UES 732: Speak Your Dreams into Reality

UES 732: Speak Your Dreams into Reality

KRS 737: The 5 Stages of Building a Self Led, High Growth Dream Team

There's a difference between building a self-lead team, and building a self-lead HIGH GROWTH dream team.    In today's episode, Kelly is walking you through the 5 stages of team building, and what that should look like from the 6-figure mark to 8+ figures.    Ultimately, your tea ...  Show more

KRS 736: Trust Your Intuition with Jamie Kern Lima

Today’s episode is all about resilience toward rejection and trusting your gut. Jamie Kern Lima is joining us to share her story about how she went from waitressing, to founding ITCosmetics, the biggest beauty brand in QVC’s history and then selling to L’Oreal for $1.2 billion - ...  Show more

KRS 735: Do the Unscalable, Explode your Sales

As a CEO or entrepreneur you might be running a million miles an hour, in a hundred different directions, and still, find yourself not seeing your ideal results. This is because the more we dilute our energy, the more our results will slow and dissipate.    Today’s episode is all ...  Show more

KRS 734: Building an Empire with Elena Cardone

Today on the podcast, Kelly is chatting with powerhouse businesswoman Elena Cardone. Elena is sharing more about EXP and real estate, what she's teaching her kids about entrepreneurship, and her best advice for business owners who are at the $1 million mark and looking to scale. ...  Show more

KRS 733: The 7-Figure Market Disruption Formula

No matter how niche your business is, it's no doubt your space is becoming more and more crowded.    We often talk about how the online world has zero barrier to entry...but what does that mean for the entrepreneurs who are want to create a disruptive, empire brand and change the ...  Show more

UES 731: Three Phases of “Making It” In Your Career or Business

No matter where you are on your journey to achieving success, you’re probably very familiar with feeling like you’re always chasing but never quite reaching your big goals and dreams. You might even feel like what you do achieve is never quite good enough.    In today’s episode, ...  Show more

UES 730: Doing Business Amidst Moral Decay

We are on a wild ride that is 2021. We are coming out of a global pandemic, dealing with a ton of craziness, and it might feel like you've seen a rising trend in customers who, no matter how much you overdeliver for them, never seem to be satisfied.   Maybe it has you questioning ...  Show more

UES 729: 3 Mindset Shifts That Will Welcome Miracles

What is a miracle? Is it lightning striking down on earth, or the seas parting into two? We tend to think of miracles as these big events that happen in our lives. However, if we just take the time to SLOW down, we can see there are miracles happening all around us.   In today’s ...  Show more

UES 728: How to Deal With Lack of Motivation

You're here because you want to do MEANINGFUL work in the world. You're building something extraordinary. You want to make a difference on an even bigger scale.   The problem? The day to day doesn't FEEL extraordinary. It feels monotonous, repetitive, and sometimes like you're ju ...  Show more

UES 727: Having Faith in the Next Step

As you reach new milestones in your business, you're going to continue to be challenged with imposter syndrome, obstacles and tough decisions that have no guarantee of a return.    Today's episode is all about making the choice to step forward in courageous, having faith in that ...  Show more

UES 726: Letting Go Of GOOD In Order To Achieve GREAT

One of the biggest things that holds people back is worrying what other people think. Being afraid of judgement, opinions or negative feedback. Waiting for "permission."   Today's episode is a reminder that YOU are the CEO of your business and life, and your destiny is determined ...  Show more

UES 725: How to Stand Out Online and Grow Your Business the RIGHT Way

How do you stand out and create relevance in an overly-saturated online world without doing things that are out of integrity?   It's possible. And in today's episode, Kelly is walking you through how you can AUTHENTICALLY leverage your message in a way that attracts ideal dream c ...  Show more

UES 724: Change Starts with YOU

What we tolerate is what we perpetuate.  Sometimes, we know deep down what needs to be changed in order to achieve true happiness and fulfillment, but we avoid it.  We sweep it under the rug or put a band-aid on it. But band-aids never create permanent solutions. It takes courage ...  Show more

UES 723: Meet Me in West Palm Beach!

Get ready for a special announcement!    This August 10th and 11th, our team is hosting a 2-day VIP Intensive in Florida that's typically open to clients-only, but we are extending the invitation to YOU!   If you are ready to up-level from 6 to 7 to 8 figures, grab your seat now ...  Show more

UES 722: How to Unblock a Content Creation Rut

Who here has ever caught a case of writer's block?   In today’s throwback episode, Kelly is sharing with you 7 ways you can break out of a content creation rut and get those creative juices flowing. Sometimes just changing spaces can get us inspired again - and that’s just one ti ...  Show more

UES 721: How to Assess Potential Business Partnerships

As you build and grow your company, depending on your long-term goals you may begin to consider business partnerships.    On today's episode, Kelly is walking you through the five core areas to assess when considering partnerships from a strategic standpoint.  As you acquire busi ...  Show more

UES 720: Break Out of the Quicksand and Get In Control

The three main reasons why both entrepreneurs AND intrapreneurs are stuck in the cycle of overwhelm?    Disorganization Lack of Discipline Not doing what REALLY matters Today's episode is all about getting out of the quicksand and experiencing true accomplishment and success. Kel ...  Show more

UES 719: The Entrepreneurial Disruption Cycle

Innovation and disruption are a key part of thought leadership. But most people are so stuck in the tactical day-to-day activities, that they never pick their head up and think about the bigger picture.    They're worried about creating the best IG reels, going viral, beating alg ...  Show more

UES 718: Master The One Conversation Close

Take a moment right now to stop and think about where you put most of your time in your business. Marketing, advertising, finances, etc.?   What if that time instead went toward improving your ability to close more clients?   This is an area I know for a FACT most entrepreneurs d ...  Show more

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