Rewriting the Black Death

Rewriting the Black Death

The Circassian Diaspora

with Şölen Şanlı Vasquez hosted by Brittany White | Over the course its final decades, millions of Muslim immigrants, many of them refugees of war and Russian conquest, settled in the Ottoman Empire. Between a quarter and a third of people in Turkey today have ancestors who arriv ...  Show more

Ottoman Mecca and the Indian Ocean Hajj

with Michael Christopher Lowhosted by Sam Dolbee | In the Hijaz, the Ottoman Empire managed not only Mecca and Medina--the two holiest cities in Islam--but also port cities of the Red Sea with connections to the Indian Ocean and beyond. In this episode, Michael Christopher Low ex ...  Show more

Ottoman Port Cities of the Modern Mediterranean

Episode 500 with Malte Fuhrmann hosted by Andreas Guidi and Zeynep Ertuğrul At the turn of the twentieth century, Ottoman port cities of the Eastern Mediterranean were sites of vibrant cultural encounters. While infrastructural innovations at docks and quays reshaped the urban wa ...  Show more

Podcasting and the Islamic History Classroom

Episode 499 with Dana Sajdi & Chris Gratien hosted by Meryum Kazmi and Harry Bastermajian In this collaboration between the Harvard Islamica Podcast and the Ottoman History Podcast, we discuss the new series called "The Making of the Islamic World," using podcasts in the classroo ...  Show more

The Maghreb in the Gramophone Era

with Christopher Silver | The history of North Africa is usually framed by the period of French colonialism and the era of independent nations that followed. But what happens if we let an object like the 78 rpm record do the work of periodization? In this episode, we talk to Chri ...  Show more

Youth Politics and Populism in Interwar Lebanon

with Dylan Baun hosted by Susanna Ferguson | Starting with the nationalist and anticolonial movements of the early 20th century, youth have played an important role in political life in the modern Middle East. But despite their importance, youth often go unrecognized as a categor ...  Show more

The Stage Turk in Early Modern English Drama

with Ambereen Dadabhoy hosted by Maryam Patton and Chris Gratien | William Shakespeare's lifetime overlapped with the height of Ottoman prowess on the world stage, which is partly why so many Turkish characters graced the Elizabethan stage during the 16th and 17th centuries. ...  Show more

I. Dünya Savaşı'nda Ahlak Buhranı

Çiğdem Oğuz Sunucu: Can Gümüş | Bu bölümde Dr. Çiğdem Oğuz ile I. Dünya Savaşı’nda Osmanlı’da "ahlak buhranı"nı tartışıyoruz. "Ahlaki çöküş" ya da "ahlak buhranı" söylemlerinin farklı entelektüellerce nasıl kullanıldığını inceleyen Oğuz’un çalışması, bu tartışmalara odaklanmanın ...  Show more

Musical Archives of the Midwest Mahjar

with Richard Breaux | Richard Breaux needed a hobby. He began collecting 78 rpm records as a break from his work as a professor of Ethnic and Racial Studies at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. But when he stumbled upon a trove of Arabic language records at an estate sale, his h ...  Show more

Nazik al-Mala'ika's Revolt Against the Sun

with Emily Drumsta hosted by Sam Dolbee | Nazik al-Mala'ika (1923-2007) is one of the foremost figures in twentieth-century Arabic poetry. Born in Baghdad, she wrote about varied topics, ranging from the 1947 cholera epidemic in Egypt to the rise of communism in Iraq to a nig ...  Show more

Diyar-ı Rum’dan Hikâyeler

Buket Kitapçı Bayrı Sunucu: Can Gümüş | Bu bölümde Dr. Buket Kitapçı Bayrı ile 2019’da Brill yayınevinden çıkan Warriors, Martyrs, and Dervishes. Moving Frontiers, Shifting Identities in the Land of Rome (13th-15th Centuries) başlıklı kitabı üzerine söyleşiyoruz. Bayrı bu çalışma ...  Show more

Recovering God's Intent in the Modern Age

with Monica Ringer hosted by Matthew Ghazarian | What is Islamic modernism, and how did authors of this movement position themselves vis-á-vis other 19th century intellectual movements? In this episode, we examine how Islamic modernism was more than a product of 19th century soci ...  Show more

Paraskevi Kyrias, Albania, and the US at the Paris Peace Conference

with Nevila Pahumi hosted by Susanna Ferguson | In 1919, Paraskevi Kyrias went to Paris to advocate for Albanian independence. As a woman in the overwhelmingly masculine space of international diplomacy, she faced sexism and unwanted romantic overtures. Nevertheless, she called o ...  Show more

The Early Modern Islamic World

narrated by Chris Gratien featuring Mohamad Ballan, Joshua White, Zoe Griffith, Aslıhan Gürbüzel, Neelam Khoja, Fahad Bishara, Jeannie Miller, and Maryam Patton | Across the 14th to 17th centuries, significant political transformation occurred in the Islamic world. Muslim al-Anda ...  Show more

Islam at a Crossroads in West Africa

narrated by Chris Gratien featuring Wendell Marsh, Rabiat Akande, and Ann McDougall | From the 10th century onward, Islamic polities emerged in West Africa. Centered on the southern edge of the desert, these states built empires that benefited from the brisk Saharan trade. With t ...  Show more

Life in the Mamluk Sultanate

narrated by Chris Gratien featuring Joshua White, Zoe Griffith, Amina Elbendary, and Kristina Richardson | Military slavery was critical to the function of most imperial states in the medieval Islamic world. But in a moment of crisis during the 13th century, the cadre of enslaved ...  Show more

The Mongols and Muslim Societies

narrated by Chris Gratien featuring Joshua White, Zoe Griffith, Sara Nur Yıldız, and Neelam Khoja | The Mongol conquests of the 13th century were an unprecedented event. Not since the Islamic conquests of the 7th and 8th centuries had such a rapid political rise occurred. For a t ...  Show more

The Crusades in an Islamic Context

narrated by Chris Gratien featuring Joshua White, Maryam Patton, Zoe Griffith, and Gary Leiser | The Crusades loom large in the Western imagination of medieval history and Christendom's relationship with the Islamic world. But what did these wars of the 11th-13th centuries me ...  Show more

Legacies of al-Andalus

narrated by Chris Gratien featuring Fahad Bishara, Jeannie Miller, and Mohamad Ballan | During the early 8th century, less than a century after the creation of the first Muslim communities, Islamic armies crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and quickly conquered most of modern-day Sp ...  Show more