#37 - The White Lotus (+ Hacks & The Flight Attendant)

#37 - The White Lotus (+ Hacks & The Flight A...

#40 - Young Royals - Snap Judgments

Elizabeth and Sarah are powering through bad internet connections, heat waves and very, very sore muscles to bring you a top notch episode. Sister chat this week centers around the pop culture news of the week which is that comedian John Mulaney is having a baby with actress Oliv ...  Show more

#39 - Cinderella (2021) - Did We Need the Shoe?

Sister talk this week kicks off with talk of long weekends, the dream of a 4 day work week and the violence of Friday work meetings. They also discuss the perils of the previous week, including food poisoning and insomnia...the only cures being Grace & Frankie and ASMR videos res ...  Show more

#38 - He's All That - Presented by Pizza Hut

This week’s sister chat portion of the episode includes talk of bank holidays, working over the weekend, late night massages, hippie shit, botox, skincare (lengthy section on this) & birth charts. SKIPPERS If you want to cut directly to the main discussion of the week He’s All Th ...  Show more

#36 - Outer Banks (OBX) - Snap Judgements

The episode kicks off this week in typical fashion with weather & hair talk, add in discussion about parallel parking & driving and you’ve got the perfect sister chat. SKIPPERS - To cut straight to the Outer Banks content go to around the 28:22 mark. They’ve been promising it for ...  Show more

#35 - The Kissing Booth 3 (plus 1 & 2)

We jump in this week to a brief recap of Elizabeth’s recent travels and an explanation for why the promised episode never appeared. Basically she was on a hunt for vampires and hot dads...and at a wedding. SKIPPERS - We start discussing The Kissing Booth 3 around the 13:45 mark G ...  Show more

#34 - The Return of Gossip Girl (2021 Reboot)

Another Sunday morning...another recording. This week’s sister catch up covers a wide range of subjects (most of them probably very unexciting for the listeners). They include but are not limited to; the fear of getting murdered in their dad’s house, where they would hide if ther ...  Show more

#33 - NEVER HAVE I EVER...Missed Season 2

This week’s episode kicks off with a weather report from England. Basically Sarah is experiencing full sun and zero breeze, which unfortunately is causing spider hunts. Elizabeth on the other hand is having fun on the “swamp coast” which involves background noise (sorry listeners ...  Show more

#32 - The Bold Type (How to Become Editor-in-Chief in One Day or Less)

This episode jumps right into a sister chat in progress. Listen in as Elizabeth and Sarah discuss the trauma of re-piercing their ears, Claire’s earring solution, practicing driving at 30 years old, and Sarah’s upcoming 31st birthday. Skippers - discussion on The Bold Type starts ...  Show more

#31 - Jell-O Shots?!?!

The sisters are bringing you a minisode this week, aka a 30 minutes conversation about food. Listen in as Sarah gives us a rundown of an American holiday being celebrated in England. Basically it involved a cookout sponsored by Costco. Food eaten included hot dogs, potato salad, ...  Show more

#30 - Clearly Our Best Episode

The sisters agree, this might be their best and most exciting episode ever. How could it not be with talk of men’s gift guides, English driving rules, parallel parking and Trader Joe’s parking lots? But seriously join Elizabeth and Sarah for one of their classic sister chat episo ...  Show more

#29 - Like a Damn Sociopath

This week Elizabeth and Sarah kick off the episode with a weather report (haven’t had one of those in a while), wildlife stories, tales from brunch and Aerobed camping. Then they ponder while the styles of the Delia's catalog are back, give advice to their past selves and do a de ...  Show more

#28 - "Jerry!"

This week the sister’s are taking a look back at all the shows they’ve talked about in previous episodes and giving the listeners an update on cancellations and renewals. But first there’s a surprising amount of bug talk followed by some discussion of mini vacations, Covid jabs, ...  Show more

#27 - Could We Be Any More Booked and Busy?

Could we be any more booked and busy? The answer for Sarah is no, while the answer for Elizabeth is yes she definitely could. This week’s discussion starts with a breakdown of Sarah’s very busy week. From a surprise wake up to get a Covid vaccine appointment (thank god for husban ...  Show more

#26 - Riverdale aka Dawson’s Creek 2021

This week’s episode kicks off with what else a little vaccine talk. Sarah can feel the vaccine inching closer as they slowly lower the eligibility age in The UK, while Elizabeth is nursing a sick husband recovering from his 2nd shot. With one of the sister’s being based in Englan ...  Show more

#25 - We're Back!

The sisters are back, baby! Not re-energized in any way after their break, but they’re back. One of them is fully vaxxed, and relaxed, after getting a birthday massage and the other is too young to receive their first dose. It’s your typical sister chat type episode which means, ...  Show more

And The Oscar Goes To....

Previously cut for time, enjoy this bonus clip where Elizabeth and Sarah talk about their top picks for this year's Oscars...it may have been more like wondering what the Academy could possible nominate in 2020, because what even came out? In the end they agreed it would be a tig ...  Show more

#24 - True Crime Recap + A Very Special Guest

We join this episode of the My Favorite Sister podcast already in progress… Join the sisters as they pick up their conversation from last week and finally jump into the promised true crime recap. Disclaimer they are not trying to be the My Favorite Murder podcast. Content Warning ...  Show more

#23 - Sister Chat: The Power(point) of a Good Spreadsheet

Choose Your Fighter: Excel or Google Sheets This week the sisters (Sarah & Elizabeth) accidentally spend the first half of their normal pod time not discussing their originally intended topic of best True Crime documentaries. Instead, in this week's episode (aka Part 1) they disc ...  Show more

#22 - Cakes, Royal Drama & Moxie

This week one of the sisters is tired due to the time change and both sisters are high on a steady stream of sugar. They start the pod by commiserating over their husbands’ birthdays the previous week, is it odd that they both married Pisces? The answer is probably. They decide t ...  Show more