Micah Nelson - Particle Kid

Micah Nelson - Particle Kid

Greg Saunier - Deerhoof

Deerhoof's drummer extraordinaire Greg Saunier joins Dwyer to talk about the epigenetics of wild pigs, how flashy drumming his like being handed a finished Rubik's Cube, twenty-seven years of Deerhoof, how never having a hit is an honor and their new album Actually, You Can comin ...  Show more

Greg Katz - Cheekface

Greg Katz of Cheekface joins Dwyer to talk about white guy philosophers, college radio, the comfort of Metallica, how Cheekface took off and they both get nostalgic for the old music scene of Echo Park. Opening Song "Call Your Mom," from the album Emphatically No. Cheekface Bandc ...  Show more

Alice Bag

Legendary and iconic LA Punk musician Alice Bag joins Dwyer to talk about her new life living in Mexico City, the various ways we can make change and influence the community and people around us and we both share the complexities of having an abusive father. Opening Song - "Spark ...  Show more

Spencer Peppet - The Ophelias

Spencer Peppet of The Ophelias joins Dwyer to talk about the joys of living over a very loud ice cream shop, experimental theater, going from singing Opera to fronting a Rock band, termite art, and their new album Crocus. Opening Song, "Sacrificial Lamb" from the album Crocus com ...  Show more

Abhinav Krishnaswamy - The F16s

Abhinav Krishnaswamy of the F16s joines Dwyer to talk about what it took for his band to break out in India, teaching music to individuals having a midlife crisis, getting attention in the US and how Brian Adams' song "Summer Of '69" is the unofficial national anthem for India.Op ...  Show more

Bria Salmena - Bria/FRIGS

Bria Salmena of Bria, FRIGS, & Orville Peck joins Dwyer to talk how Brody Dalle inspired her teens, touring, the bubble surrounding the recording process of her EP, the rise of Orville Peck, and how Dwyer is becoming her therapist.Opening Song, "Green Rocky Road," from the EP Cun ...  Show more

Julia Shapiro - Chastity Belt/Childbirth

Julia Shapiro of Chastity Belt and Childbirth joins to Dwyer to discuss existentials crises, her first show in a frat house, transitioning from joke songs to baring her soul and life working in a dive bar.Opening Song, "Come With Me," From the album Zorked by Julia ShapiroZorked ...  Show more

Lindsay Reamer

Lindsay Reamer joins Dwyer to talk about her days as a hippy touring as a dancer with a jam band, how the pandemic pushed her music into a new direction, coming out to her parents as a musician and the pure joy of Singing In The Rain. Opening Song, "Lucky," from the EP Lucky by L ...  Show more

Sunny War

Sunny War joins Dwyer in an epic and inspiring conversations about her days hopping trains, busking on the boardwalk of Venice Beach, struggling with addiction, shitty jobs, hippies, and how Chaka Khan's hair smells. This is a great episode and I believe you'll be on the edge of ...  Show more

Mackenzie Howe - Pet Dress/The Wild Reeds

Mackenzie Howe joins Dwyer to talk about going to a Waldorf school, growing up taking care of herself vintage clothing, the inspiration of Suzi Quatro, travels to Nepal and what the definition of success is.Opening Song - "It's Your Mind," from the EP Fear of Breakdown by Pet Dre ...  Show more

Andy Cabic - Vetiver

Andy Cabic of Vetiver joins Dwyer to talk about working in used bookstores, working with the legendary Michael Hurley, San Francisco, and the zen of baseball games on the radio. Opening Song "You May Be Blue" from the album To Find Me GoneVetiver's website HERE Vetiver's Bandcamp ...  Show more

Karly Hartzman - Wednesday

Karly Hartzman of Wednesday joins Dwyer to discuss how other female powered bands inspired her to play, her other creative pursuits such as tattoos, making clothes and how her band ended up working with the great Owen Ashworth of Advance Base. Opening Song, "Handsome Man," from t ...  Show more

James Petralli - White Denim

James Petralli of White Denim joins Dwyer to talk about growing up around professional athletes and the things he'd hear them say as a young boy, how he got into Buddhism to piss off his Christian teachers, trips to Chicago to listen to Jazz and how his band started off as an ant ...  Show more

Bill MacKay

Guitarist and Poet Bill MacKay joins Dwyer in an in depth conversation about modern and classic poetry, the approaches he takes to create music and verse, revisiting books, and the splendor of the Chicago work ethic. Opening Song, "Pre-California," from the album, Fountain Fire. ...  Show more

Sonny Smith - Sonny & The Sunsets

Sonny Smith joins Dwyer for a second time to talk about living in a commune in Central America, making a movie with a deaf soundman and making his new country album, New Day With New Possibilities.Opening Song, "Ring My Bell," by Sonny & The Sunsets from the Album, "New Day With ...  Show more

Grady Strange

Grady Strange joins Dwyer to talk about growing up in a Jersey town that is like every Bruce Springsteen song, music business school, Italian Deli's and how he found Hilly Krystal's 4 Track Recorder. Opening Song, "I'm Not Your Man," from the album Getting Stranger by Grady Stran ...  Show more

Mark Arm - Mudhoney

Mark Arm, frontman of of the legendary Mudhoney joins Dwyer to talk about his youthful days of stealing bikes, the magnificence of the MC5, sneaking into his parents car so he could listen to the radio, and dedicating "Touch Me I'm Sick," to his Mom at a live show. Opening Song, ...  Show more


JayWood joins Dwyer to talk about not seeing a lot of people like him in Winnipeg, the connection of Anime and Hip Hop and revisiting old songs to create a new EP. Opening Song, "Somedays," by JayWood from his EP Somedays.JayWood Bandcamp HERE JayWood Instagram HERE JayWood Twitt ...  Show more

Jenn Wasner - Flock Of Dimes - Wye Oak

Jenn Wasner of Flock Of Dimes and Wye Oak joins Dwyer to talk about putting your vulnerability on display, the support she found as a young person in the Baltimore music scene, and struggling with shame and trauma. Opening Song, "Price of Blue," from the Album Head of Roses by Fl ...  Show more