Chris Helme

Chris Helme

Shed Seven - Rick Witter

In this first episode of the Back to BritPop Podcast I talk to Rick Witter of Shed Seven. Hailing from York in 1990 they were one of the bands which contributed to the Britpop music scene and are still going strong.   Follow Rick on Twitter. Shed Seven website   Buy buy me a coff ...  Show more

LUSH - Miki Berenyi

In this episode I get to talk to Miki from LUSH.  Miki gives us a great incite into what it was like trying to break the US and returning to an ever changing music scene in the UK.   Miki on Twitter Piroshka LUSH FB Buy buy me a coffee on ko-fi hit the link below; Back ...  Show more

My Life Story - Jake Shillingford

This episode Jake Shillingford shares stories of the early indie club scene and how My Life Story were formed out of an urge to create a cinematic sound.   My Life Story Website    Back to BritPop on the socials; Twitter Facebook Insta   

Dodgy - Mathew Priest

Its episode 4! This episode Mathew Priest from Dodgy talks to me about the bands early years, musical influences, courting record companies and publishers and club residencies. Enjoy! Dodgy Twitter Matt on Twitter Back to BritPop on the socials; Twitter Facebook Insta 

Gene - Matt James

This episode I'm joined by Matt James of Gene. Matt gives a real insight into the early days of Gene, meeting Martin Rossiter, the early studio sessions, influences, the indie scene and much more. Matt's Twitter Gene on Twitter Back to BritPop on the socials; Twitter Facebook Ins ...  Show more

The Candyskins - Mark Cope

Hey its episode 6! this week Mark Cope of The Candyskins joins me to talk about the Oxford scene, American dreams, record label hell and much more. Was such a pleasure to speak to Mark he was an absolute gent! Mark Cope Twitter Back to BritPop on the socials; Twitter Facebook Ins ...  Show more

Geneva - Andrew Montgomery

On this episode of Back to BritPop I'm joined by Geneva's Andrew Montgomery. Andrew was fantastic and delved into the early days of Geneva, their musical influences, the Aberdeen scene, signing to Nude and loads more.  Geneva were criminally underrated at the time and Andrew has ...  Show more

Accrington Stanley - Dan O'Farrell

This episode I'm joined by Dan O'Farrell of Accrington Stanley. Accrington Stanley were formed in Southampton in 1986, the teenage creation of singer/songwriter/guitarist Dan and keyboardist Richard Barrett. Immediately playing gigs in their home town, they became significant pla ...  Show more

The Bluetones - Scott Morris

Welcome back!  This episode I was delighted to be joined by Scott Morris of The Bluetones. Speaking to me from Japan, Scott gives an insight into the bands formative years. How they formed, getting a manager, creating their own label and much more.  Thank you for listening and do ...  Show more

Salad - Marijne Van der Vlugt

This episode Marijne Van der Vlugt joins me to talk all things Salad.  We discuss the new Salad releases, their plans for the the future and delve into the past. How they formed and broke the scene.  Marijne was fantastically candid and super cool. Thank you for lis ...  Show more

Ultrasound - Tiny

  Welcome to episode 11! This week I'm joined by the very charming Tiny of Ultrasound. Hailing from Yorkshire the band released their first double album 'Everything Picture' in 1999 on Nude records. Tiny talks to me about the bands early years, their reforming in 2010 and the re- ...  Show more

Ocean Colour Scene - Damon Minchella

Welcome to episode 12! This week Damon Minchella of Ocean Colour Scene talks to me about his musical influences how the band were formed, first album faux pas and much more.  Damon on Twitter Buy buy me a coffee on ko-fi hit the link below; Thank yo ...  Show more

Cornershop - Tjinder Singh

Another episode, another fine guest! This week its Tjinder Singh of Cornershop. We discuss the early years of the band, their collaborations, writing process and loads more.  Tjinder was fantastic and it was an absolute pleasure to speak to him. Cornershop on Twitter Tjinder on T ...  Show more

BIS - Steven Clark

Hey! welcome to another episode of Back to BritPop! This week I'm joined by Sci-Fi Steven of Bis. We had a fantastic natter about the band's early influences, getting signed, playing live and a heap load more! Steven was great and I thank him for his support. For all the latest B ...  Show more

Menswear - Matt Everitt

Hi and welcome to another episode! This week it was my great pleasure to chat to Matt Everitt about the Menswear. Matt talks about the Camden scene, joining the band, Top of the Pops and a whole load more. Matt on Twitter     Buy me a coffee on ko-fi     My other ...  Show more

Ash - Rick McMurray

Its another packed episode this week. Rick McMurray joins me to talk all things Ash!  We have a deep dive chat about the bands formative years and beyond. Massive thanks to Rick for taking the time to talk to me, it was a really fun episode to record.  Follow Rick on Twitter Ash ...  Show more

Embrace - Danny McNamara

This episode Danny McNamara from the sublime Embrace joins me to talk about the bands formative years, songwriting, first gigs, getting signed and loads more. It's another packed one!  Head over to the Embrace website and get involved in the Secret List! Buy me a co ...  Show more

Black Grape - Paul 'Kermit' Leveridge

Welcome to another episode! This week Paul Leveridge AKA Kermit joins me to talk about Black Grape and his first hip hop crew Ruthless Rap Assassins. Its another amazingly candid conversation which was great fun to record. Visit the Black Grape website to book tickets for the re- ...  Show more

Asian Dub Foundation - Steven Chandra Savale

Welcome to another episode of Back to BritPop, Steven Chandra Savale of Asian Dub Foundation and I manage to avoid talking about BritPop altogether! Its a real fascinating insight into the founding years of ADF, Stevens first forays into writing and recording music and the latest ...  Show more