Episode 248: Ep 245: Chapel - Psalm 119 Pt 15 "Hopes Dashed"

Episode 248: Ep 245: Chapel - Psalm 119 Pt 15...

Episode 253: Ep 253: Trak Talk "Rob Lackey" (Racer. Bison Leathers, Husband and Father)

I have been seeing this guy all year long. I have been seeing the name Bison all year long. Just this weekend I realized they went together. Sometimes I get to know someone for the first time over an interview. That happened here. Rob is a wonderful young man w/ a wonderful famil ...  Show more

Episode 252: Ep 252: Psalm 119 Pt 20 "Heal or Delay"

None of us want to hurt or see others we love hurt. We want God to heal them. But is healing always the right thing to ask for?? 

Episode 251: Ep 251: Chapel - Ps 119 Pt 19 "Cry for Help"

The power of prayer is incredible. The power of prayer of a man or woman who loves and serves God at the same time is super powered! 

Episode 250: Ep 250: Psalm 119 Part 18 "All or Nothing"

Is it all or nothing with you. Sometimes that attitude works but most of the time it doesn't. There is only one person who can fit that statement. "All or Nothing". 

Episode 250: Episode 249: Chapel - Psalm 119 Part 17 "8 L's to Live"

Excuse the cicadas in my backyard! They are loud!! Some L's to "LIVE" by. If you feel like you are emotionally and spiritually dying, this will lift you up and get you going on the proper raceline.  

Episode 249: Ep 248: Psalm 119 Part 16 "Staying On Point"

Wow...we are easily distracted at times. Distraction from what is good means we need to take action to get back on point. Getting off point leads to pointlessness. 

Episode 247: Ep 244: Chapel - Psalm 119:97-104 "Are You Race Ready"

Sorry for missing this. Too many crashes, traveling issues and lack of wifi. :(Are you prepared for life. What are you doing to face the day; face your problems, face your circumstances. Are you sure you are ready? 

Episode 246: Ep 246: Trak Talk "Bob Robbins" (Racer/Racer Developer/Businessman)

I met this man in a heated moment. We have been friends ever since. A dedicated and passionate racer who loves to race and prepare a way for others to race. Some of our great and upcoming racers in MotoAmerica have gone through him. A wonderful story. Also, Part 2 of this intervi ...  Show more

Episode 244: Ep 245: Psalm 119 Part 14 "Through The Checker"

Sometimes we stop short of our goals. If we had only kept going. Never quit until you are "Through The Checker". 

Episode 243: Ep 243: Trak Talk - "Quentin Mise" (Racer, Bridgestone Tire guy, Teacher)

This is one of the guys I have known the longest as a Chaplain. We have laughed together, cried together and prayed together. This man is passionate about life, racing, tires and you. Maybe his experiences will help you in your experiences. 

Episode 242: Ep 242: Psalm 119 Pt12 "It's Tough, Tender and Timeless"

Rock solid. Eternal. Relevant. Perfect. Just a few small words that inadequately describe God's Word. 

Episode 241: Ep 241: Chapel - Psalm 119 Pt 11 "Falling and Getting Up"

Get His Word the Bible. It has the answer. It is the answer. It is the way out. It is the way through. It is the way up! You can do it! You can do it w/ God. 

Episode 240: Ep 240: Trak Talk "AJ Gustafson" (Team Owner, Racer, Fathe)

This man is literally "Living the Dream". He loves his dad because his dad invested in him, taught him the racing scene and taught him how to work. AJ loves his son and invests in him like his father invested in him. Now, he is providing a racing environment where father's and so ...  Show more

Episode 239: Ep 239: Psalm 119:73-80 "Who Are You?"

Who are you? We a lot of times want to be someone else. Why? Because we don't realize how perfectly special we already are. 

Episode 238: Ep 238 - Psalm 119 Pt 9 "24 Hours in Jail"

Ever been in jail? There are reasons people are put there. They made a mistake. Here is an opportunity to be pro-active to keep ourselves out of trouble.  

Episode 237: Ep 237: Trak Talk "Dave Bavol" (Michelin Tires/Racer/Hockey Player)

This guys is pretty "special". Haha! This is a big hearted guy who is PASSIONATE about racing and getting people setup w/ the perfect tire prep . Hockey player, Father, Husband and a great friend.  

Episode 235: Ep 236: Psalm 119:57-64 Prt 8 "Follow Favor Feet Fear"

Saying you are something and not following through with your actions is a sorry place for us to be. There's an answer to that. :)  

Episode 234: Ep 235 Psalm 119 Part 7 "Falling Blessings"

What is a blessing? It is something that brings joy or a reward. In this group of verses a blessing falls down at an interesting time 

Episode 233: Ep 234: Trak Talk - "Chris Parrish" (Pro Racer, Ghetto Customs/1st Twins Cup Pro Champion)

A man of many talents. A man with a lot of speed. The very first MotoAmerica Twins Cup Champion. Chris Parrish and his partner Beth travel the country racing on the pro level, chasing the young kids and often beating them. Here is another great story.