#391: "Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)" by TobyMac

#391: "Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)" b...

#394: "When You Speak" by Jeremy Camp

There is an account in the Bible of Jesus speaking to the wind and waves and calming them down. This idea often makes its way into our prayers and songs -- not unlike Jeremy Camp's song, "When You Speak." I think it deserves a deep look from us to see what we can learn from ALL o ...  Show more

#393: "Fear No More" by Building 429 [Encore]

What kinds of choices do you make in the face of fear? Building 429's song "Fear No More" is an anthem born out of a personal time when fear led the songwriters to seek God. There's a king in Scripture who faced fear more than once. His story gives us two separate examples of cho ...  Show more

#392: "Look What You've Done" by Tasha Layton

Did you know God has a tone of voice? When He speaks to us, He comforts, encourages, or convicts with kindness. He offers the perfect balance of truth and grace. So if the voice inside your head has an accusing tone, then it's not from your heavenly Father. This is what Tasha Lay ...  Show more

#390: "Glory, Honor, Power" by Influence Music

There is a magical and terrifying place described in Scripture. It is the throne room of heaven where fantastical creatures proclaim the holiness of God, and crowned elders fall at His feet in worship. Influence Music's song "Glory, Honor, Power" brings us through the door of hea ...  Show more

#389: "My Jesus" by Anne Wilson

I love to talk about Jesus. There's a lot to say about Him. If we spent our entire lives plumbing the depths of Scripture, we would never come to an end. This is why I love Anne Wilson's new song, "My Jesus." She gives me a reason to talk about Him a little more. Join me this wee ...  Show more

#388: "Joyful" by Dante Bowe

While we may not be able to choose happiness, we can choose joy. We can choose joy because it's not rooted in our circumstances or feelings but rather the truth of Who God is and who we are in Him. "Joyful" by Dante Bowe is a fun, upbeat song that can remind us of that foundation ...  Show more

#387: "All Things New” by Big Daddy Weave

How does God do "new" things? What does it mean that He makes all things new? These are the questions I asked myself inspired by Big Daddy Weave's song, "All Things New." Join me on a discovery tour from Old to New Testaments inspired by this song. In this episode, I discuss: Tak ...  Show more

#386: "House Of The Lord" by Phil Wickham

What does Scripture say about the house of the Lord? That's what I set out to discover with Phil Wickham's new song, "House of the Lord," playing in the background. The answer weaves through the Old and New Testaments. We only scratch the surface, but let's see how much we can ex ...  Show more

#385: "Who Else" by Natalie Grant

I had a student director in college who was a master at asking questions to get you to think. He said he learned it from Jesus in Scripture. I guess Jesus learned it from His Father. Natalie Grant asks a question in her song "Who Else" that God rhetorically asks of Himself. Let's ...  Show more

#384: "Hold On To Me " by Lauren Daigle

What if you could have that ONE relationship where, no matter how bad you mess things up, the other One won't let go? Our Heavenly Father offers us that stability and consistency we desperately want. When Lauren Daigle sings "Hold On To Me," I think of the many times in Scripture ...  Show more

#383: "Canyon " by Ellie Holcomb

It is comforting to me to know that no matter the tragedy, season of pain and sorrow, and storms of my life, the Holy Spirit is a river that flows through the canyon of my life. Ellie Holcomb uses this metaphor in her song "Canyon," and I use it to inspire my exploration Scriptur ...  Show more

#382: "Come What May" by We Are Messengers

It's easy to get swept away by our emotions when our environment changes. Circumstances don't change God, but they may reveal Him to us in new ways. When We Are Messengers sing "Come What May," I am reminded that I can rely on God no matter what. David sings about this same thing ...  Show more

#381: "Miracle or Not" by Alisa Turner

There is a difference between complaining and lament. While bringing our complaints to the Father is part of the pattern of lament we discover in Scripture, it doesn't end there. Alisa Turner offers us a song of lament similar in pattern to what we see in Scripture. In her song " ...  Show more

#380: "Heart of Worship" by Matt Redman

Worship is something I want to get right. What is the "Heart of Worship" that Matt Redman sings about -- and is it right? God gets dibs on defining the type of worship that delights Him, don't you agree? Let's explore Scripture to see how the type of worship that is pleasing to G ...  Show more

#379: "Less Like Me" by Zach Williams

There's a great invitation in Scripture. It's sprinkled throughout the pages of the Bible in the Old and New Testaments. The invitation is to walk in newness of life in the very presence of our Creator and direct opposition to our human nature. Zach Williams sings of this idea in ...  Show more

#378: "Christ The True And Better" by Keith & Kristyn Getty, Matt Boswell, and Matt Papa

The Bible may be comprised of 66 books by 40 writers over 1,500 years, but it has one Author (God) and offers a grand storyline running throughout. In the song "Christ The True And Better" by Keith & Kristyn Getty, Matt Boswell, and Matt Papa, we see the Old Testament connecting ...  Show more

#377: "Come Thou Fount" by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family

There's a problem in our hearts that is not a new problem. We have hearts that are prone to wander from God. Hillary Scott & The Scott Family sing of this very thing in their rendition of the famous hymn, "Come Thou Fount." These lyrics will take us on a wonderful journey through ...  Show more

#376: "Nothing But The Blood" by Jars of Clay

Sometimes my grandmother bemoans the repetition in contemporary worship songs. Once she mentioned she felt like the worship team might just "sing of your love forever"…forever. I'm pretty sure she'll excuse the repetition in the classic hymn "Nothing but the Blood" as it leads us ...  Show more

#375: "How Great Thou Art" by Carrie Underwood

Let's develop a sense of wonder, shall we? The famous hymn "How Great Thou Art" leads us to consider God with a sense of "awesome wonder." I chose Carrie Underwood's rendition to meditate on Psalm 145. David sat in awesome wonder of God and gives us a host of truths to meditate o ...  Show more