So Shameless Presents.. Charmanes World

So Shameless Presents.. Charmanes World

Good For You, You Saved A N*gga..

On This weeks episode Bacon joins us to discuss the similarities with the way women love food and the way men lusts for women, then after discussing the VMA's for 5 minutes, Tahoe starts hating on Chloe again and we discuss "Do Men like Women?" Very interesting topic and THEN we ...  Show more

Breathing Fire.. The Return of Dajahbelle

Dajahbelle returns. Nuff Said. 

So Shameless Presents The Judge Us Not Podcast

Yerrrr im back! Today we are highlighting The Judge us Not podcast where Tahoe talks to the host Damien and Mac about the east / west disconnect and how our communities really can benefit from having men step up and being more unified across the board. Hope you Enjoy!!!Hard Or So ...  Show more

So Shameless Presents the Hey Friend Podcast feat Tahoe

Yerrrrr!!! This week due to a little bit of vidvid we didnt record an episode but we took this time to highlight one of the pods Tahoe visited while in Oakland called the Hey Friend podcast. They speak about east coast/west coast relations, west coast/west coast beefs (oakland vs ...  Show more

Gaslighting Anonymous Ft @MsCocoSmooth

Gaslighting Anonymous Ft @MsCocoSmooth by 

Wth is Vaginal Glue???

Wth is Vaginal Glue??? by 

I Didnt Want To Lie But I'm Going To!

One of the team gets caught in a lie, women are heartless and men listen to their dicks way more than we listen to our women, tahoe is mad...again. sigh.. 

BoyFriend Dick Feat Dirty Shirt Crying Ass Loon

BoyFriend Dick Feat Dirty Shirt Crying Ass Loon by 

Cuz Bitches....

Good Morning!! Happy Valentines Day, Kwanzaa and Juneteenth! This week our wonderful hosts talk Tahoes newest debacle, giving gifts to your GF/BF's children, are women in relationships "users" and then we discuss a few memes/clips that we found on Beyonce's internet. Enjoy!!We ha ...  Show more

Ya Granddad was a LOSER! Feat. @WordsByUchechi

This week we welcome @WordsByUchechi from The Grapevine to talk her reaction to last weeks discussion on Bill Cosbys release, Tahoe is in his feels about black woman and interracial dating, we discuss Safaree trifling ass twerking in Jamaica and somebody said ya granddad was prol ...  Show more

"You Either Die A Hero..." Feat Reek

Somebody will come fill this sht out later ..just know that reek is here and the four of us argued for 3 hours. Enjoy.This episode is dedicated to the memory of Ayesha K Faines. I am so honored to have crossed paths with you along your journey. Sleep well queen.. you will be miss ...  Show more

The Travesty feat Travis Michaux @TheChaux

For Listener Appreciation day we are joined by our fan club president Trav who has compiled several dangerous questions from the listeners to ask our trio...enjoy!! 

Anybody Can Get It..Homie.

Tahoes mad again. woohoo. enjoy *eyeroll*Our black business of the week is @fishscale_clothing 

Agitate, Educate and Organize Feat Councilwoman Inez Barron

Welcome Back! ON this weeks episode we talk with councilwoman Inez Barron about why this local Election Day is so important to the black community, and also why its important for the youth to get out and vote. We also talk Juneteenth, the reparations bill and of course..Tahoe has ...  Show more

Court is in Session!

whole lotta homie courts lol..enjoy 

Giving Em The Blues

Tahoe And @R3d_Almighty (host of the @Getb_Podcast) talk being from NY and having respect for other regions, men faking orgasms and realizing when you aren't pleasing your woman, why Red is abstinent, men realizing they are also the prize, energy suckers, men using sex toys on wo ...  Show more

Bacons Episode

Tahoe sits down with Bacon to pick his thoughts on life.... 

Lemon Squeeze Pod: A Little Tongue Never Hurt

Everybody say hi to the ladies of the Lemon Squeeze Pod! Orlando and I pulled up to be guests as the host Kila told us about her polyamorous situations, the things she liked about poly relationships and then we kicked it about male errogenous zones. Subscribe to Lemon Squeeze Pod ...  Show more

Wait What???

This week on So Shameless we talk bad kids vs Dajs kid, Tahoe asks have you ever had to end a relationship because the persons child was too dam bad, we revisit a difficult subject from last week regarding child exploration amongst each other, surveilling your children, vaccinati ...  Show more

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