361. The Presence Of God 1

361. The Presence Of God 1

363. Prosperity In The Wilderness

Preached at the Maximised Lifestyle Global Virtual Conference (Harvest House International, Zimbabwe) in April, 2021. 

362. The Presence Of God 2

Preached at The Interdenominational Women of Faith Virtual 2021 Conference. 

360. Balancing Ministry Life And Family Life
359. In The Footsteps Of David - The Love Life of David

In The Footsteps Of David - Koforidua, 2008. 

358. In The Footsteps Of David - Training for Reigning

Koforidua, 2008. 

357. Questions And Answers

DYCMI Conference held at The Cathedral Accra in 2006. 

356. You Must Endure

Pastors' Wives Meeting, South Africa, 2005. 

355. In The Footsteps Of Hannah

Preached in 2009. 

354. Don't Destroy God's Creation

Kumasi 2010. 

353. Grace To Persevere

Chosen Woman Conference, 2021. 

352. Types of Relationships
351. Catch The Anointing

South Africa, 2009. 

350. Don't Be Afraid

Switzerland, 2008. 

349. The Sins Of Daughters

Australia, 2009. 

348. It's A Woman's Thing

USA, 2006. 

347. Open Your Heart Wide Questions And Answers

Preached in 2010 at the Qodesh. 

346. Mary's Extraordinary Faith

Mothers Day 2021 at The Qodesh, North Kaneshie. 

345. The Temptations Of Daughters

Preached in South Africa, 2007. 

344. Mothers Who Prayed

Preached in May, 2020 at The Qodesh. 

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