Every wait has its worth

Every wait has its worth

Life lessons that take a lifetime to learn

You are going to want to listen to this one folks. These lessons are different than any you have ever heard.  In this episode, Janis talks about the lessons that are hard-earned but ultimately necessary so that you can live in peace and presence.   

You can’t skip chapters

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could fast forward to the good parts of life and skip the not-so-good parts? In this episode, Janis talks about why you can’t skip parts of your life and what you can do with the undesired chapters. 

How to heal your body using your emotional anatomy with Mindy Strich

The state of your physical health is the most powerful indicator of how emotionally healthy you are.  While you inhabit a body, you are composed of energy fields and energy centers that ebb and flow. Today Janis speaks with Mindy Strich, certified practitioner of Integrative Ener ...  Show more

The difference between giving up and letting go

When you give up you give in. When you let go, something else happens that is entirely different. Janis talks about that difference and what it takes to truly let go of what haunts you, hurts you, and doesn’t serve you anymore. 

The most important human trait you can have

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses and both of them are equally valuable. However, there is one single human trait that is timeless and proven to be one of the most important to cultivate. Janis reveals this ideal trait and identifies how you can use it to evolve into the gr ...  Show more

The mind f*cks about life

Paradoxes are infused throughout everyone’s lives.  What’s fascinating about them is they seem counterintuitive, yet they make so much sense.  Janis shares some thought-provoking paradoxes that will make you think twice about how you live your life. 

10 Rules for being human

We are all spiritual beings, being human.  But what does that actually mean and how do we know that we are doing this human thing the way it was intended for us to do it. Are there really rules about how to do this human life thing? Janis talks about the 10 rules of being human, ...  Show more

Life’s most persistent and urgent question

We ask questions all of the time; about everything.  Questions can evolve out of curiosity or necessity.  They can be provocative, obvious and even mystifying. The question is, are you asking the “right” questions? There is one fundamental question that can have a lasting impact ...  Show more

Tower moments: Why upheaval happens in your life without your consent

Do you ever wonder why abrupt life changes happen unexpectedly to you? When you are stuck in a situation that inhibits your growth, in a relationship that isn’t for your highest good, or you are too afraid to move forward in your life, Spirit gives us tower moments; moments that ...  Show more

The move you’re afraid to make could be the one that changes everything

In each of us, there is an inner knowing of what next steps to take, yet in many cases, we don’t take that step. We’re afraid of the unknown and of what the unknown requires of us. Janis talks about how taking chances in life can bring about the changes of our dreams.   

How to stop people-pleasing and develop healthy boundaries with Wil Carlos

People-pleasing comes from a deep-seated need to gain outside validation and avoid rejection and abandonment. Because these needs dominate many people's lives, achieving them oftentimes comes with a hefty price tag of poor boundaries and martyrdom. In this episode, Janis talks wi ...  Show more

The magic of the word “Yet”

Oftentimes, we forget how powerful words can be in our lives. Yet, even a simple word like yet can change how we perceive and experience something. Janis talks about the power of this one tiny, “yet” big word and how you can use it in your life to create expansiveness and self-co ...  Show more

How to have fewer inner conflicts

The path to wholeness and holiness is one and the same; embracing every part of yourself. That said, what is the difference between judgment and discernment and how can you learn to cultivate the one that offers you the greatest opportunity for peace? Janis helps you understand t ...  Show more

The downsides of empathy

There is a dark side to feeling the emotions of other people and empaths know this first hand. We feel what others feel in more ways than we can possibly explain. While being empathic has its perks, the costs can sometimes be steep.  Janis talks about empathy, its downside, and h ...  Show more

Are you willing to pay the price your dreams demand?

We all have lofty dreams and visions of how we would like our lives to be, yet a small percentage of us actually actualize them. It takes great sacrifice to realize our dreams. Are you willing to pay the price it takes to realize yours? Janis talks about the truth about sacrifice ...  Show more

Old ways and old thinking won’t open new doors

One of the hardest things to do in life is to step out of your comfort zone and take a chance. Janis talks about what it takes to create new opportunities for yourself and create a better life. 

You're going to piss a lot of people off when you start doing what's best for you

Have you ever wondered why some people become upset, even offended when you begin to do what’s best for you? Janis explores the reasons why some people in your life become upset when you reprioritize yourself in your life as well as reveals the reasons why you should do whatever ...  Show more

Sometimes your most toxic relationship is with yourself

Please don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are disconnected from the toxicity in your life, because you aren’t. You are both the problem and the solution to the challenges in your life. In this episode, Janis talks about how your relationship with yourself is the root of y ...  Show more

The secrets to removing the blocks that keep you stuck with India Leigh

We all know the feeling: you’re ready to move forward, you want to change, you feel as open as can be, but something just seems to be standing in your way. Janis talks with Intuitive, India Leigh about how to recognize the blocks that are in your way and the secrets to removing t ...  Show more