BONUS: I had sex with Bob

BONUS: I had sex with Bob

Season 2 - Ep. 20 - "Much Ado About Nothing"

Honesty, we weren't going to drop this because. let's face it, it's just random but why not?  Why the hell not?  Just a random happy hour this week. Grocery Shopping 101, Bro time with the HVAC guy, "Dune", HBO Max "Kung Fu" Tons of mentions of some of our favorites!  If you're t ...  Show more

Season 2 - Ep. 19 50 Days of Birthday! Corporate/Pandemic Burnout and Positivity

50 Days of Birthday!  This week is short and sweet.  If you're suffering from corporate burnout, pandemic burnout or just need to come up with a brilliant idea for an upcoming celebration, the T's have just the idea #grateful #lawofattraction #positivity --- This episode is spons ...  Show more

Season 2 - Ep 18 - The Colonoscopy

That’s it. That’s all there is to say about it… --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: 

Season 2 - Ep. 17 - There are a lot of Dick's at Iron Paradise. Married Couples will appreciate this one!

What do you guys think they are talking about in this episode?  Well, have a listen!  We don't think you'll be disappointed. and... At the end, everybody dies. Happy Friday Folks!! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. ...  Show more

Season 2 - Ep. 16 - FOMO, Florida Keys & Coffee

A bonus quickie road trip to Caribou Coffee this morning.  A simple travel chat.   As they have covered before and no doubt will cover again, what is the difference between a lifestyle choice and being artistic/unique/alternative?  Maybe alternative is the new normal and corporat ...  Show more

Season 2 - Ep. 15 - Cawfee Tawk, Clean eating and Vegetarianism…rounding into home with another segment of Two Minutes in the Nude!

If it’s not booze its coffee. What else is there to drink? Kansas City locals and folks traveling to KC area these small businesses are must a visit, Fat Beans Coffee Lab, Maps Coffee, Mud Pie Vegan Bakery, The Tasteful Olive, Merriam Farmers Market, Operation BBQ Relief A couple ...  Show more

Season 2 - Ep. 14 Laziness and Airport Dildos

No description today.  It just is a happy hour episode not necessarily dedicated to happy hour this week.  Look, everyone is doing their best to survive their experiences and some days are better than others.  Some weeks are better than others and some happy hours are better than ...  Show more

Season 2, Ep. 13 - Coconut milk is the greatest. Oh,…and then there’s SEX.

Sex, Money, and Power. Why does the entire human race seemingly revolve around sex? --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: 

Season 2 - Ep. 12 -A gluten free girl goes gluten tasting. We call that "Narco-sleepy" The aftermath of bourbon tasting with KS hottest craft drinkery, Oak & Steel!

Tana is gluten free.   Trice and Tana go bourbon tasting.   Tana bobs her head.   Tana passes out, sleepy. Tana cannot consume glutens safely. A special thank you to our friends in Kansas City Crossroads area, Oak & Steel Craft Drinkery and as always, Stanley Station Wine and Spi ...  Show more

Season 2, Ep. 11 - Part III of III, Father's Day Edition with Oak and Steel Craft Drinkery and the folks from Stanley Station Liquors. Let's just call it what it is...After hours

The third part of this three part series is most definitely an "after hours".  After Hours:  A sensation, feeling or a state of mind that comes to a person late in the night. (usually after 1:00 am) or Sunday afternoons at 3! At this point, Scott & Kyle, Tana & Lisa and Trice are ...  Show more

Season 2, Ep. 10 - Father's Day Special Part II of III - Bourbon Tasting 101 at Oak and Steel Craft Drinkery Kansas City, Missouri

Does bourbon smell like 8th grade to anyone else or is it just Tana?  Bourbon amateurs Trice and Tana take a couple of tips and tricks from seasoned bourbon drinkers at Oak and Steel Craft Drinkery of Kansas City, Missouri and Stanley Station Wine and Spirits of Shawnee, Kansas a ...  Show more

Season 2, Ep.9 - Part I of a III part series for Father's Day with some of Kansas City's Finest businesses! Always support your local and small business owners

What better way to treat your dad's this weekend but to take them on a journey around the Kansas City area supporting small business owners!  Oh and maybe taste some bourbons and whiskeys and craft beers and wines, you name it you can find it at one of these three spots!   This i ...  Show more

Season 2. Episode 8 - GIF WARS Round One. "This feels like a trap".

What is better than a spontaneous GIF war?  The best GIF searches and a quick recap of a recent GIF battle.  GIF WARS Round One in the books.  Obviously, Tana wins!  We'll just leave a few GIF search suggestions here for your next GIF war.  "Rubber Chicken" (be careful with this ...  Show more

Season 2 - Ep. 7 - Memorial Weekend '21 with Mercury in Retrograde & a Full Moon. Operation BBQ Relief 1st Annual Golf Tournament was a success!

This is T n T's Memorial Weekend 2021 quickie episode to warn every one of the upcoming full moon and Mercury Retrograde.  Don't make any large purchases, don't sign any contracts and DO watch your tongues this weekend! Zodiac signs:  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius be extra c ...  Show more

Season 2 - Ep. 6 - Drunk teenagers are not sneaky. Mud Pie, Smoothie King and Cow Tipping

First a stop at Kansas City's favorite vegan bakery, "Mud Pie" and an immune boosting smoothie from "Smoothie King". The Rabbit Hole begins with the Brat Pack and Andrew McCarthy's new book, "Brat:  An 80's Story", John Hughes films, six degrees of Kevin Bacon then switching into ...  Show more

Season 2 - Ep. 5 - TnT go mobile! Take a ride with the T's in Bubblegum. THIS. Is the automobile edition, vol. 1.

T n T take the podcast on the road.  The T's take Bubblegum and their listeners on a ride.  Talking Seattle Grunge music, 80's cover band, "The Retro's", MU 330 from Columbia, MO and a new house rule emerges! Is there a "How to do, to do lists, list?   Short and sweet.  Happy Fri ...  Show more

Season 2 - Ep. 4 - Tattoos and Titties

Yup. Still, seven days later, the controversy continues.  Which one is the funny one?  Big T or little t?  The debate will carry on until someone chimes in to tell them, who is the funnier of the two?  Trice or Tana?  We are not admitting it.  However, if, in fact, Trice is the f ...  Show more

Season 2 - Ep. 3 - Calling all celebrity actors and writers...We are looking to cast our "life movie". Come one, come all! TnT in the brainstorming phase!

Stop and think about your life for a moment.   Here's a tidbit of information for all the listeners out there.  Just in case you haven't caught on to this yet, the T's enjoy a good daydream every now and again.  Today's episode is all about, what celebrity would play your charact ...  Show more

Season 2 - Ep. 2 - 8 Sentences I Wish I Read Sooner - by Steven Barlett @Steven

Trice takes over the podcast content in this episode.  TnT talk Steven Bartlett, author, entrepreneur and podcast host. Fun is Tana's favorite thing to do. Another reference to one of Tana's favorite movies, The Cable Guy.  Will Judd Apatow be a guest on TnT's show?  Wouldn't tha ...  Show more