The Best Songs on Pearl Jam's Ten Aren't the Singles

The Best Songs on Pearl Jam's Ten Aren't the ...

Ten: The Final Show of Pearl Jam's First Tour Heralded Future Stardom

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament once stated that "essentially Ten was just an excuse to tour." The band clearly just wanted some material to play on the road, as their first tour kicked off just after they'd completed mixing sessions for their debut album; the record wasn't even rel ...  Show more

Ten: Jeff Ament's Art Helped Define Pearl Jam

While Season 16 of the Consequence Podcast Network and Sony’s The Opus focuses on the unparalleled musical legacy Ten, it's important to note of Pearl Jam has been defined as much by their visuals as their sound. On Episode 2, we explore how bassist Jeff Ament not only contribute ...  Show more

Ten: Pearl Jam Is Alive Because of an Unlikely Series of Events

The series of events that had to happen to have Ten even exist is wild. Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard were in Green River, but they broke up. Then, they were in a pysch-garage band called Mother Love Bone, whose singer, Andrew Wood, died right before their first album was released ...  Show more

Cypress Hill’s Weed Rap Changed Cannabis Culture

Season 15 of Consequence Podcast Network and Sony’s The Opus comes to its conclusion on a high point as we explore how Cypress Hill put weed rap on the map. Within a few months of its release, the impact of Cypress Hill and the subject matter of some of the raps therein was appar ...  Show more

Cypress Hill Revolutionized Hip-Hop via Hard Rock and Latin Funk

On the previous episode of Consequence Podcast Network and Sony's The Opus Season 15, we explored the chemistry between the voices of Cypress Hill’s B-Real and Sen Dog. In Episode 3, we look at the unique alchemy of their beats. The place where rock and metal meet has always been ...  Show more

Cypress Hill’s Chemistry Made for Explosive Hip-Hop

Consequence Podcast Network and Sony’s The Opus Season 15 continues as we explore the unparalleled chemistry between Cypress Hill’s B-Real and Sen Dog. B-Real’s high-pitched, nasal rap style played off the boom of Sen Dog’s authoritative baritone for a sound unlike anyone else. I ...  Show more

Cypress Hill: Southern California Was a Cultural Powder Keg

Season 15 of The Opus, presented by the Consequence Podcast Network and Sony, travels back to the Southern California in which Cypress Hill’s sound exploded onto the scene. The sonic sense of urgency in the hip-hop group's self-titled debut album was a time-and-place thing -- a p ...  Show more

Just As I Am: Bill Withers’ Songs and Booker T. Jones’ Mind Were a Match Made in Soul Heaven

The production on Just As I Am is just as tight as you’d expect an album made with Booker T Jones to be. Bill Withers may have been a rookie singer/songwriter, but the plates on this album were definitely not. In this episode, we speak to folks who help Withers discover and perfe ...  Show more

Just As I Am Episode 3: Bill Withers' Just as I Am Was Populist Soul for Complicated Times

Amir “Questlove” Thompson, in Rolling Stone in 2015, called Bill Withers the “last African-American Everyman … the closest thing black people have to a Bruce Springsteen.” Withers’ Just As I Am was once referred to as “middlebrow soul.” That is to say, it was easily accessible at ...  Show more

Just As I Am Episode 2: Bill Withers Remains a Voice of Protest

In September of 1972, after having been nominated for three Grammys and winning one, Bill Withers spoke with The New York Times, and declared that the whole music thing was simply a phase for him. In 1985, Bill Withers, walked away from the music industry, deciding to not record ...  Show more

Just as I Am: Bill Withers Went from Blue-Collar Everyman to Soul Legend

Season 14 of The Opus focuses on Bill Withers' landmark debut album, Just as I Am. In episode one, host Jill Hopkins and special guests Jon Batiste, José James, Aloe Blacc, and Phil Cook discuss how a blue-collar everyman became a soul music legend. 

The Score: Fugees In the Lab

So much of hip-hop is built on the notion of creating something from something. Call it covering, call it borrowing, call it sampling, but don't call it unoriginal. For decades, samples have helped musicians turn some of greatest hits into even greater hits. Fugees are no excepti ...  Show more

The Score: Fugees In Haiti

The Fugees were culturally unique in myriad ways. They were a trio comprised of one American-born Black woman and yet also two Haitian immigrants, who both took pride in their heritage. Naturally, this pride was weaved into the fabric of 1996's The Score, and the album's success ...  Show more

The Score: Fugees In the Basement

Instead of returning to the studio with outside producers, the Fugees took their $150k advance from Ruffhouse Records and ventured off to … the basement. Specifically, the Booga Basement in East Orange, NJ, where Wyclef Jean’s uncle and his cousin Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis lived. B ...  Show more

The Score: Fugees at the Crossroads

In the Season 13 premiere, we’ll find out what it took for a group in its own artistic and personal transition to find their place at the top of the charts and on the Grammy stage as the biggest hip-hop act of 1996. Hip-hop had considerably changed from when the Fugees started re ...  Show more

Pearl: Janis Joplin, The Feminist Icon

The movement was called “Women’s Liberation”, and it pushed the needle of social change more rapidly than mainstream America was ready for in the late '60s and early '70s. The shift was palpable: The need for empowering feminist heroines prompted many Americans to look towards ar ...  Show more

Pearl: The Last Days of Janis Joplin

In many ways, Pearl was a wake for Janis Joplin, a celebration of the singer-songwriter, whose poetry and energy connected with fans, critics, and the general public alike. In hindsight, though, it also felt like the end of an era -- a fiery footnote to the '60s. But what led to ...  Show more

Pearl: The Janis Joplin We Never Knew

Janis Joplin left it all on stage. Janis Joplin brought it all to the studio. Janis Joplin put it all on tape. With that exposed vulnerability, however, comes the illusion that the general public actually knew her. That's simply not the case. In this episode, host Jill Hopkins sp ...  Show more

Pearl: Janis Joplin Never Stopped Singing

In the Season 12 premiere, we hop a train heading back to the Summer of 1970, when Joplin and the Full Tilt Boogie Band led the historic Festival Express across Canada. It's a strange and wonderful journey that ends with Joplin's magnum opus. Join host Jill Hopkins as she walks f ...  Show more

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