He Was A Narcissist EP:26

He Was A Narcissist EP:26

Am I Ready To Date EP:27

This episode is for the people who don’t know if they are ready to date, don’t know how to date and don’t know if they are currently dating. Hopefully I gave you some good tips and insight. Make sure you follow on Instagram at @selfcarexchill 

No More Survival Love Ft: Cito Blanko EP:25

This episode is featuring special guest @citoblanko we touch on black men and mental health, trauma bonding, healing and qualities needed in a relationship. Make sure you follow him on social media and check out his book 98 Sense. 

You A Bad Bish So Get Into It EP:24

This episode we are reminding women of exactly who they are and what they bring to the table in case they forgot. Settle for what? Do you not bring so many beautiful and wonderful qualities to the lives of other people? I know what it’s like to forget and if anyone has forgotten, ...  Show more

Lovers And Friends Ft: Kira J EP: 23

Today’s episode me and special guest poet and author @iamkiraj talk about being friends with someone that you have history with and it wouldn’t be right if. 

Hold Yourself Accountable EP:22

Today’s episode is about holding ourselves accountable for the choices we make when Wa laikum salam decide to stay in certain relationships. Not blaming people for being exactly who they are. Make sure you follow on Instagram at @selfcarexchill @maui_w 

The Side Chick Advantage EP:21

This episode we talk about side chicks, getting cheated on and why some women are okay with being a secret. Make sure you follow us on IG at @selfcarexchill and @maui_w 

Being Nasty And Doing Too Much EP:20

On today’s episode we talk about being nasty, when is too soon to do certain things, expressing to our partners what we want and how to know if we are doing too much for someone. Make sure you follow on Instagram @selfcarexchill and @maui_w 

Girl Code EP:19

On today’s episode we talk about girl code and also loving yourself for YOURSELF. The goal is to heal and reach our highest potential not to heal for someone else. The work has to be done for ourselves. Make sure you follow on Instagram @maui_w and @selfcarexchill 

Oh Give Me A Break Ft. Azai EP: 18

On this episode we talk about the value of needing a break and taking time for yourself. You deserve time to rest and recharge! Make sure you follow the Instagram page for the Podcast @selfcarexchill 

I Don’t Know What To Do Without Him EP:17

Today I answer some questions from the listeners. How to move on, allowing yourself to feel hurt and realizing how much value you bring. If you haven’t followed me on Instagram make sure you check out @maui_w 

What Should I Require? EP:16

Today’s episode we start off with some affirmations and being mindful about how we speak to ourself. Making sure we are being gentle and kind to ourself and hyping ourself up! Being our biggest cheerleader and also figuring out what we should require in a relationship. 


Today this listeners had a chance to choose the podcast topic for the day. There are multiple topics that are discussed from dating, saying no and not letting your emotions control you. Hopefully someone needed this episode on their self love journey. If you have not already foll ...  Show more


This episode we talk about allowing ourselves to be happy in a relationship and being with someone who keeps cheating.  

But It Feels So Good EP:13

This episode we talk about letting go of relationships that we love because the sex is good. What to look for when we are dating and being honest about if we are at a place in our lives where we should be focused more on ourselves or building a new relationship. The relationship ...  Show more

Alone But Not Lonely EP:12

On this episode we discuss so many different topics. Being alone, being honest with ourselves, the type of partners we are choosing and if we need to just work on being a better version of who we are right now in this moment.  

Who Am I Choosing Ep:11

Being honest with ourselves about exactly who we are choosing to be in relationships with. What we bring to the table and not feeling bad about still being single. 

Why Do They Keep Hurting Me? EP:10

Why does your partner keep hurting you, keep lying or pretending that they have changed? Today we talk about exactly why they do this. 

I Am My Own Valentine EP:9

Today I talk about what exactly inspired me to start my self love journey, how hard it was for me, how much letting go and healing it took. I hope that someone needed to hear this today. Even when I am married I will still remember to give myself the love I deserve.  

We All Need A Little Therapy EP:8

This episode I talk about my therapy experience with the hopes that it will inspire others to go if they feel the need to, i offer some new books that I am reading and I answer some questions that were emailed.