our conversation today on democracy, socialism, and Christianity. Even if you' ...  Show more

Is Football a Sin? with PB Michael Curry and Stanley Hauerwas

In time for Superbowl season, the presiding bishop and two Texans talk about the enjoyment and ethics of American football. --- Support this podcast: 

Books and Boarding Schools: A Christmas Chat with H.S. Cross

Books, coziness, and Anglophilia: what die-hard Anglicans love about Christmas can also teach us about Advent. We talk with novelist H.S. Cross about her books, English boarding schools, suffering, and nostalgia as "edenic longing." Explore titles by H.S. Cross. To sponsor this p ...  Show more

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