TCBCast Commentary Teaser: Elvis Has Left the Building (2004)

TCBCast Commentary Teaser: Elvis Has Left the...

TCBCast 183: Jaime Kay's Excellent Memphis Adventure

The incomparable Jaime Kay is back to regale us with tales of her trip to Memphis during Elvis Week 2021, including her time emceeing a discussion with Ginger Alden, visiting Tupelo and Circle G, and brief sidebars on her trip this past May to Graceland and Sun Records. Then, Gur ...  Show more

TCBCast 182: The Mystery of Jimmy Breedlove

No less than five* different releases from the official Elvis collector label Follow That Dream have featured recordings by a man with a distinct voice simply named "Jimmy Breedlove." But upon looking further, revealed is a man produced by Jesse Stone, who worked with Winfield Sc ...  Show more

TCBCast 181: Elvis's Funniest Moments

As requested by TCBCast patrons, it's now the silly hour as Justin & Gurdip take a look at some of their all-time favorite recorded moments of Elvis being goofy, losing it on stage or in the studio, or delivering a punchline.  Then, for Song of the Week, as voted upon by patrons ...  Show more

TCBCast 180: The Week That's All Right Happened

Gurdip's back! Inspired by Justin Song of the Week last week, the guys celebrate Elvis' recording of "That's All Right" and taking a closer look at both the events in Elvis' life during the week or so leading up to July 5, 1954, but also the music of the period, to show that whil ...  Show more

TCBCast 179: Exploring Elvis' Music feat. Chris Jones

This week, Justin is joined by Chris Jones, co-host of the Hall of Songs Podcast (, to follow a wide variety of rabbit trails across the spectrum of Elvis' musical career. First up is news about the newly unveiled Back in Nashville box set focusing on Elvis' 1971 ...  Show more

TCBCast 178: "Loving You" Album Review feat. Olivia Murphy

This week's episode of TCBCast, just in time for Elvis Week 2021, features Justin & Olivia taking a close look at the 1957 LP "Loving You," which serves as both the soundtrack for the film of the same name, but also as the third proper Elvis studio album. Does it hold up as eithe ...  Show more

TCBCast 177: Golden Songs of the Week, Volume 8

Gurdip & Justin are on a one-week hiatus due to family commitments, but never fear! Songs of the Week are here!  Whether you've just recently began listening or haven't revisited older episodes in a while, here are the histories behind songs from TCBCasts 35-39, including I'll Ta ...  Show more

TCBCast 176: Moody Blue (And How It Got That Way)

As voted upon by the TCBCast Patreon community, Gurdip & Justin are taking an in-depth look at not only 1977's "Moody Blue" album, the last released before Elvis' death that August, but also the scheduled January 1977 sessions that Elvis failed to record at, and the demos for son ...  Show more

TCBCast 175: Aloha From Hawaii, Part 2 feat. John Cappadona

Gurdip, Justin & John wrap up their coverage of the 1973 TV Special "Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite" including memorable numbers like "An American Trilogy" and "What Now My Love" before beaming over to Song of the Week. John selects "Help Me" from the "Promised Land" album, reco ...  Show more

TCBCast 174: Aloha From Hawaii, Part 1

Join Gurdip Ladhar amid a real-time midlife crisis on this week's TCBCast! While Gurdip's struggling with the realization that Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" no longer applies to him, special guest John Cappadona and Justin catch up on his history as an Elvis fan and ...  Show more

TCBCast 173: The 1973 Stax Sessions, Part 2

The second part of Gurdip & Justin's overview of Elvis' 1973 recording sessions, as voted upon by the TCBCast Patreon community. This week's episode takes a look at the December 1973 recording sessions at Stax Studios in Memphis following Elvis' hospitalization in the fall of 197 ...  Show more

TCBCast 172: The 1973 Stax Sessions, Part 1

The first part of Gurdip & Justin's lengthy, two-part overview of Elvis' 1973 recording sessions, as voted upon by the TCBCast Patreon community, primarily focusing on Elvis' time at the legendary Stax Studios in Memphis. This first part features a deep dive into the July 1973 se ...  Show more

TCBCast Commentary Teaser: Sitcom Month

Here's a brief teaser some of our exclusive unofficial commentaries we did for supporters at This month, we spent time examining a handful of depictions of Elvis or Elvis imagery in TV sitcoms to better understand how all these shows over the years contribute ...  Show more

TCBCast 171: BJ Thomas and Elvis

Gurdip's back this week and we pick up the topic we had originally intended for last week, an Elvis-tinted overview of the life & music of BJ Thomas, who passed away last month at the age of 78 and whose music often occupied the same musical space as Elvis's (sometimes literally, ...  Show more

TCBCast Commentary Teaser: "The Girl Can't Help It"

Here's a brief teaser of one of our first exclusive unofficial commentaries we did for supporters at This time we took a look at the 1958 rock and roll film "The Girl Can't Help It" starring Jayne Mansfield, Tom Ewell and Edmond O'Brien with appearances by Li ...  Show more

TCBCast 170: Elvis Remixes, Volume 4

Before he could even pull out of the proverbial parking lot, Ryan Droste got pulled back in for this week's TCBCast! Justin & Ryan sit down to walk through another round of miscellaneous Elvis reworkings, remixes and mash-ups for the year, including recent official remixes and tw ...  Show more

TCBCast 169: It Happened At The Trailer Park Just Up The Road From the World's Fair, Part 2

Ryan, Gurdip and Justin wrap up their two-part review of the 1963 rom-com "It Happened at the World's Fair" before giving their final thoughts. FYI - "World's Fair" is releasing on Blu-Ray on June 22, 2021 from Warner Archives. If you enjoyed this review, we strongly encourage yo ...  Show more

TCBCast Now #6 Teaser: Gone Country

This afternoon we released TCBCast Now #6 for our Patreon supporters. In this month's TCBCast Now, Justin puts Gurdip up to the challenge of reacting to 8 country songs he grew up with from the 80s-00s, and then the theme carries through with country songs of the week! For Song o ...  Show more

TCBCast Bonus #7: Elvis What Happened - The Finale

Gurdip & Justin sit down to finish the last few chapters of the 1977 book "Elvis What Happened" by Steve Dunleavy, Red West, Sonny West and Dave Hebler as a special bonus mini-episode of TCBCast. It ends about how you'd probably expect after 22 chapters & epilogue. Credit to the ...  Show more