Decisions That Made Us

Decisions That Made Us

Know Your Fight Cycles with Christopher Edmonston

Have you ever realized the fights you have with your partner have a pattern? Taking a 30,000 foot view to look at stressful seasons in our lives and how that impacts our fights has changed our marriage. This week we asked our marriage coach, Dr. Christopher Edmonston, to join us ...  Show more

The Joy & Struggles of Youth Sports with Nina Westbrook

As our kids are getting older, we want to know the best way to support their athletic goals without pushing too hard. This week on the podcast, we spoke with licensed marriage and family therapist, Nina Westbrook, about the balance, the joy, and the struggles of competing in yout ...  Show more

Why "I'm Sorry" Sucks

This week, Penn and I talk about how to really understand one another when in an argument. When you're in a fight, using the phrase “I’m Sorry” flippantly is really more about making yourself feel better than your partner. We used to use "I'm Sorry" as a "please-don't-be-mad-at-m ...  Show more

Parenting Gets Easier, Right? with Taylor and Heidi Calmus

Would you rather potty train a toddler or teach a teen to drive? This week we have Dude Dad's Taylor and Heidi Calmus on the podcast to talk all about our different seasons of parenting. We discuss how we first met each other, what it was like to create content in a pandemic, as ...  Show more

How to Ask For What You Want

Why is it so hard to tell someone what you need? This week Penn and I break down a phrase we say often: “Mature people ask for what they want.” We talk about this as part of a chapter in our book, but we’re going to break down a few of the tips on the podcast. Also BREAKING NEWS! ...  Show more

How to Navigate the Awkward Years with Michelle Icard

Let’s be real, middle school was (all-caps) AWKWARD. Between the braces (and for me, a bad perm) and hormones, it’s a wonder we survived. Michelle Icard has made it her life’s work to help kids through these awkward years. Bless.  Her new book, Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen guid ...  Show more

9 Questions For Your Partner

In the past year we've spent more time together than ever before, so why does it feel like we haven’t had as many good conversations? You know I love a list, so I wrote these questions for an after-dinner discussion launching point. Penn and I decided to bring the discussion to o ...  Show more

When to Push Through, and When to Pause

A major theme of this years’ Olympics has been mental health and the pressure athletes face. We wanted to know - what’s the right balance between working hard and performing, but also listening to your gut and taking care of yourself?  On this week’s podcast, we have JJ Birden, f ...  Show more

Our Kids Take Over The Podcast

For the first time ever, our whole family is on the podcast together! Lola and Penn Charles answer all your questions, including which parent they would take with them to a deserted island. What questions did we miss? We wrote a book! Learn more and if you've read it please leave ...  Show more

Where Comedy Comes From with Charlie Berens

Everyone has one of those friends who has you in stitches every time they open their mouth. For us, that guy is comedian and author, Charlie Berens. (He is also a journalist turned online content creator, kind of like us!) We ask Charlie where he gets that comedic gift. Turns out ...  Show more

What Our Vows Should Have Said

Til Death Do Us... Fart 💀 If wedding vows were realistic, what would they say? Penn and I rewrite our vows If we knew then what we know now. (Also is watching episodes ahead of your partner on Netflix the worst kind of infidelity? You decide.)  We wrote a book! Learn more and if ...  Show more

Behind-The-Scenes with Our Team

Penn and I get asked all the time, “How do you make so many videos all by yourselves?” The short answer is, we don’t do it alone. Enter Ann Marie Taepke and Sam Allen. We interview them and let them dish all the dirt on what it’s like to work with us. We wrote a book! Learn more ...  Show more

Sorry Kids, You're Stuck With Us

We talk about our recent trip to Florida then dive into why arguing with your family isn't the worst thing ever with Lynda Cormier. You can learn more about Lynda at: We wrote a book! Learn more and if you've read it please leave us a review: http:/ ...  Show more

Crossing The Finish Line

The end of the school year is finally here, and I feel like we are crossing the finish line being held together with tape and glue. Last August, I wrote a blog post about what I hoped my kids would learn this school year. This week on the podcast, we revisited these goals for our ...  Show more

Released Back Into The Wild?

Penn and I talk about our recent experience ON AN ADULTS-ONLY VACATION. (Yes, we actually left the house. I'm just as shocked as you are.) It was a fun and anxious rollercoaster of emotions. Can you relate? If you haven’t gotten our book, you can get $3 off on Amazon! Available f ...  Show more

Let's Talk About... Ice Cream, Part 2

Have you ever wanted to want "ice cream" more? Our friend and entrepreneur, Cindy Eckert, is back to talk more about Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder — also known as HSDD. Low sexual desire in women is a medical condition and there is something you can do about it. You can learn ...  Show more

Knowing When To Get Help

Danielle and Adam join us to talk about their experience in marriage counseling and how to start more meaningful conversations with their new e-book, Date Night Questions!  Pre-order Your Copy: Get your copy of Everybody Fights here and if ...  Show more

I Do Everything And You Do Nothing

Surprise! We're back to give you a free BONUS chapter of our audiobook. The lessons we learned in this chapter are something that we revisit often. Get your copy of Everybody Fights here and if you've read it please leave us a review! We hope you get a lot out of this book: http: ...  Show more

Our Book Is Here + Audiobook Preview!

Penn and I celebrate today's book launch on this week's podcast and give you a free chapter of our audiobook. It is so surreal to say our book is here and we cannot wait to share it with you. Get your copy of Everybody Fights here: Thank you so mu ...  Show more