Preview - 153 - Summer Stock Penultimate Finale

Preview - 153 - Summer Stock Penultimate Fina...

154 - On the Periphery of their Social and Spiritual Consciousness (feat. High Priest Oil)

We close out our Summer Stock season in a wreath of glory, offering an upright and honest season preview, with training camp now weeks away.  

152 - Mark Lewis Returns to Discuss the Big Moves This Offseason

We check-in on all things Edmonton Oilers with legend and voice of many generations, the one-and-only Mark Lewis! 

151 - Free Agency Review (High Priest of Oilers Magic)

Busy day for the Edmonton Oilers. We delved into it with spirit-host and defender of the sacred taco meal kits, @HighPriestOil 

150 - The Gambler's Fallacy (feat. High Priest of Oilers Magic)

We talk Adam Larsson walking + the other bevy of news of rumors swirling in the wake of the expansion draft 

149 - Expansion Lists Are Out, We Wait With Bated Breath

We hit on a bevy of rumors and rumblings surrounding the Oilers as expansion protection lists have been announced 

148 - Duncan Keith Twitter Donuts, full debrief and discussion (feat. Reid Wilkins. High Priest of Oilers Magic)

Hitting the big trade today with Keith coming in from CHI for Jones and a 3rd (no salary retention) 

147 - Nuge Extended, Duncan Keith Days, Habs Stay Alive in SCF

We delve into the Nuge extension, Duncan Keith, and Jon Cooper being a great ref coach. 

145 - New Oilers Jerseys, Color Studies & Oilers Drum-Corps (feat. High Priest Oil)

Masculine. Competent. High-Quality.  These are just some of the adjectives that have never been associated with this podcast.  

"The Long Oilers Offseason: Waiting to Exhale" feat. High Priest of Oilers Magic, Episode 144

We check in and discuss all the non-news, before waxing poetic on the needs and future of the team 

Handkerchief Dynasty 143 - (High Priest Oil) - "A New Direction for The Edmonton Oilers?"

Theater may be the language of pain. but being an Oilers fan right now is not far behind.  We discuss new directions.  CUT ME AND I BLEED MERCH: 

Handkerchief Dynasty 142 - (with Zach Laing) - "Trust the Process"

We debrief following the Oilers first round exit and discuss all things pertinent.  

Handkerchief Dynasty 141 - (High Priest of Oilers Magic) - "The Edmonton Oilers And Their Fans Cry in Sorrow"

We mourn the loss of the 2021 postseason after being swept by the Winnipeg Jets.  We feel your pain, Oil Country.  

Handkerchief Dynasty 139 - (High Priest Oil) - "Dynamite Roll Boy"

What you want us to say? 

Handkerchief Dynasty 138 - (HPO) - "Edmonton Oilers, Did You Remember To Show Up?"

We delve into the sadness deep within us after the Oilers fell to the Jets in game 1. Follow us on twitter @handkerchiefdy1 

Handkerchief Dynasty 137 - With Zach Laing - "Buddy Cop Movie"

Only one more sleeps folks. ... 

Handkerchief Dynasty 136 - (High Priest Oil) - "Waiting is Hard"

We check in with HPO prior to the start of the first round 

Handkerchief Dynasty 135 - Jack Michaels - "Good To Go For Playoffs"

The Secret Professor sits down with play-by-play legend Jack Michaels 

Handkerchief Dynasty 134 - (High Priest of Oilers Magic) - "Connor McDavid, Centurion"

We check in after the completion of the season series vs Vancouver. 

Hankderchief Dynasty 133 - (High Priest Oil) - "Ryan McLeod of the Clan McLeod"

We check in after the 5-3 win VS The Canucks