First Date Etiquette

First Date Etiquette

Vulnerability Hangover

Hey there! Have you ever experienced vulnerability hangover? Chances are, you have. On this episode, I speak about the shame that we attach to sharing parts of us with others and how we can navigate those feelings of regret. Do engage with me on social media : ...  Show more

The Helpline : Suicide Prevention and Navigating Mental Illness

Hey everyone! This week is Suicide Prevention Week (5th September - 11th September) and the beginning of the first full week of September. To kick start the month of Change and Adaptation, let’s chat about suicide prevention and how to show up for people when they are experiencin ...  Show more

Viewer’s Choice - Letting Go, Self Sabotage and Alignment

Hey there! I hope your August was fruitful and that your journey towards Rescuing, Rebuilding and Restoring yourself has been one that you can look back on and be proud of yourself. On today’s episode, I asked you guys to ask me questions and here is my take on the questions that ...  Show more

You Can Only Go As Far As Your Perspective

Hey there! On the final episode of Rescue, Restore and Rebuild, I am building on our insecurities and how they direct our perspective. Our perspective on certain things limit where we go or the rooms we allow ourselves to enter. My goal is to direct everyone towards gaining a bet ...  Show more

My Insecurities Are Holding Me Back

Hey there! Welcome to the 3rd instalment of Rescue, Restore and Rebuild. Following the conversations about the lessons that I have learnt so far and my journey towards becoming a better person, I open the platform for us to speak about insecurities. Insecurities sometimes hold us ...  Show more

Life in your 30s vs 20s with Mashudu Modau

Hey there! Thank you for coming back for the second week of Rescue, Restore, and Rebuilding. In this week’s episode, I am having Lunchtime Conversations with Mashudu Modau and we are exploring how one can navigate life during their 30s vs the 20s. The key lesson from this episode ...  Show more

Loss And Grieving

Hey there! Join me as I share my thoughts surrounding how loss has impacted me and how I am currently dealing with grieving whilst finding my feet again. I hope you remember to take better care of yourself in your period of loss and also extend grace to the next person. With love ...  Show more

Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

Hey there! I hope that your journey to returning back to self has been fruitful and filled with a lot of introspection. In August, we are rescuing, rebuilding and restoring ourselves. This episode will be exploring the things that I wish I had known earlier and how these things a ...  Show more

Through The Gaze Of A Male Best Friend

Hey there! I recently jumped on aTwitter Space and the conversation was surrounding male best friends. I was very intrigued by the different conversations that were taking place and I thought that it would be interesting for me to dissect this topic with one of my closest guy fri ...  Show more

The Roarings 20s or The Whisper 20s?

Hey There! On the last week of Returning To Self, Tshepo and I discuss how our Roarings 20s have been impacted and what we can do to experience the thrill of life once again. We cover men's mental health, friendships in our 20s, being a black individual in the professional space ...  Show more

What Is Your Pain Threshold?

Hey there! Today’s episode is very special because it’s the first of its kind on my platform. I am chatting with three other women about boundaries, growth, abuse inta alia.  Disclamier - My dog decided to join us as well to input his insights. (haha)  Engage with the panel of wo ...  Show more

Emotional Intelligence As A Key Indicator Of Readiness

Hey everyone, week two of Returning To Self. On today’s episode I ask Mo about his thoughts on Emotional Intelligence and how we can best position ourselves for healthy relationships and healthy friendships. Engage with Mo on his social media platforms: and I ...  Show more

Have You Seen The State Of Her Body?

Hello everyone! Thank you once again for choosing to spend your time with me. On today’s episode I will be talking about the relationship that we have with our bodies both for women and men. What is the reason behind the self loathing and why do we spend time beating ourselves up ...  Show more

Life After A Break Up

Hello there! This episode is a highly requested episode and it is finally here. On today’s episode I discuss how you can move on from a relationship break up or a friendship break up. I give you tips and also insight into how I moved on from my previous relationships. I speak a l ...  Show more

Growing Pains

Hey! Listen to me rant about where I’m at mentally and what I’ve been actively doing to deal with blocks in my life. I hope you enjoy this episode. With Love, T 

Glamorising People’s Relationships

Do you ever find yourself in a position where you glamorise people’s relationships to a point where you want to execute to the same kind of relationship that they have? That is not entirely bad but it can blind us from what real love can actually look like. In this episode I give ...  Show more

High Functioning Anxiety with Shain Machel

This episode is meant to bring awareness to a type of anxiety that affects high achievers and people who push themselves beyond their limits. High-functioning anxiety is not considered a mental health diagnosis because those who experience it are able to function reasonably well ...  Show more

Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Healing

Hey there! Let’s take time out to allow our bodies to relax and slow down from all the stress and work. This episode guides you towards deep relaxation and directs healing towards parts of you that require healing. 🤍🍃 

Love Will Find You Again

* Licensed by Blue Dot Sessions. * Song Association Part 2 is all about Sunday by Kwaku Asante and in this episode, I remind you that Love Will Find You Again. Often, we forget that we are still capable of cultivating healthy love and also giving love that heals because of our pa ...  Show more