Episode 267: Scotland's Tiny Coffins

Episode 267: Scotland's Tiny Coffins

Episode 270: International Strange Things

The podcast is being downloaded in several countries so here is a selection of things from each country that is defiantly strange. India has the Monkeyman as well as the Golden Temple. From the United Kingdom I talk about the Wildman and the Screaming Skulls. The Philippines has ...  Show more

Episode 269: More Monsters

From the Dismal Swamp Monster, the Van Meter Monster, to the Mountain Boomer, there have been some bizarre creatures seen over the years that vanish into legend only to resurface years later. Many are only known to those who live near by or have had a run in with them. Here are s ...  Show more

Episode 268: Monsters and Strange Things

I start out the show talking about some little known creature sightings. The Webb County Beast, the Enfield Monster as well as the Mogollon Monster. I also added some just weird things people have reported over the years. Things people have run into while traveling through cornfi ...  Show more

Episode 266: The Spear of Destiny

There is a relic that holds immense power. Everyone who has had this spear in their possession have won battles despite being vastly out numbered.  The relic has also healed people who were blind or had severe eyesight problems. There are many stories about how this spear has cau ...  Show more

Episode 265: The Bridgewater Triangle

In Massachusetts is a two hundred square mile area where all manner of bizarre activity has been seen. For hundreds of years people have seen UFOs, Cryptids, Ghosts, as well as other unexplainable things. There have also been many murders, some connected to Satanic Rituals. Here ...  Show more

Episode 264: Roanoke Missing Colonists

In the 1590s over one hundred colonists vanished leaving only one word as a clue as to what happened, "Croatoan." These are not the only people to vanish from the area around Roanoke Island. Here is the story as far as I can find it.  

Episode 263: Flying Serpents

For thousands of years people have been seeing creatures flying through the sky that look like snakes with wings. Some folks have seen something they say look like pterosaurs even in resent times. Are these living, breathing creatures, or as some believe, some form of UFO. Here a ...  Show more

Episode 262: The Tatzelwurm

People have been seeing an odd creature in the European Alps. It looks like a cross between a cat and a serpent. Some have said its blood will burn your skin. Others say it can breathe out toxic fumes. In the 1500s a body was found and studied by a Professor of Natural Science. H ...  Show more

Episode 261: Giant of Kandahar

In 2002 a Special Forces Squad were in the mountains looking for a missing patrol when they ran into a thirteen foot tall monster. After the short gun battle the soldiers found the giant had six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. There was a double row of teeth in it ...  Show more

Episode 260: Mirrors

Are mirrors just a device used to look at our selves? Some people use them to look into the future. One man believed they could be used to send messages long distances. He did some experiments until his work was condemned by the Soviet Government. People have seen things in mirro ...  Show more

Episode 259: UFO Sightings

There have been several occasions where UFOs were seen by a group of people. As many as two hundred witnesses saw a flying saucer in Australia in 1966. Here are a few times UFOs were seen by large groups of people. 

Episode 258: Valiant Thor

In 1957 a man going by the name, Valiant Thor was introduced to President Eisenhower. Thor said he was here from Venus and wanted to help preserve peace on Earth and guide the world into joining the Galactic Federation. Here is what I could find out about this otherworldly visito ...  Show more

Episode 257: Little People

From Europe to Alaska people tell about little people who inhabit our world. Some are described as being forest people while others are powerful, godlike beings. There are many similarities from place to place, such as, pointy hats, pointy ears, and a nasty disposition. Here are ...  Show more

Episode 256: Khamar Daban

In August, 1993 a group of seven hikers had an encounter with something that killed six of them. The one survivor had an incredible story to tell. Here is what I could find as well as the story about the five men who wandered away in California back in 1978. 

Episode 255: What's For Dinner

In some parts of the world people eat things that are considered to be nasty and disgusting in other parts. In Sardinia they make Casu Marzu, cheese filled with maggots. In Korea they eat Hongeo-Hoe, fermented fish. Here are a few things folks are eating that might just make you ...  Show more

Episode 254: Strange Pets

There are some pets out there, dogs and cats, that don't behave like you would expect. From traveling long distances to reunite with their families, to detecting cancer. There is a cat in Rhode Island that knows when people are about to pass away. Here are a few stories to make y ...  Show more

Episode 253: Strange Encounters

Folks have had some weird run ins with things like Bigffot, Dogman, The Headless Horseman, just to name a few. Here are a few stories to make life interesting as you're driving down the back roads of life. 

Episode 252: Anthony Acosta

For the first half of the show Anthony Acosta will join me to talk about his book, "Sicarionauts." An action packed misadventure of two of the most unlikely heroes. The last part of the show I'll talk about the Laredo Triangle UFO. 

Episode 251: Cattle Mutilations

For hundreds of years people have been finding livestock dead under unexplainable conditions. Many of these animals were completely drained of blood. Some had their internal organs or brains removed. Investigators were surprised by a total lack of prints around the bodies.