Adrien Brody, plus James McAvoy & Sharon Horgan

Adrien Brody, plus James McAvoy & Sharon Horg...

Alessandro Nivola

Alessandro Nivola has been stealthily putting together an impressive career for about 25 years already but it's only now he's getting the role of a lifetime as the lead in the Sopranos prequel film, "The Many Saints of Newark"! Alessandro joins Josh to chat about this mid-life bi ...  Show more

Jessica Chastain, plus Alicia Vikander (Vol. III)

She may have been the first person to post for "Happy Sad Confused" photos but somehow Jessica Chastain has never been on the podcast...until now! Forget about how long it took and just enjoy the fun of this lively chat with one of our finest actors! Jessica is starring in 2 proj ...  Show more

Beanie Feldstein

Beanie Feldstein may have practically been born singing and dancing but her latest work in "American Crime Story: Impeachment" shows off a much different side of the talent actress. Beanie joins Josh to discuss the responsibility of play Monica Lewinsky, why "Bridesmaids" makes h ...  Show more

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been performing in front of a camera for virtually his entire life so yeah, there's a lot to chat about on his first visit to "Happy Sad Confused"! Josh and Joe cover a lot, from "3rd Rock From the Sun" to "The Dark Knight Rises" to his own series he crea ...  Show more

Steve Zahn, plus Eugenio Derbez

We've got the best in film and TV accounted for on this episode of "Happy Sad Confused"! First up, Steve Zahn reflects on his career from "Reality Bites" and "That Thing You Do" to the hit new show "The White Lotus".Then, Josh and Eugenio Derbez, talk the Sundance hit, "Coda", wh ...  Show more

Winston Duke, plus Stephen Lang (Vol. II)

Winston Duke seemingly came out of nowhere to most audiences when he made his debut in "Black Panther". And quite an impression he made. He's followed that up by showing impressive range in Jordan Peele's "Us", and now the indie critical hit, "Nine Days". Winston gets real with J ...  Show more

James Gunn

Three years ago James Gunn thought his career was over. Fired by Disney, he pondered his future and well, things didn't look good. What a difference a few years make. On this first visit to Happy Sad Confused (at last!), James reflects on the low-point of his career, his resurrec ...  Show more

Matt Damon, plus Zoe Lister-Jones, Vol. II

For nearly three decades Matt Damon has been seemingly working his way through the great directors of our times so it's natural he'd end up working with a talent like Tom McCarthy (SPOTLIGHT). Matt joins Josh on the podcast for the first time(!) to chat about his new film, STILLW ...  Show more

Tom Hiddleston, Vol. II

How could we let an event like "Loki" go by without chatting with one of our faves, Tom Hiddleston?! Tom returns on this episode of the podcast for a deep dive into his beloved Marvel character, plus some geeking out about one of his favorite comfort movies, "Cast Away".Don't for ...  Show more

Colin Farrell, Vol. II

Colin Farrell loves a good adventure as much as he loves a great part. His latest project, "The North Water" checks both boxes and gives Josh a great excuse to catch up with the Irishman. Of course Josh picks Colin's brain on his role as Penguin in "The Batman" and they even geek ...  Show more

Riley Keough

You never know which Riley Keough you'll see on screen. A true chameleon and an actor never afraid to take a risk, Riley joins Josh on the podcast to talk about her latest film, "Zola", plus her experience making "Mad Max: Fury Road", and why she's obsessed with Harry Potter.Don' ...  Show more

Steven Soderbergh, Vol. II

Few filmmakers would warrant a return visit just six months after their last trip to "Happy Sad Confuse", but there are few directors like Steven Soderbergh! Since his last visit, he finished a new film ("No Sudden Move"), shot another ("Kimi"), and he produced the Academy Awards ...  Show more

Edgar Wright, Vol. II, & Sparks, plus "Hacks"

Whether you're a fan of Sparks or a newbie like Josh, you'll love Edgar Wright's new documentary, "The Sparks Brothers". Edgar and Sparks themselves join Josh on this episode to chat about the flick, their mutual love of "Ishtar", and how Edgar might be responsible for Anya Taylo ...  Show more

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke says she's had a pretty low key last year but then you find out she jumped out of a plane for her birthday and created her first comic book so you be the judge. Emilia joins Josh on the podcast for the first time to chat about comics, the end of "Game of Thrones", a ...  Show more

Jon M. Chu, Vol. II

The buzz has been building and we're happy to report that the hype is real, "In The Heights" delivers! At the helm is Jon M. Chu, a filmmaker who's been dreaming of directing a movie musical since he was a kid. As you'll see from the film, Jon has the chops.On this episode of "Ha ...  Show more

Chelsea Handler

She's a talk show host, a best-selling author, an actress, but above all else, Chelsea Handler is a stand up comedian and she's showing what she can do with her HBO Max special, "Evolution". Chelsea joins Josh for the first time on the podcast to talk about all of it, including h ...  Show more

Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder. Need we say more? One of the most talked about filmmakers of our time finally joins the "Happy Sad Confused" podcast family for a deep dive into his action film loves and pet peeves, his dream DC and Star Wars projects, and much more!Don't forget to check out the Hap ...  Show more

Constance Wu

Listen to Constance Wu talk for five minutes and you'll know how much she LOVES being an actor. On this episode of the podcast, Constance joins Josh for her first appearance on the show to discuss her new show, "Solos", why she still takes acting classes to this day, and her drea ...  Show more

Leslie Bibb

From being discovered by Oprah(!) to "Popular" to "Talladega Nights" all the way to playing a superhero in the new Netflix series, "Jupiter's Legacy", Leslie Bibb has persevered and prospered thanks to tenacity, hard work, and talent. She joins Josh all the way from Australia on ...  Show more