Episode 31: A Whole Lot Of Fun

Episode 31: A Whole Lot Of Fun

Episode 33: Collector's Edition

Hello Procrasti-Nation! Episode 33 is here and is probably the most SPECIAL episode so far because *drumroll*... WE HAVE OUR FIRST SPONSOR! Yes that's right; the amazing people at ever-popular Edinburgh-based brain supplement company Brainzyme now sponsor the podcast. I've teamed ...  Show more

Episode 32: Guilty Pleasures

Hello Procrasti-Nation! Episode 32 is HERE! This one is all about guilty pleasures. It's an excuse to crowbar my love of Married At First Sight into an episode. I talk about the new series of MAFSUK, Buzzfeed quizzes (what really IS the best character to be in Harry Potter?) and ...  Show more

Episode 30: Frogs Are Fat B*stards

Hello Procrasti-Nation! EPISODE 3O! This one is all about the humble bumblebee. Do bees have heart attacks? What do frogs eat? Also, what are wasps even for?! As usual, loads of daft tangents and silly voices. Thanks as always for all the downloads, subscriptions and shout outs o ...  Show more

Episode 29: How Do You Get Your Toes To Look Like That?!

Hello Procrasti-Nation! In this week's episode, I talk about the documentary "Arnold's Blueprint", noisy neighbours and the power of a motivated mindset. The highlight of this episode, commonly known at this point as "Robins Mid-Ep Meltdown", is where we take an unexpected trip t ...  Show more

Episode 28: Robba Dobba Zoom Zoom

Hello Procrasti-Nation! Hope you are well! I've been off for a week and I did loads of cool stuff so thats the theme! In this episode I speak about staycations, the Olympics and posh people. About halfway through I do a mad impression of a crab and if you live in Scotland this ep ...  Show more

Episode 27: I Love Comedy

Hello Procrasti-Nation! Stand up comedy is BACK! In this episode, I talk about all things comedy and the psychology of doing gigs after 15 months, as well as loads more! I hope you enjoy it. As always, please Listen, Review, Share and Subscribe 

Episode 26: A Trip Down Memory Lame

Hello Procrasti-Nation! It's been a few crazy, busy weeks but the podcast is back! I talk about finally visiting my hometown after 10 months which led me to learn more about it. Get ready for daft childhood stories, confectionary theft, a blood-splattered accident in front of 16, ...  Show more

Episode 25: Wheelie To The Moon

Hello Procasti-Nation! In this week’s episode I speak about ‘The Two Escobars’, cycling proficiency tests and 80’s football.  As usual, please listen, share and review.  Fun fact about this episode: If you listen carefully at the 2-minute mark, you can hear my dog snoring in the ...  Show more

Episode 24: Golden Eagle

Hello Procasti-Nation! This week's episode is all about a weird and brilliant documentary I watched called 'Lift'. A fascinating insight into human nature, honesty and the importance of kindness, it left me feeling very introspective and uplifted. I think you'll really enjoy it. ...  Show more

Episode 23: What's Causing All This?!

Hello Procrasti-Nation! It’s May! and may I tell you: this week’s podcast is amazing! It’s another ESPN ’30 for 30’ documentary deep dive and this time it's all about The Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair! For those that don’t know, Ric Flair was a legendary wrestler in WCW and WWE a ...  Show more

Episode 22: The Bad Boy Of Bowling

Hello Procrasti-Nation! This week I learned all about professional bowling! Continuing through the wonderful '30 for 30' documentary series by ESPN, I picked another one at random. The documentary is called The Bad Boy Of Bowling and it is hilarious and low-key amazing! It's abou ...  Show more

Episode 21: Alternative Therapy

Hello Procrasti-Nation! In this episode I learn all about alternative therapy. This is hands-down the daftest episode I've recorded. Join me as we find out about homeopathy, ice baths and which celebrities dabble in leech therapy. I also tell a hugely personal (and embarrassing) ...  Show more

Episode 20: Be Water

Hello Procrasti-Nation! This week, I watched an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary called ‘Be Water’ about the legendary Bruce Lee, and it prompted me to share what I learned about the iconic martial artist and iconic action movie star. I found out loads about his life, unwavering determ ...  Show more

Episode 19: Asterix

Hello Procrasti-Nation! This week’s episode is a shorter Starts Monday all about everyone’s French comic book hero- Asterix!  I adored this series of comic books growing up, each book was a low-key, wholesome story about a village of Gauls fending off the looming invasion of the ...  Show more

Episode 18: Rugby

Hello Procrasti-Nation! This episode is all about rugby! Robin recently watched The Six Nations tournament and learned all about the beautiful game (that might be football, he didn't learn that much!) He really got into it and that's what he's talking about in this episode. Who i ...  Show more

Episode 17: Reality Television

Hello Procrasti-Nation! This week’s episode focuses on the phenomenon that is reality television! I have become slightly obsessed with Married At First Sight Australia, so as an excuse to speak about it (no spoilers, don’t worry), I did some research on the psychology behind real ...  Show more

Episode 16: Lockdown Life

Hello Procrasti-Nation! This week’s episode focuses on Lockdown life! I’ve made a silly episode for you all about hobbies we’ve started during this weird time. Did you become a bookworm? Start running? Add to the saturated market by creating a podcast? I know I did all of those t ...  Show more

Episode 15: Technology

Hello Procrasti-Nation! This week’s episode is all about technology. From the trusty Nokia 3210 to the potential for everlasting life, it’s all here! Were we better off playing with pogs and pokemon cards and arguing with dial up connections or is unlimited access to information ...  Show more

Episode 14: Memory

Hello Procrasti-Nation! This week’s episode finds Robin tackling his bad memory. Why do we forget things? Do you want to boost your memory or should certain memories remain short term? Can we teach ourselves to remember more? Also what is a hippocampus shaped like?!   There are s ...  Show more