Episode 68: Back to work

Episode 68: Back to work

Episode 70: Normy

RIP Norm Macdonald! Marvel and a new found love for Harry Potter plus so much more 

Episode 69: Life Happens

A little bit of it all on this weeks episode. Brandon prepares for an Ironman (not that one} and kids being back in school is ruining Mat's life 

Episode 67: The Squad

Wear a mask and watch Suicide Squad because we review and spoil it here and much more 

Episode 66: Camp Oh Oh

Pump for Suicide Squad, a camping trip gone array and much more 

Episode 65: I have the power!!!!

Sad music news and our review of Masters of the Universe Revelations  

Episode 64: Catering to the listners

We discuss old man stuff, movies for the fan and a favor to an other 

Episode 63: Marvel at it

So much happening in the MCU our heads start to spin. Loki and Black Widow kick things off with a bang!!!!! 

Episode 62: You don't me

Agt and Josh Blue, Marvel is back and much more 

Episode 61: Up in smoke

We remember Mark Teich, talk about the smokers we got and much more 

Episode 60: Mash Up

We find a new mash up artist, Brittney and more on this weeks episode 

Episode 59: Clowns of Mischief

AGT comedians and Loki to this point plus more on this weeks episode 

Episode 58: Back In Person

Back together in person again!!! Cruella review and much more 

Episode 57: Inside because out is booked

We talk Bo Burnham's new special and all the new campers! 

Episode 56: Festival

Dirty comedy and the gone days of easily accessible fest 

Episode 55: What if......

What if you could make up words, make any 80's entertainment today and much more 

Episode 54: Nerdgasim

The world is starting to feel normal again with so much coming to the screen! Marvel, DC and more 

Episode 53: Tats last forever

MCU phase 4 announced and a "Special" guest shows up for an update 

Episode 52: Finish Him.....This Movie

We need a laugh to bring out the serotonin before we talk Mortal Kombat. 

Episode 51: High.....Squirrel

ADD is real in this episode as we find out middle aged white dudes get turnt by killers