BB 11: 4 Habits That Will Transform Your English (And Your Life), and more! | Justin Murray, RealLife English CEO

BB 11: 4 Habits That Will Transform Your Engl...

BB 13: From No English to Native-level, Veronika Shares her Top Secrets

My guest today is Veronika Mark, a language learner and YouTuber from Russia. On her YouTube channel, English with Veronika Mark, she shares the tips she applied on her own journey learning English for the past 6 years. Veronika speaks English and Chinese fluently, and also some ...  Show more

#251 - Can you Understand These Jokes in English

There are various types of jokes in English that you may have heard of, such as traditional knock-knock jokes, one-liners and more. Some can be quite difficult to understand because they contain more than one meaning. These are the jokes we'll be looking at today. So we'll be sha ...  Show more

BB 12: How Is Learning By Ear the Secret to Success in English Fluency? | Idahosa from the Mimic Method

Idahosa Ness is a polyglot, musician, and founder of The Mimic Method for learning languages. After traveling to Mexico at the age of 17 without knowing a word of Spanish, and struggling to connect with locals, he worked hard to perfect his accent by understanding the sonority of ...  Show more

#250 - Questions + Answers with Ethan & Andrea | 250th Podcast Episode Special!

We are very excited to celebrate our 250th podcast episode with you today! For this reason, we've selected a few questions that you, our listeners, have submitted to answer for you. You'll learn a bit of grammar, a bit of vocabulary and some curiosities, like some 43-letter word ...  Show more

BB Special: How Meditation Can Transform your English and Your Life!

If you can't focus, you're not alone. Let me share a secret with you. So it has taken me more than five years to learn what I need to do to focus on getting my work done. And I must say, until this day, I sometimes find myself getting distracted and switching between tasks on a b ...  Show more

#249 - 10 Tips to Pass the IELTS Exam

You asked for it and we listened. In today’s podcast we’re bringing you a topic that you have requested us to cover. Many of you are currently studying for or have completed the IELTS exam. So, in this episode of the podcast we’re giving you 10 tips to help you pass the exam or i ...  Show more

#248 - English Conversation About Travel | Funny Stories!

In this episode of the RealLife English podcast, Ethan and Andrea share some of their most fun and memorable stories traveling around the world. Here’s a little teaser: Ethan tells us about his experience being in ‘house arrest” in Thailand. Can you imagine Andrea, also in Thaila ...  Show more

BB 10: Relax, Enjoy and Learn: It's about Connection, not Perfection | Lindsay from AllEars English

Lindsay, from All Ears English, is an American podcast host and producer, and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience teaching English as a Second language in Japan, Argentina, Guatemala, and the US. She believes in 'connection, not perfection' when it comes to learnin ...  Show more

#247 - Feeling Stuck in Your English? Here's WHY and HOW to Improve it!

You often ask us questions about how to reach the next level in your English. At the beginning, progress feels so fast, but then it becomes slower and slower, and you get stuck at the same level for a while, and you just don't know how to break through and get to the next one. In ...  Show more

BB Special: Transform Your English with These 4 Experts

Today we’re bringing you another Beyond Borders podcast special as we prepare our next interview with Lindsay McMahon from All Ears English. This week we’ve taken some of the most powerful fragments from previous shows with Anna from English Fluency Journey, Hadar from Accents Wa ...  Show more

#246 - Learn about Investment and Cryptocurrency in English | 18 Words and Phrasal Verbs

This week you will learn a lot of English vocabulary related to finances and on top of that you'll learn quite a bit from this crash course of sorts on investment and cryptocurrency. We'll teach you some phrasal verbs having to do with investments, then we'll touch on the crypto- ...  Show more

BB Special: Is It Possible To Speak Good English If I Practice With Non-natives?

As we prepare for the next Beyond Borders interview, featuring a guest you are going to be very excited to learn with, we’ve put together this lesson with bits from some of our previous guests. Have you ever asked, I want to speak English with natives, where do I find them? Have ...  Show more

#245 - How to Express Your Emotions in English

When people ask us “How are you?”, we often get lazy and we use the same old replies such as “I'm good,” “I'm great,” AND especially “I’m fine.” But there are so many more great ways to describe how you're feeling if you want to be more specific about your emotions. In this podca ...  Show more

BB 9: Find the Courage you Need to LIVE your English | Emma from Mmm English

Emma, from mmmEnglish, is a YouTube Teacher, English Confidence Coach, and Entrepreneur based in Perth, Australia. She started her channel to help her former Vietnamese students get out of the classroom and develop real-world fluency and has now grown it to a community of over 4M ...  Show more

#244 - Talking About Sleep | English Idioms & Vocabulary

We spend one third of our lives sleeping and it's no wonder that there are so many great words we use instead of sleep in English. By learning them, you can be more specific about the way that you describe your sleep. We also use heaps of expressions related to sleep that can be ...  Show more

BB 8: How to Achieve your Full Potential with Philosophy, Reflection and English Fluency | Leo Gomez

Leo Gomez, founder of Learn your English (.net), is an ESL teacher, trainer and entrepreneur. He has more than 20 years of teaching experience and has taught English in six different countries. Leo believes that individuals develop through reflection, experimentation and learning ...  Show more

#243 - Differences in School & University between UK, US & Australia

In today's podcast episode, we are talking about differences in schooling in the USA, UK and Australia. It's actually pretty shocking how different they are in these three English speaking countries. We will explain what the journey looks like through the schooling system in each ...  Show more

BB 7: She speaks 15 languages! How did she do it | Shannon Kennedy

Shannon Kennedy, from, is an American entrepreneur, content creator, language learner and musician based in California. She's a language expert and writer on various language learning platforms, such as Fluent in 3 Months and Drops, where she shares tips and cha ...  Show more

#242 - No Time to Learn English? Use These Tips to Make it a Daily Habit!

“I don't have time for English.” “I have so many things to do.” “Work is busy.” “I have lots of university assignments.” “In my free time, I want to relax, not be thinking about English.” Do you ever say these things to yourself? Do you not have time to learn English? We understa ...  Show more