#S3E9: How to eat bread without bloating

#S3E9: How to eat bread without bloating

#S3E10: SIBO - diagnosis, management and treatment

SIBO aka small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is a hot subject right now. Those with IBS are commonly misdiagnosed and actually have SIBO. But, how do you diagnose and treat this condition. In this episode, Kirsten Jackson, The IBS Dietitian tells you how! Thank you to our spons ...  Show more

#S3E8: IBS and the low FODMAP diet in children with dietitian Bahee Van de Bor

Did your IBS symptoms start as a baby or young child? Or perhaps you have a child with IBS and do not know where to turn to next. In this episode The IBS Dietitian, Kirsten Jackson, speaks to Bahee Van De Bor who is a paediatric specialist IBS dietitian. Bahee covers what symptom ...  Show more

#S3E7: Food Freedom with dietitian Maeve Hanan

Some people claim that food is just fuel but we know from research that this is not the case. Food is also about emotions and social ques as well. While every food has a place in a healthy diet and occassionally overeating will make zero difference to your health, do you regularl ...  Show more

#S3E6: The gut-skin connection with Dr Natalia Spierings

You have heard about the gut-brain axis but what about the skin-gut axis? Again there are so many claims out there is can be confusing! So before you rush off to buy an expensive probiotic for your acne, listen to this podcast! In this episode, The IBS Dietitian, Kirsten Jackson ...  Show more

#S3E5: Dr Will Bulsiewicz, author of NYT best seller 'Fiber Fueled' - Navigating a plant based diet

More and more people are wanting to follow a plant based diet for health reasons and also ethical reasons. Whilst the research does support that a plant based diet is beneficial for gut health (and other areas of health), many of the claims online are inaccurate. You may also fin ...  Show more

#S3E4: What is the low FODMAP diet and how does it improve symptoms?

The low FODMAP diet is a term which is thrown around casually but often, even people are following the diet don't actually understand what it is about. This can lead to a lot of confusion and actually incorrectly following the diet process. In this episode, The IBS Dietitian, Kir ...  Show more

#S3E3: Body image with Lottie Drynan from Tummy Diaries

When you have IBS you relationship with your body is not normally very good. People will often say they feel 'fat' and 'frumpy' as their bloating expands up and down all day. And, let's be honest, the barage of 'perfect' body images on social media does not help the situation. In ...  Show more

#S3E2: What actually is IBS and how do you get diagnosed?

We throw around the terminology of IBS quite a bit but do we actually understand what IBS is? Most people feel that when they get diagnosed with IBS that they didn't diagnosed with a 'real' condition. But actually this is not the case and it is key to understand the condition in ...  Show more

#S3E1: Spot light interview with Bay Burdette - founder of Bay's Kitchen

Pre-made sauces usually contain onion, garlic and other high FODMAP ingredients which means that you usually have to make everything from scratch when on the low FODMAP diet. Luckily there is another option as Bay's Kitchen produces a huge range of suitable, low FODMAP certified ...  Show more

#S2E10: Navigating a vegan diet when you have IBS

In this episode host, Kirsten Jackson 'The IBS Dietitian' talks about the vegan diet whilst having IBS. She explains which macro and micronutrients you need to watch out for and how to navigate fiber intake. Thanks to our sponsor FODMAP everyday https://www.fodmapeveryday.com/   ...  Show more

#S2E9: Colonoscopies with Gastroenterologist Dr Ramakrishnan

In this episode host, Kirsten Jackson 'The IBS Dietitian' talks to Gastroenterology consultant Dr Ramakrishnan about colonoscopies. Find out why doctors carry out colonoscopies and what you should expect Mentioned in the podcast: Contact details for Dr Ramakirshnan: https://www.s ...  Show more

#S2E8: Pregnancy and digestive health with Dr Shikha Saxena

In this episode host, Kirsten Jackson 'The IBS Dietitian' talks to Obstetrics and Gynaecology consultant Dr Shikha Saxena about how a women's digestive system is impacted through pregnancy and post-partum. Mentioned in the podcast - - Kirsten's IBS Free IBS Webinar - https://bit. ...  Show more

#S2E7: Pelvic floor and irritable bowel syndrome with Candice Langford

In this episode host, Kirsten Jackson 'The IBS Dietitian' chats to Candace Langford who is a pelvic floor specialist physiotherapist from South Africa. Candace explains how pelvic floor changes in both men and women can impact the bowel function and IBS. Mentioned in the podcast  ...  Show more

#S2E6: Client story - how Angela conquered her constipation after 35 years

In this episode host, Kirsten Jackson 'The IBS Dietitian' chats with a member of the Take Control Program as they explain how they resolved their IBS-constipation dominant after suffering with it for 35 years. Mentioned in the podcast - Kirsten's IBS Free IBS Webinar - https://bi ...  Show more

#S2E5: Supplements to avoid or take for your irritable bowel syndrome

In this episode host, Kirsten Jackson 'The IBS Dietitian' covers the low FODMAP Diet. What is the low FODMAP Diet? What does it actually do? And, how do you do it safely? Mentioned in the podcast The Take Control Programme: https://thefoodtreatmentclinicltd.lpages.co/take-control ...  Show more

#S2E4: How to improve your sleep for good gut health with Dr Saliha Afridi

In this episode host, Kirsten Jackson the IBS Dietitan, speaks to Dr Saliha, founder of The Light House Arabia. Dr Saliha provides a break down of why sleep is so important in gut health and what steps you can take to improve your quality and quantity of sleep. Dr Saliha also dis ...  Show more

#S2E3: Spotlight interview with co-founder of FODMAP Everday Dédé Wilson

In this episode Kirsten Jacksons talks to Dédé Wilson, co-founder of FODMAP Everyday and celebrated author of multiple cookbooks, including The Low FODMAP Diet Step by Step. Dédé discusses how her own personal journey to IBS freedom inspired her to help 1000's of others by provid ...  Show more

#S2E2: Disordered eating and irritable bowel syndrome with BBC Dietitian Priya Tew

In this episode host, Kirsten Jackson 'The IBS Dietitian' talks to BBC Dietitian Priya Tew on eating disorders and IBS. They cover what the connection is between the two conditions and how to manage your IBS safely when you have had a history or current eating disorder. Mentioned ...  Show more

#S2E1: How to save an extra hour each day so you have time to concentrate on your health and IBS goals

When it comes to solving your IBS, you may be panicking about not having the required time to make the changes. In this episode host, Kirsten Jackson 'The IBS Dietitian' talks you through a step by step process to guide you on managing your time to free up some room for you to co ...  Show more